Virgo Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The Sun as one part of the luminaries, in astrology, and in life, it is the source of life and light (warmth) – he is the connection to the life-force and vitality, changing the situation of both the physical and mental organisms.

Many Astrologers say that the Sun is, in fact, the pure being and he is blessed with the ability to change things, to move them in a certain direction. In a way, this position represents the energy that is necessary for people to move in a certain direction, to go from one point to another (we are not talking about moving in a physical sense, but we are talking about moving in life, emotionally and mentally).

Besides the Moon, we can see the impact that comes from his light, and it is usually focused on the insides, on what lies beneath and the things that cannot be seen in the clear sight (on the Sun’s light).

Today we are looking in the natal chart of the person who has Sun positioned in the Virgo sign and the Moon in the Cancer. Read and make your own conclusion what does this mean for the person with such luminary positions.

Good Traits

We must be honest at the beginning of this piece – a person with this astrological combination is far from being enthusiastic at first encounter. He often shows a kind of shy behavior, more in moral than in a physical sense, which makes it a very tactical being, sensitive, and above all things the very honest one.

He is the one that can treasure things in life, especially people who he sees as important in his life – any sort of meaningful interpersonal relationship for this person is significant for this human being.

And one more thing needs to be added – he is a person who can adapt to many life’s circumstances. Surprisingly, and even if this “ability” is maybe not expected from such emotional and yet tender, (or insecure) being, he is not a person with that will be broken by the life.

Even in the decision-making process, a human with the Sun and Moon in the Virgo and Cancer combination has great care for detail. He is the one that is very serious and modest at the same time (a virtue that is forgotten by so many people).

What he ultimately tries to do is to take place he thinks that it belongs to him, and at the same time he does not like to worry about an overwhelming ambition.

In the end, his main human virtue comes from the fact that he never forgets roots or the experiences he has gained in his life.

Bad Traits

But, on the other side of his character, few flaws need to be mentioned – for example, this is the person that often seems too stiff, rigid and serious.

Since he does not know how to risk, this person misses the opportunities in life and those that should be grabbed as soon as they point out.

These are the opportunities that will never be repeated, and he often misses them, since he is frightened when he looks at his life and realises that something may be changed.

In fact, this is the person who needs time to adjust to any change; any movements for him are too hard. For any big change, this is the person who likes to always prepared and informed in advance about something – but in reality, this is not always possible. And here problems occur – he can be disappointed when he thinks of all the opportunities that he missed out in life. But the major problem here is that this person will do the same when the next opportunity presents itself.

He is not someone that we could call a person is ready to change himself in this direction, and this is ok, as long he is able to live with the consequences of his actions. And sometimes he cannot.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon in Love

Emotions are very strong in the person who has Sun and Moon in Virgo and Cancer sign, but one thing that needs to be taken care of – his sentiments need to be treated with caution.

And once again the fear is present, and here we are talking about the fear of ridicule or criticism, this is the aspect that makes him very shy and discreet, diplomatic and conventional in love. He is shy to show his emotions, diplomatic when he needs to make a certain decision, and he likes to be in a conventional relationship, in a sense, that he is not interested in one night stands, or affairs.

Also, due to the pronounced sensitivity that is present in this human being, he is susceptible to environmental influences and strives to see life through others – his inner life is often under the major influence that comes from his lovers.

He often dreams of a perfect lover, and his imagination is rich in this sense, but what he wants is not always real and cannot be achievable in reality.

When in love, this is the person who needs to take care of his moods that are under emotional states that are caused by the “outside” factors.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon in a Relationship

There is absolutely no doubt that this human being is the one that is defined by the relations that he has with the people who are close to him, family in the first place, friends or lovers. And these relations are those that he nurture and protect by all means.

Sometimes in love, this person can be overwhelmed with feelings he cannot master, and his way of defending himself is having a protective armor, a wrap that gives him security.

He is always turned to his loved ones, where he puts himself in the position of caretaker – this caring, warm, sensual person does not like that anyone enters into his intimate world and therefore is inclined to always take care of the environment in which it will be and whom it will receive in its home which represents the true monastic place and the oasis of its harmony.

And if we look at things from another side, this attitude in love relations can be his demise, cause if they are wrong, his life can turn out to be the same, it can affect everything else that he does.

Best Match for Virgo Sun Cancer Moon

One thing is clear here -the emotional existence is largely influenced by family, partner and emotions. This is the person who is quieter, shy and more sensitive than a typical Virgo person (all thanks to the impact that comes from the Moon in the Cancer), and he prefers the home and family environment, rather than partying.

He is the person who often dreams of his happiness in a relationship – he is serious, but he can be spontaneous only when he feels completely safe; then his lovers can discover that he is more amazing than others know.

This person acts calmly, shy, but often deep inside the real “volcano” in his heart survives, and this is something that only the ones who best know him.

The perfect match for this human being can be a representative of the Taurus sign.

He can be the perfect match since he is both strong and stubborn, and when he is angry, he is angry and passionate – and the person who has luminaries in Virgo and Cancer signs loves this.

Nothing “slides” through his fingers, and giving up “life joys” is not usually his lifestyle. His standards are high, but this is not a problem for our candidate – they both love safety, comfortable and good life.

 Virgo Sun Cancer Moon as a Friend

His authority is always painted with some care for others – he has a great intuition in evaluating people and often turns to others’ desires and needs.

This is amazing news for his friends, because here we encounter a person who has sentimentalism and logic, and even if inside of him there is a struggle, but his friends will have everything they might need.

He is the friend that we all need to have in our lives, and he can be irresistible to others; he is a friend that is ready to give up enthusiasm when his friends need it. But at the same time, this human being is the one that will never forget to take care of his friends and people that he cares for in general.


It is certainly advantageous to carry two such opposing personalities in oneself because it makes these people especially gifted to see the essence of every situation directly.

This person who us under the impact of the Cancer sign (the Moon) and the Virgo (the Sun) is one sensitive and peaceful creature is its shell and family circle is the centre of his life. This person compensates for his weakness by organising life to the details, constantly adhering to his principles – this is an amazing trait to have in life and work for example, but he has to realise that some things cannot be organised and that life brings things that cannot be predicted.

He is unconcerned, and he is careful not to open up to anyone, or he can open slowly just to people who are extremely close to him or try very hard to penetrate into his life. He can express himself only (or primarily) in family intimacy or a narrow circle of carefully selected friends and puts faith in love and friendship in the first place.


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