Parrot – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Birds are also in the category of animals that are often used as symbols and spirit animals. Birds have been symbols of surveillance throughout history but in the archives we mostly find birds like hawks, crows, while parrots are not that usual.

Parrots are small birds with colorful wings and beautiful appearance. They inhabit warmer parts of our planet.

They feed of on insects and seeds and they are mostly known as family pets.

Even though they inhabit warmer parts of our planet, we can find them all over the world and buy them as pets.

They come in different sizes and colors and their beautiful song enlightens everybody’s day.

In modern history, we best recognize parrots as faithful friends and companions of sailors and pirates.

We will explain more about these magnificent birds and the secret meaning behind their symbolism.

Parrot traits and characteristics

Friendly – Parrots are extremely friendly and good natured. They are great companions and great animals to have as pets.

This is the main reason why parrots are so popular and adored by many people around the world. They brighten up our day with their song and beautiful appearance.

Intelligent – Parrots, like many other birds, are very smart. We all know and we have all seen proof in videos, of parrots repeating people’s words and phrases. They recognize sound very well and can memorize tons of words.

Tamed – Parrots are a type of animal that loves being around humans and loves socializing. You will rarely find a parrot that is unsocial or scared too much of people. This is the reason why parrots, among all other breed of birds, are the ones chosen to be our companions and pets.

Healthy – Parrots rarely get sick and they are usually in very good health. This of course, depends on how you take care of your parrot and if it is living outdoors, then parrot will take good care of itself without a doubt.

Parrot as a totem

Parrot as a totem represents a world full of magic and possibilities that are waiting for us.

People born under this totem look at the world from a different perspective, that is more positive than the one seen by others.

They love socializing and spending time with their family and friends. This makes them feel full of energy and ready to take on new adventures.

These people are also very productive and always thinking about new ideas and possibilities.

It is a true pleasure to spend time with a person guarded by this totem and they will certainly brighten up your day and make you feel special.

Parrot symbol in dreams

If you had a dream about a parrot, then this might be a sign that you will soon be a victim of gossip.

We all know, parrots love talking and the most common symbolism linked to this animal is exactly speech.

Therefore, in our dreams, parrots represent other people’s opinions and conversations that might take place, and that will affect us in a certain way.

This might not even be a negative symbol. Sometimes we need help from someone, but we are too shamed to ask, so this could reflect a friend or family member who is going to tell something about you to someone that needs to be informed about what we think or feel.

Parrot symbolism in different cultures

In pre-Columbian Nazca tribe settlements, drawings of parrots were found on rocks and stones. This extraordinary geoglyphs show an interest in these birds that dates back hundreds of years.

These geoglyphs are large and cover several square feet of the desert ground and rocks. They can only be seen from the sky and this is how these amazing drawings were spotted.

These breathtaking drawings were used for ceremonial purposes.

In the American Southwest, parrots were represented in petroglyphs.

Parrot feathers were also used as a part of ceremonial attire that provided strength and protection to whoever wore them.

To the Boroboro tribe, parrots represented messengers between this world and the spiritual world.

The Mayans have probably worshiped parrots the most. In their drawings and scripts, we can often find images of parrots and in their ritual attire, parrot feathers were very important.

Parrots were associated with fertility and every color of the feather had a different meaning to it.

Green feathers presented earth after the rain, while red ones represented unfulfilled desires.

In Hindu mythology, Kama god rides a parrot and in other south Indian temples, goddesses hold parrots in their hands as a symbol of a messenger.

Other tribes in the south and around Equator, in the rain forests, also used parrot feathers as a part of their ritual attire and in their ritual ceremonies.

Today, parrots are mostly pets and greatly appreciated for their beauty and good-willed nature.


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