Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

One thing that comes to all of our minds when we are speaking about the Astrology and Zodiac signs are four elements that all signs belong to. These signs are the division that is used so many times, and with the real meaning, it is necessary to use it since it depicts Zodiac signs in the right way.

They are fire, earth, air and water, and they are considered to be the basis for the subconscious foundation of every sign. They imply a certain temperament and general reactive exemplars.

Every Zodiac sign belongs to a certain element, and each element is connected to three signs.

Additionally, the great importance lays in the luminaries aspects, since their position makes a difference in a character; today we are looking at the Sun’s position in the Sagittarius sign and the Moon in Leo sign. One sign is air, and the other is fiery. How these two combine? Read in this piece and make your own conclusion.

Good Traits

First of all, we must say in this section that this is the person who has major goals in life, and most of the time they have purely practical motives and in time they are becoming ever higher, thanks to the vast and generous nature that never forgets the interests of others and can be oriented towards the attainment of spiritual values.

He is the person whose nature endowed with exceptional self-control, conscious of its values and its borders, always able to bring in strength and conceive of his life.

His strong ambition is always directed towards expanding his own knowledge and development- and in fact, he is able to achieve whatever he wants, because he is blessed with talents and courage to do what he wants.

In this way, its horizons spread, and contacts with life and other people this person is able to become deep and intimate, he can become a better and more profound person than he ever was before.

Bad Traits

Having said all of this, we must speak about one more thing, the thing that is not so good for the person with such luminary position – the Moon in the Leo brings the self-love and also plays an important role here, though not in a highly categorical way.

Even if he loves people who are close to him, he does not understand others, and at times this attitude expresses a deep feeling of injustice and fall of the high moral principles that he is so proud of.

Also, this human being is the one that has great demands for his life and people who are in his life; and the passion is the way that he expresses himself.

He organises, creates, supervises, gives orders, and leaves others to realise his ideas – of course, because of this at times he may come to the place where he is rejected and or subjected to ridicule. This can happen, and he must be ready to accept it without any drama and over the top reactions that he tends to have.

Sometimes this human being shows nobility, sincerity and even naivety, and so he often faces various obstacles, pettiness and subversion of mediocrity. He needs to deal with all of this in the best way he can.

In the worst case scenario, this person can suffer from mythomania or think about himself high, even if the reality does not match it.

He sees himself as sophisticated when he is ordinary; he behaves like he has a great mission when dealing with tiny things. And at times he spends his time in pervading the illusions. But he is rarely unhappy, which is – in fact – the main thing and overcomes all those negative aspects.

Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon in Love

The one that has Sun and Moon located in Sagittarius and Leo sign has a very strong relationship with life, so it will not be unusual to go with the slogan “take everything that your life provides.” And he does take it, he enjoys everything that life can give him; and even if that means that he is going through “emotional gambling,” or dramatic disconnection, but as if he has to go through painful breaks so that he can learn something about himself.

Regardless of what kind of life he leads and what kind of negative express in love, he is the one that never gives up the opportunity to love. He, as all people with the Sun in Sagittarius have that interesting enthusiasm that provides him with the constant belief that he will be loved.

He loves and usually, he gives all of himself when he loves someone, and wants the same treatment in return.

He adores comfort and life on a high level, but he is the one that will be quite adaptable to poorer living conditions if need be – if he loves all things that he has to change he will be sure of it.

In fact, we can say that he is the one that loves harmony and does not like when his love harmony is under the question.

In the end, this is the person who is constantly protected by others, but he never leaves them even when it’s hardest. Because of that, those who love him know that he also suffers from some of the lesser mistakes in the behavior, but he does not mean any harm. He needs to be accepted, and who will do this better than people who know him the best, his friends.

Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon in a Relationship

Even if we know that the person who has Sun and Moon located in Sagittarius and Leo signs has a strong personality, he has a hard time not to lose identity in marital and emotional relationships. Because of this, often, he chooses an original, modern, somewhat unusual and lucid person to be his lover or a long-term partner and it is the best choice that he could make.

He is aware that he is fortunate in love, although he will not bypass frequent internal emotional turmoil, the tendency of fantasy, and it will sometimes be difficult for him to return to reality. He needs to know when it is a good time to end a relationship, in the time when his illusions are over the top.

Best Match for Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon

Certainly, there is an energetic, extremely optimistic combination (the Sun and Moon located in the Sagittarius and Leo sign) that subconsciously seeks acceptance, compliments, but he also belongs to those people who always come to the realisation of ambitions.

His goals are connected to the people who unconsciously want to say “look at me”. He loves attention, even competition and rivalry, but a fair relationship in everything.

If you want to be at the whole centre of his attention, do not touch him in his crown and in his dreams. Do not forget that he does not like intense relationships, cowardice, and small pettiness.

His perfect lover could be found in the representative of the sign Scorpio – When these two are in love, the result is a very complex situation, but prosperous. Namely, in this romantic combination, they can feel contradictory and confused feelings. With this love couple, the unrestrained passion, strong emotions interchange.

Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon as a Friend

He is the one that proves to be an amazing friend who is always present when something is happening. He does not have the problem of socialising with different people profiles, although this is a combination (the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in the Leo sign) of strong individualists, people who do not want to give up his independence in communities.

However, he does well in a group or team activities.

This is the person who has amazing ideas and wants to be friends with the people who have a high status in life, and he will do it, even if he is aware that he cannot afford it.

He is honest and straightforward, romantic and idealist, yet if he has not mastered the lesson of generosity; he can sometimes be an egoistic, stubborn and undisciplined friend who does not have many friends.

He likes to be the leader in his environment, and will gladly fight if he has a chance to be selected; there is no doubt that he demands a lot and you are nurturing certain principles.


Dynamism and will here are united in the accomplishment of something great that goes beyond the individual plan – the combination of the luminaries located in the Sagittarius – Leo combination mainly gives his passions to do wonders in his life, allowing him to lead his actions with the support of the environment.

This attitude is rarely the result of final intention because he gives all its powers to its ideal -he strictly sticks to his ideals and does everything he can to achieve this deal and to have everything he had dreamed of.

He is the one person who creates such conviction and such security that others easily decide to follow him and help him. He loves charity actions, and in general, he is the one that often deals with the humanitarian work, he loves to transfer his help to others.

In the end, this person is a very ambitious human being whose goals must be exalted. There is no doubt that his presence is felt in every situation, everything he does is dramatic(sometimes this is unnecessary), and he likes to project his ideas into the audience – the one that has Sun and Moon in Sagittarius and Leo adores to be at the centre of attention and knows exactly how to achieve it.


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