Dreams About Eagles – Interpretation and Meaning

Eagles are birds that have a strong symbolic meaning. They are people’s spiritual animals and totems, that are a representation of power and dominance.

Eagles can have different symbolic meanings in our dreams, and these meanings depend on the whole situation you dreamed about and other symbols that were present in the dream.

We will give you few examples of most common dreams about eagles and the secret meaning behind them.

Dream about an eagle flying above you

If you had a dream about an eagle flying above you, then this dream represents a fight you will have to be a part of, that has something to do with your rights.

Someone could hurt your rights or cut you short for something, and you will have to prove this person wrong and fight for what is rightfully yours.

Dream about watching an eagle

If you had a dream about watching an eagle flying in the sky, then this dream represents peace and happiness in your life.

You will have all of the luck in the world and everything you planned will be done successfully.

This is a good period to start working on new projects and improving all areas in your life that need some work.

You will also be able to recreate balance in your life after a long time of trying to make everything work.

Dream about an eagle’s nest

Dream about an eagle’s nest represents communication and connections. You will meet people who will be very important for your career or people who will make your personal life a lot richer.

This dream also represents business success and career progress.

Dream about killing an eagle

If you had a dream about killing an eagle, then this dream represents your strong will and determination in life.

You are ready to face every challenge and defeat all enemies that might get on your way.

This is definitely a positive trait to have, but sometimes this kind of behavior can cost you a lot in life.

Dream about eating an eagle

If you had a dream about eating an eagle, then this dream represents your strong character and will to succeed in life.

You have your goals set up and you will do everything to make them possible.

These qualities will help you to achieve everything you desire in life and nothing will stand in your way to success.

Dream about someone else killing an eagle

If someone else killed an eagle in your dream, then this dream represents a situation in which you will have to leave everything behind you and accept a new way of life.

This will be a big change that could lead to you to something good or to something even better.

Dream about flying on an eagle

If you were on eagle’s back and flying over the ground, then this dream is a representation of an upcoming trip you will take.

Perhaps you have been planning to visit a certain country, for a long time, and now you will finally get a chance to do it.

Travelling is not only a way to meet new cultures and people, it is also a form of healing and relaxation we all require, from time to time.

Dream about an eagle in your home

If an eagle was inside your home, then this dream represents a positive sign and a sign of good luck. You will possibly upgrade your home and make changes you have been dreaming about for a while now.

This dream is also a positive sign for all of those people who have been searching for an ideal home, because they will finally find it.

Alternatively, this dream could be linked to your family dynamics and everything inside your family will be going better than usual.

Dream about shooting at an eagle

If you had a dream about shooting at an eagle, then this dream represents loss. You will lose money or you will lose an opportunity to earn money through some kind of investment.

This is not a good period for financial matters, so it is best to stay low for a while and stay away from dealing with money.

This dream can also represent, that you might become a victim of a robbery. Be careful and don’t walk alone at night, because this dream brings you bad luck when it comes to your safety.

Dream about an eagle feeding its chicks

If the eagle in your dream was feeding its young ones, then this dream represents improvements you are going to make in the upcoming period.

You will have a lot of luck in all areas of life, including health, finances and family.

This is the perfect time to make some changes in your life and start working on new projects, because luck will definitely be on your side.

Dream about a white eagle

If the eagle in your dream was white, then this symbol is a representation of material gain and financial success.

You will receive material wealth of some sort or something else of value, and things will be looking good in all aspects of your finances.

Dream about an eagle attacking you

If an eagle was attacking you in the dream, then this dream represents your feelings. You have probably been hurt by someone’s words or action recently, and you simply can’t get over it.

Try talking to this person and figure out an solution for your relationship, because simply thinking about it won’t change anything.


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