Roof – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Any part of everyday objects could be, and it usually is a part of a dream world, even if that object has the most trivial meaning of all.

In that category fall any part of the house, including Roof, and do not be surprised, this is one of the dream symbols that deserve our attention.

The Roof is what makes a house, an object, a true home that we live in and where we put everything that we love; in the home are all things that we want to make secure from everything that is coming from the sky (outside).

Such a common object in everyday life is not considered to be the most common motive in a dream world, but it can appear from time to time and then it carries one interesting meaning, in the following sections read all about them.

The Meaning of a Dream about the Roof

In the case in your dream where you see a perfect roof that is durable, and it seems that is protecting the house that you are in, such a dream points to a good family life to the time in your life where everything is just like it should be, things are going well, and you have every reason to be happy.

But, in the case where the Roof from your dream is broken, and it looks bad, such a dream indicates strife. You are likely to have numerous disagreements with your partner that can lead to family breakdown.

The atmosphere in the house will be very tense, so it may be that the least guilty are the ones who pay the most respects.

When you dream of standing or sitting on a roof in a dream, the reality such a dream implies that you are a person who loves to have the position and power and that you always strive to progress and achieve your goals, to show yourself and others all its potentials and opportunities.

Sometimes this shows off is just because of the power of that person, so in the future work on your own power enhancement.

To dream that you have fallen from the Roof indicates that you will experience honor- this is the dream that means that you must show what you stand for and you will be rewarded for such efforts for sure, the society will recognize your trouble and hard work. Your traits will not go unnoticed, so you will be rewarded the way you deserve.

In addition to the privilege and pride, you will feel, you will also be aware of the responsibilities that this recognition brings with you, so you will do your best to stay true to your true values.

The Symbolism of a Dream about the Roof

There are numerous symbolical values that can be contributed to the dream motive the Roof, and in the case where the Roof in your dream is perfect, intact, and every tile is in its place, such a dream symbolizes a peaceful life.

You are the person who, even in the moments when he had the most money, did not waste, but invested in things that would benefit him in the future.

Such a lifestyle has enabled you always to have a reserve that gives you and your family a sense of security.

A dream in which you saw a roof built of beautifully laid red tiles, that is, brick has the connotation that you are a very rational and responsible person, who always acts properly and very honestly, and that you are not afraid of unforeseen circumstances or monetary losses.

In so many ways, this is the dream that symbioses a great period of success at work or happiness in your private life, and enjoy peace and harmony with your loved ones or family members.

Everything is just as it should be, so be very pleased with you.

But in the case, when the Roof in your dream is created from something that is not durable a usual material, in that case, this is the dream that has a somewhat negative connotation – such a dream symbolizes betrayal in the worst possible way. It says that your close friends will let you down badly.

When the Roof in your dream is quite old and worn out, and the house that is beneath is intact, such a dream means that some parts of your life are “blackened” or “hollow.

This is the dream that symbolizes that you are in constant fear and anxiety of potential mistakes and problems and that you are stopping yourself from progressing.

Do I have to be worried?

The Roof is, in reality, synonymous with some cover and security, and is a symbol of protection against disasters or some undesirable situation or distress, and signifies that one is safe in himself, that he feels peaceful and very and carefree because he has succeeded in achieving himself. It provides you with a place to hide and feel secure.

In the version of this dream where the Roof is about to fall down, in that case, you should be worried, cause it is a sign that friends will let you down. You may find yourself in a difficult situation during which you will expect help from people you consider to be true friends.

However, you will be surprised to realize that they do not intend to support you or do a tenth of what you would do for them.

This is very painful meaning, but you must be prepared to lose everything that you so firmly believed is true and “durable”, just like friendships that you long had.

There is also one worrying part of this dream, and that is the one in which the Roof from your dream is old and is falling apart –it just shows that you are one person that worries too much too often.

Stop constantly worrying in advance, and you cannot relax and be clear and prepared, should any troubles arise, resolve them on the move instead of waiting for them to happen without you doing anything, and behave quite passively, and very and “traumatized”.

Do not do this, and it is not healthy, you are putting into the danger everything.

What to do if I had this dream?

Although the dream roof is a very rare motive, its interpretations and meanings depend first and foremost on how and in what particular situations it is dreamed of, and whether in the dream of someone on the house the Roof is either missing or “hollow”, as well as on what it is built, whether it is “leaking water and wind”, as well as whether it is new, or the Roof is old and needs to be replaced and rebuilt.

This implies to all things that we found dear in life if the Roof is bad, then every aspect of that “home” must be protected and rebuilt.

If you dreamed of seeing a roof in your dream, no matter what it is made of, it has very clear symbolism, that you are sure of yourself and that you feel much protected, and you have many friends and very loyal associates, who will help you with every thought you need without thinking.

If in your dream, the Roof you see is made of wood or straw (whatever material that is not a good material for the Roof, that is not durable in any way), and you are afraid that a stronger wind or rain may completely destroy it, there is a telling symbol that you will soon find yourself in some trouble, and that the help you have expected some of your friends to be completely absent, and you will realize that you are surrounded by vile and lying people, who are not your true support and true friends in need.

In any case, just like the symbolism of the Roof in a real-life – it has to be stable, or your home (things that you value in life, family, love work, money whatever) will start falling down and deteriorate.

This is the aspect that you should pay attention when you have such a dream, but you can be happy in the case when the Roof from your dream is amazing and intact when it protects the house from all the storms that are coming your way.

In that case, you can sleep peacefully, because everything will be great, and everything you love is safe and sound.


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