Gemini Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Sometimes in the personal horoscope, in the natal chart, the aspects of the Sun and the Moon can be directed in a negative way, in a sense that one can be in one sign, and the other in others, and combined these two cannot work together well.

This is called opposition to one another, we see the opposition of basics in life – his life could be a struggle, but what will come out of it, could be something positive.

In today’s case, we are speaking about the life of the person who has an aspect of the Sun located in the Gemini Zodiac sign and the Moon in the Cancer sign.

Right away you can see that this is not the luckiest combination since these two signs signify oppositions.

But this is not a death sentence, and this could be a person who can overcome his obstacles. Read all about this topic and make your own conclusion.

Good Traits

In this combination, the Sun and the Moon are combined in that sense, that this person is at the same time a child and the mature person, and from time to time one or the other side can come to the surface.

This is a good trait since he can deeply understand all the people in his environment, he can appreciate the childish behavior of some people, and he can understand at the same time, how the business game plays out.

He is not a wholly intellectual or entirely imaginative person – he is somewhere in between, and this is a good thing, he can have the best out of both sides. This human being is imaginative when it comes to the conceiving his ideas and he is practical in a way that he can make these ideas reality.

He is a vivid, creative, and sensitive person who has deep sensitivity that drives him to be interested in human things and social relations- he can be out of help to all people who are close to him.

But he is hovering between the intimacy of his family life and the fatigue of the outside world in which he would like to soak up. Once again, we are not saying that this is a bad thing, but, having in mind circumstances in life, it can be a problem.

In his life, all of his good sides could be seen as bad sides, and vice versa, it all depends on him. He has abilities to make something out of his life, and at the same times, his mind can work in such ways that he can destroy everything that he builds for a long time.

Bad Traits

When it comes to the flaws that are connected to the person who has Sun located in the Sun and the Moon in the Cancer sign, we could say that he is continually trying to calm the availability with a sense of security, a social life with a private, a dream with lucidity. Things are not always easy in his head – often times it is very hard for him to prove himself as a person because he easily falls under the influence of the environment.

So, here also, it all depends on his environment; if it is positive then the impact on him is positive; and if it is negative, his life cannot be any different.

His inner life, driven by numerous and complex dreams and visions and ideas, determines the centre of his spirit in love with novelties and wonders, which often borders with fantasy. This is the moment when he cannot find a place where he will enjoy the necessary balance in his life; also he is the one that could be a subject to both good and bad influences and is therefore capable of both the best and the worst in his life.

Gemini Sun Cancer Moon in Love

When it comes to love, a person who has the Sun in the Gemini sign and the Moon in the Cancer sign is a bit quieter, more sensible and shy than the prototype of a Gemini sign (regular Gemini, or the one that has Moon located in the, for example, Leo sign).

In a way, this is the person whose existence in love is mostly influenced by the need to have a family, and it may be difficult for him to reach maturity in this sense, because he will be under the impact of many oppositional aspects in love.

In one time of his life, he can be a serious date and a person who cannot settle down, while at other time, he can be the one person that desperately wants to have one meaningful connection with his soul mate. And believe us, in his love life, everything is possible – and during life, he will perceive love and interpersonal connections in many ways.

On the other hand, this is the person who must have a certain amount of independence, even when he is genuinely in love; but at the same time, he will never stops wanting to be adored and taken care of by the side of his lovers.

The fact is that this type of personality will always be in the middle of his love aspirations. In any case, this is a person who is at the same time unreal in expectations, capricious when in love, and somewhat crazy because the features are common for both characters, both the Moon in the Cancer and the Sun in the Gemini.

Gemini Sun Cancer Moon in a Relationship

We also have to say, that because of the character of the person who has Sun located in the Gemini and the Moon on the Cancer sign, he can be, when in love, calm and dreamy, gentle but alive, overwhelming and adaptable to the movements of the world surrounding him, he hardly finds his right place, and the majority of his relations end with the break up.

People can have a problem in connecting with him in some serious way, all because of his divided nature that confuses his lovers.

Often when in a relationship, this human continually thinks that he would be somewhere better somewhere else, and he would quickly get away from socialising with the same persons. It also happens that he cannot bear the responsibility of a “married” man, and retreats into his phantasy where he will find pleasure in melancholy and where he enjoys the change.

This is the time when the person who has Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Cancer will have an affair – deep inside he will feel like he is doing this because of his emotions(the Moon positioned in the emotional Cancer), but that does not have to be the case.

Best Match for Gemini Sun Cancer Moon

If this person finds a perfect match for life, or in love, he can be really happy and will be able to reveal his inner being which is extremely mobile, lively, curious, and endowed with excellent communication skills.

He needs a lover that will nourish his inner world, specifically or symbolically, and in return, he will be eager to exhibit the loving person that he hides a long time. Who could be his perfect match?

Maybe a Libra lover – someone who can understand the necessity of the balance in the life of such a person. This lover will provide care and enjoyment, but it will be firm when needed. He is the one that wants to satisfy his lover and then himself – and this will suit him in the best possible way.

The Libra lover is also the one that can provide fantastic communication and knows the importance of togetherness, and at the same time, he will never jeopardise his independence.

Gemini Sun Cancer Moon as a Friend

For this person, it is really important how others see him – and others, the people who know him well are seeing that he is the one person who is incredibly attached to his roots, to his family, but also to friends, and is instinctively distrustful of people who do not belong to its world.

He is a type of friend who is very warm and protective for people who feel comfortable in his society and for those people who love him openly and honestly. He knows how to pay back such behavior. And beside his friends, that often become the extended family, his original family remains essential for him to for as long as he lives.

One more important thing that is important for this person when it comes to friendship is that for him the ultimate sin is a betrayal that he would never be able to forgive.


So, the Sun in the Gemini sign points to the intellectual side of the personality that is distanced from others, is controlled and critically connected, combines with the richness of feelings, subjective beliefs, vague thoughts and the uncertain attitude that comes from the Moon in the sign of Cancer.

This blend of intellect with an instinct can be the basis of great intuition, genuine capture skills and an unmatched assessment of situations and opportunities.

He is full of imagination and sometimes lives in one unreal world; his mood often has a lot of ups and downs, and it happens that he gets involved in some problematic emotional situations.

The high sensitivity of the Moon in Cancer does not fit best with other characteristics, so this Astro combination will often be expressed with duality; on the one hand, feelings, and on the other, the reason and the will.

Most often, one will overcome one, and the other another, other characteristics, that is, uneven, unexpected behavior and internal dissatisfaction; because you will always feel that you have not satisfied one side of his being.


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