Dreams About Octopus – Interpretation and Meaning

Octopuses are interesting creatures. They inhabit deep parts of seas and oceans, and their symbolism has always been important for many different cultures and nations around the world.

We will focus our attention into explaining the meaning of an octopus in your dream and whether good or bad luck is ahead of you.

Dream about an octopus in general

If you had a dream about an octopus, then this dream represents bad luck. You will be prevented by certain people, from finishing your plans successfully.

They will drag you away and keep you out of focus, and that will be devastating for your projects.

This dream is usually linked to your career or business, but in certain cases it can be linked to your personal life as well.

Your personal life could even get in the way of your career, and you will find it difficult to get everything in order, in time.

Dream about and octopus with a human face

If the octopus in your dream had a human face, or face of someone you know, then this dream represents someone who will betray you and make you feel bad.

This person is someone close to you and you won’t expect them to turn their back on you or hurt you.

Be careful to whom you reveal your secrets and plans, because they might use them against you. Be careful about your actions as well, because they could make someone close to you very angry.

Dream about catching an octopus

If you were catching or if you caught an octopus in your dream, then this represents a great success that is coming your way.

This success could be related to your personal life or to your career, and things will finally be looking better for you after a long time of suffering.

If you were working on an important project then this dream is an indication that your projects will be successful and that all of your ideas will get a successful realization.

This dream could also represent financial success. This is a good period to try investing into new ideas and projects, because they will definitely turn out to be successful.

Dream about eating an octopus

If you were eating an octopus in your dream, then this dream represents a positive period that is ahead of you.

Positive energy and drive will give you enough motivation to finish everything you have started recently, and you will also be able to balance your personal life and your career.

You should definitely use this period of good luck to start working on something new and exciting, and being open to people and new ideas will only boost your productive energy.

Dream about an octopus chasing you

If the octopus in your dream was chasing you, then this dream represents a possible enemy that is lurking out to get you. This enemy is probably someone from your work that is jealous of your success.

Be careful what you say and do in front of others, because they will be watching your every move and plotting a plan against you.

Stay away from conflicts as well, because they could be set up and you might end up getting blamed for everything.

Dream about a small octopus

A small octopus in your dream represents a minor success you are going to achieve.

This dream can be related to your career or personal life and the success you will make, won’t be something major but it will still be important, at least as a motivation.

Dream about a dead octopus

Dead octopus is a sign of bad luck. This dream represents possible problems you will face on your work or in your personal life, that will completely set you off the course.

You won’t be able to focus on important things in life and you could even end up in the middle of someone else’s argument.

All of these problems will cause you to forget about your own goals and plans, so you will end up failing in completing them.

Dream about a swimming octopus

If the octopus in your dream was swimming around, then this dream represents you will meet new people at a social event.

These people will be very important for your future, so be sociable and don’t miss out on an important opportunity .

Dream about an octopus on the ground

If octopus in your dream was lying on the ground, then this dream represents you will be restricted by someone or something and you won’t be able to do everything you have planned on doing. This will be caused by a person in your life or by something in your life that will stop you from moving forward.

Try to eliminate any negativity from your life and people who have a negative influence on you, before you end up living your life the way you don’t want to.

Dream about an octopus strangling you

If the octopus in your dream was strangling you, then this dream means you have a lot of people around you who are draining your energy. You feel like you need a break from everybody and some time to devote some time for yourself.

These people could be your co-workers or other people from your life who are constantly burdening you with their own problems. And if nothing else works, sometimes the best solution is to avoid them and cut them out of your life permanently.


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