Personality Number 6 – Meaning in Numerology

Numerology is the science about numbers, and the way in which they manifest themselves through the qualities and talents that are part of the cosmic plan. Each number has a numerical value that corresponds to a certain cosmic vibration. A personal numerical number is a number obtained by simply summing the digits of the date and year of   birth.

If your personal number is number 6 you should read the following text because it will help you to understand your lifestyle.

 Life-path of people whose personal number is number 6

The sixth is the most harmonious number. People with this personal number take care of others, they are protective and they can do much to teach others. There are situations when people whose personal number is number 6 are too involved in the lives of other people or when others start to exploit them.

However, they are mostly well accepted and loved in return. Because of this nature, this number is considered to be best suited for everyone. Their greatest strength is to create harmony in the environment in which they are. They are full of sympathy, they do not like iniquity and they often stand in the defense of unprotected.

They are extremely responsible and you can count on them for everything. They can be demanding, but they can also mind their own business and not to expect anything in return. They are idealists and believe in others. Many will come to them to find comfort. They are warm and fun.

As far as their careers are concerned, they are pretty good because they are responsible on the one hand and on the other because they like others and because they respect them.

You will find them in various business choices, among teachers of various kinds, counselors, doctors, but also among lawyers and builders. They can be jealous, focus on the details and therefore do not see a wider picture. They are able to sacrifice for others, even when people in their environment suggest that this situation is not worth their efforts.

They are often very traditional they can be arrogant, especially according to the figures of authority. Sometimes I can suffer from anxiety and insecurity, and even phobias. Although they are filled with love, they can be self-centered and self-centered.

They are most often at home with family. They are caring, patrons, idealists, unconscious, honest, charitable, ferocious, emotional deep, selfless, peaceful, empathic, unconditional love, balanced, have the ability to adapt, tolerant and relied upon, are relieved of material affiliation.

Their mission is to love, deny, and protect. It is necessary to align your environment. It is important for them to feel emotionally, spiritually and physically. They are very stable in everything they do. They feel the best when they help others.

They know with kids and are wonderful parents. They recognize the sense in loving others.They do not like to be alone and see relationships as their source of stability.

All their activities are directed to love and to be loved. Fear and confusion are not compatible with their energies. They love their world in peace and comfort. They are mentally strong and it is good that power is used for positive purposes. When they believe in something, they are strongly involved in it.

You can rely on them, and expect a fair relationship in return.They can sometimes act as too protective and dominant in their intent to help. They need stimulation to feel alive because the opposite can bring depression. They like their rhythm of life and do not like when others are hurrying them. They are great partners because they crave for harmony.

They can sometimes be stubborn, but you can rely on them. As far as their behavior in relationships is concerned, they tend to compromise to avoid quarrels. They are very supporting for partners in their relationships; they like to please their partners and are generally stable and balanced.

They will find way to provide all the material needs for themselves and partners, and often find ways of linking love, wealth, and relaxation to the home and family environment.

Less desirable traits: they are great when it comes to the problem of other people, but their own challenges are hard to bear. They can be cheerful and careless, while underneath the mask is actually an emotional chaos in them. Since they do not show their feelings, other people can see it and characterize it as arrogance. It would be better to face their emotions.

As for looks, they are usually very handsome and they have the energy of attraction.. In marriage and family, it is important to be good parents. They will be extremely proud of their child and their success.

For those born in June it can be said that they are very romantic but can become jealous and their emotional life is very complex. When they are in a less desirable phase they may be: unconnected, unconscious, impractical, they can carry a complex of superiority, restless, selfish, weak will… 

Positive sides of people whose personal number is number 6:

People who are born with number 6 are full of love, compassion for others, responsibilities, and they like to help other people. They are worthy, kind and attractive. They are ready to comfort people who need them. They are humble and they are very important to their families, homes and communities. Without family their life is not complete. Their life revolves around the family.

Negative sides of people whose personal number is number 6:

They can be quite critical of other people. Sometimes they find it hard to find a balance when they need to help in some quarrel. They want to control people and over-price their work, while they criticize others very badly. Their biggest drawback is that they know they’re bothering but they cannot control it. They do not know to value their talents and cannot use them.


These are the people who would be great leaders. They are most often blessed with musical talent. They also have great talent for business.

The best thing to do is something about healing, catering. They can be great teachers and workers in state institutions. They also love animal-related jobs, such as veterinary medicine.


These people are an easy target for colds and flu. They can have problems with high temperature. They are often nervous, which can lead to stress and stress is very harmful to health.

For such a person, it would be best to go with competitive sports or take a break from work by taking vacation. 


People born under number 6 appreciate family and love. They like to enjoy their home with their family. Those people must find partners who feel the same.

The best choice for them are numbers 3, 6, 9, 2, 4 and 8, and 1, 5 and 7 are not, because they do not have the same opinion about love.


Jessica Alba (actress), Robert Pattinson (a well-known actor), Britney Spears (singer), Victoria Beckham (wife of David Beckham, Spice Girls and Designer), Michael Jackson (famous singer), Stevie Wonder (singer) and many other talented singers, actors.


These are the persons of great heart. Their career is as important as family and marriage. They are responsible, trustworthy, interested in other people, and are always ready to help. They are humble but proud of themselves.

They have great talents, but sometimes these talents are thrown into the world. They have a great sense of humor and love to control people around them very much.


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