Dreams About Knives – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about knives are usually scary. If there was a knife in the dream, then there is a good chance somebody was hurt, but that, of course, doesn’t have to be the case.

Dreams about knives can have positive meanings in some cases, to the point where you will be excited to dream about a knife.

Here are few interesting examples of dreams about knives.

Dream about murdering someone with a knife

Dreams about murdering someone with a knife are actually positive signs. This dream is a representation of your internal desires towards a certain person that might even the person you’ve killed in your dream.

This dream represents your desire to be with this person, and since murder is usually an act of passion, there is a great deal of logic behind this symbolism.

Dream about dream about committing a suicide with a knife

If you had a dream where you tried to take your life by cutting yourself, no matter how scary this sounds, then this is a representation of lucky times that are ahead of you.

You will be extremely lucky when it comes to finances and dealing with business opportunities, so make sure you put some attention into that area of your life.

Investments are also not a bad idea, during this period because everything you do will be fruitful.

Dream about a knife in general

Knife is a considered to be a cold weapon or simply an everyday tool we use in our kitchen, while hunting or doing some work around the house. When a knife appears as a symbol in your dream, then there are different way to interpret them.

To see a knife in your dream is a representation of being separated from someone who is important to you. This person maybe moved far away from you or went somewhere for a shorter or longer period of time.

Distance between you and this person is making you extremely sad and you simply don’t know how to deal with this sadness.

Alternative meaning of this dream can be financial problems. Dream about seeing a knife in your dream could be a warning that your finances might be in trouble and that you should be careful about spending money carelessly.

Perhaps it is best to lay low for a while and wait for better days to buy that cute dress you saw in the shop.

Dream about a rusty knife

Rusty knife in a dream is a representation of unhappiness in your life. Something isn’t right in your home or in your relationship, and this is now bothering you to the extreme.

Maybe you are having family problems or your partner made you sad because of something he or she did or said. You are now burdened by unhappy thoughts that have crossed over from your everyday into your dreams.

Dream about a very sharp knife

Dream about a sharp knife is a warning sign that someone close to you is going to betray you. This person could be your family member, your partner,  or even your close friend and the fact that this particular person has betrayed you, will be devastating.

Be careful how you will react to this betrayal because sometimes it is best to let things sit for a while until your emotions cool down a little. After this pause, you will know exactly what to do.

Dream about a damaged knife

If knife in your dream had a dent in it, or if it was damaged in some way, then this dream is a warning sign that bad and unpleasant things are about to happen to you.

Be careful about others around you because they might be responsible for this situation. Don’t give out a lot of details about you and rather stay silent about certain personal things. This way you will be protected against them and you might even avoid this unpleasant situation.

Dream about being stabbed by a knife

If someone stabbed you with a knife in your dream or hurt you with it, then this dream represents bad luck that is going to come in your life. Stream of unlucky events are going to interfere with everything you begin and with everything you are planning to start doing.

This dream could also represent humiliation and other unpleasant events that could happen to you in the upcoming period, so be careful how you react to them.

Dream about stabbing someone with a knife

If you were the attacker in your dream, then this indicates you have some darkness in you that is about to swim out to the surface.

This dark side of your personality is rarely seen by others, but it is possible that someone or something is going to provoke you and make this bad side of you finally come out.

Dream about being stabbed in the back

If someone stabbed you in the back with a knife, then this dream is a representation of an evil plot against you. People who are going to harm you or who have been planning to do so are people from your workplace.

They are fed up with your success and they are now determined to make fall down from the cloud nine you have been on for a while. This kind of jealousy and envy can make people do bad things, so be extra cautious and don’t reveal anything personal until you find out who these people actually are.

Dream about dropping the knife

Dreams about dropping the knife can have both pleasant and unpleasant symbolism. They represent a meeting with a man in the upcoming period.

This man could be the carrier of good and bad news, so be careful when talking to this person and don’t reveal too much information about anything.

Meeting this man will definitely change your life, you just have to wait and see whether this will be a good or a bad change.

Dream about blood on the knife

If blood was on the knife in your dream, then this dream is a representation of a mess you are in currently, in your life.

A lot of things will have to be done in order to solve this mess, but you are going to be successful at solving it.


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