Goldfinch – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Goldfinch is a bird from the Carduelis family. These small but beautiful birds live all around the European continent, North Africa and Asia.

Its symbolism was created by various cultures and as a symbol, this bird was often used in art and poetry.

Goldfinch traits and characteristics

Tame – Goldfinches are very tame birds and people usually hold them in cages in their homes. They are easy to maintain and feed, so they have become one of people’s favorite pets.

Beautiful – Goldfinch is a very beautiful bird that usually has several feather colors. Their backs are light brown and their heads and wings are colorful.

Goldfinch as a totem

As totems, goldfinches are symbols of beauty, communication, connections, family, health and harmony.

People born under this totem are family oriented people who like spending their time with people who are close to them.

They love spending time with others and conversing about different topics. This is something that fills them with joy and energy.

People born or protected by this totem are quite calm and communicative people who enjoy small things in life.

You will often see them on rinks with their friends exchanging funny stories that they collected during the day.

Goldfinches are very beautiful birds, and this beauty is present among people born under this totem.

The beauty they posses doesn’t have to be external. Often times this beauty comes from the inside and they are a pleasure to be around.

Living healthy is important for people born under this totem so as keeping their lives in harmony.

They dislike having their life in chaos and any kind of mess in life makes them anxious. Having things under control is something they must exercise all of the time.

That is the only way they can feel good about themselves. Having their family around them with few good friends is all they need in life.

The only negative characteristic these people have, is that they are very humble and they often cut themselves short in life.

They settle for less and avoid risking too much in life, for the sake of having a peaceful life.

Goldfinch as a symbol in a dream

A goldfinch in a dream is a symbol of goals, aspirations and hopes. If you dream of goldfinches in the sky that fly then it’s a sign of pleasure, harmony, balance, and love.

It resembles the summer sunny day, cheerful and carefree, and just such a view of life. You are experiencing spiritual freedom and psychological liberation.

You feel like they’ve taken a huge burden from your shoulders.

If you dream of a dead or dying goldfinch means you are followed by some disappointment.

Pay attention to how much you care about the problem that your nonstop something sounds about a head. A goldfinch in a dream is a symbol of money, a financial gain.

If you are dreaming about watching a young story, it means that success is followed by something that has been delayed.

If you dream of a goldfinch’s nest, it means independence, shelter, protection, or security. You need some shelter in which you can always pull back and get away from the world.

On the other hand, the nest is also a sign of successful results in some attempts, new opportunities and happiness.

Goldfinch as a symbol in different cultures

Goldfinch symbolism was created by various cultures on the Asian, African and European continent.

Native American people considered the goldfinch to be a symbol of happiness and prosperity. They also thought that the goldfinch, with its bright colors, was a symbol of joy and positive energy.

The goldfinch song had a special meaning for many cultures and when this beautiful bird sung, many considered it to be an expression of the inner self.

Goldfinch symbolized being yourself and being free from everybody else’s judgment.

In art and poetry, goldfinch was often used as a motive and inspiration.

The most famous painting of a goldfinch is the one painted by Donna Tartt.

Besides this work of art there are many other novels, short stories and poems that are inspired by this little but beautiful bird.

Although goldfinch symbolism is not very present in modern culture, it still holds a special place and a valuable symbolic value in today’s times.


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