Personality Number 5 – Meaning in Numerology

A personal number is something that definesthe essence of the person, what is inside the person, partially the physical appearance and behavior, and finally the specific life situations that attract certain numbers. It is obtained by adding the digits of the date of birth and reduction to one digit.

If your personal number is number 5, you should know these things. This knowledge about your personal number will make your life easier.

Life path of people in number 5

Number 5 is the most dynamic and the most energetic of all numbers. You can not foresee them they are always in motion and in the constant need for change. They are extremely independent souls. They are adventurers, they like risks and it is difficult for them to stay in one place, in one job, in one house or in one relationship.

Constant change is absolutely necessary for them. In relationships, people whose personal number is number 5 can be very loyal, but on the other hand, given their troubled nature, they can very often break relationships.

When they are single, these people consider that they can have anyone they want and have no problem with going out every night with another person (and you should not suggest to these people that they are limited in any way, at least not if you want them next to you). People whose personal number is number 5 usually change a lot of jobs, especially if their job involves a routine.

As soon as something becomes predictable or begins to repeat, it is a sign that they won’t be there much more.

On the other hand, it will surprise all friends and family as soon as they find what they really care about. Then they will experience their peak, most often after 30 years.

Many of the people whose personal number is number 5 choose to engage in a business involving travel. This is simply under the mandatory for them. It allows them to frequently change their environment, and find themselves among the tourist guides, owners of companies where they can work from any point on this planet, independent consultants in various fields and so on.

The fives are easily adaptable to everything that comes to them, and this includes the work environment. Add to this that all of them look good that they are charming, charismatic and have all the qualities that support them in their career at the moment they choose. The fives are versatile, adaptable, smart, advanced in everything.

Conventional and traditional things are very boring to them, and they are attracted by everything from above the average. They are very sociable, interesting, raising the atmosphere in society and they easily make other people to feel good. Fives are usually well-accepted in society.

We arrive to the most expressive and most dominant features that describe people whose personal number is number 5: it is an uncompromising demand for freedom, thoughts and movements.

They decide for themselves, does not accept orders, ideologies and any other tasks and morals. Fives are adventurers you cannot control them at any price, but are flexible enough to consider the other side of the opinion if the arguments are adequate.

The less desirable side is that they can be selfish, irresponsible, impulsive, and without much thought entering the situations that seem attractive to them at that moment. The future and planning are not interest for them at all.

The weakest point of the these people is the tendency to experiment with drugs, alcohol, sex, as well as other risky activities, because they bring excitement that they are almost always looking for. They may have a lack discipline in everything, except in what is the choice of their heart.

They are extremely dynamic and constantly on the go. They like to explore the world and discover new cultures and everything else. They love flirting and most often like good fun. If nothing interesting happens to them in life, they will unconsciously create a drama in search of excitement.

Their life experience is what they like to share with others, so that others learn through it. They are interested in spirituality and they like to explore it. They rarely dedicate themselves deeper, but you’ll know that immediately at the beginning of relationship.

If they decide to surrender to you, expect loyalty, but also a certain amount of anxiety that comes with it, because the limits of any kind are very stressful for them.

They love reading books, watching movies, and learn about the differences that exist in world. They are excellent communicators and with ease they can transfer ideas and motivate other people. It can be most frustrating for them when they are in one place or when life does not happen like they have imagined. 

Positive sides of people whose personal number is number 5:

They are optimistic people who inspire other people around them. They seek freedom, they are adventurers. They like changes and love to meet new people and make new friends. They seek for changes in life and love variety. They’re very sure about themselves.

They have a free spirit and love when they are different each day. They look great and have great effect on others. They want to be involved in several things at the same time.

Negative sides:

They miss their discipline on work. The freedom and the need for adventure is sometimes difficult to control, which can lead them to the wrong path, can cause them problems with drugs, alcohol.

The bad thing about such people is that they are too curious, they have to know everything, and they get their nose everywhere. Sometimes they can behave like little child. 


These are people who are multifaceted and they have a number of different abilities. They are very good with words and can motivate other people. That’s why they are very suitable for jobs such as sales, promotion, investment, entertainment, medicine, science and all other jobs that require travel and verbal skills. They would be great tourist guides and comedians.


They need to be careful with the food they eat and with drinks that they drink. They should not consume heavy food and alcoholic beverages. They are often nervous and angry, and that is the thing that damages their nervous system. It would be great for them to practice yoga.

If they do not look after their diet they may have intestinal problems and if they consume too much alcohol they may have problems with the liver.


These are people who like to seduce and want to feel appreciated. If they feel imprisoned, they will run away from those who are suffocating and they will find happiness somewhere else.

Number 5 does not agree with numbers 2, 4 and 6 because they cannot find a common language, with number 8 they have different opinions, and numbers 1, 5, 7, 3 and 9 are best choice and they are often their best partners.


Many famous actors and singers were born under number 5. These are some of them Angelina Jolie (celebrity actress), Selena Gomez (actress and singer), Beyonce Knowles (singer), Jay-Z (rapper), Jon Bon Jovi singer), Tina Turner (singer), Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones singer) and many others. 


People with number 5 live each day as if is the last one for them. They love adventure life issues. Their lives can become quite dramatic. Their life lacks some direction because they are constantly looking for a new adventure. They are like a plant that grows late and they do not have limits.

They always look to their future and want to achieve success. They are also ready to accept many challenges and want to be successful one day. These people can be found in many types of jobs and their career is one of the most important things in life.These people think that they should never give up and will do everything to succeed in the future.


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