Pallas in Leo

Pallas Leo position is strong also in the horoscopes of creative people because we are talking about the original, a certain nature that creates, shapes something.

These are the people who give their stamp to everything they create.

The Pallas is less feminine, a much more determined type that looks like a man – not in terms of physical appearance but in how he dresses and how he behaves.

She is very beautiful and very smart that she inherited from her father, Jupiter.

The father’s daughter, it came out of his head as if the father had given birth, 100% of the daddy’s child he is training, as would his son, that’s part of it.

Pallas is the primary ruler of the asteroid field because it is Athens that rules the belt between Jupiter and Mars, represented in pictures holding a sword and shield, which, however, are positioned high enough to clearly see her beautiful character.

Pallas in the 5th house and in the sign of Leo describes great talents that can be expressed in the artistic as well as in the sports and political realms, most often pointing to high-ranking political and public figures, to which all public attention is directed.

The creative perception here is much emphasized, as is the charisma with which these personalities exude.

People with this set Pallas are best expressed creatively through acting, performing, film, dance, and can also experience the status of a big star.

In terms of healing, this Pallas natal setting provides support for practicing dance therapy, art therapy, and psycho drama.

Pallas in Leo Man

It is easy for those of Pallas in Leo to see them in public office, leading the community.

They want to leave their mark on this world in one way or another and look for professions in which they can stand out. They are sincere, expressive and dramatic.

They are the leaders of the zodiac; Kings among humans.

They are always willing to give; they are very direct, generous, kind, creative and outgoing people, faithful and affectionate. They are enthusiastic and understanding with others.

They like adventure, luxury, power and comfort. They enjoy with children, theater and parties.

They run away from selfish and ill-thought people, and they don’t like routine. The risk motivates them.

Pallas in Leo Woman

This position as in Aries removes some objectivity and Pallas, although it gives a warm touch to his cold mental processes.

You can give a person who basically uses his sense of strategy at the service of obtaining attention.

It has a practical, concrete creativity that can serve to shine. (Engineer, investor, speculator, professional bettor, etc.) Good bond with children achieving discipline without repressing them.

Good Traits

With this position, Bouquet observed cases of strong creative abilities, as well as spontaneous tendencies to games and entertainment conceiving them as therapies or forms of personal harmonization.

And, in any case, there seems to be an incident of self-confidence and a sense of personal security, which, not infrequently, becomes hyper-valuation of one’s ego over that of others.

The tendency to prevail, in any sense, seems intrinsic to this position and, both with subtle arguments, and with powerful dramatic expression, or by simple natural authority, this native-type inevitably tends to achieve what is proposed.

These provisions, combined with charismatic features, as well as intrinsic to the sign, facilitate roles of leader, teacher, guide, instructor, as well as actors (popular, charismatic) and people with “people’s gift”.

Bad Traits

Sometimes his temper is cruel and tyrannical. Egocentric until delirium. They believe that everything they do is well done, so that others must abide by it.

He who does not obey is an enemy, just as he who asks them for accounts but also cunning, and can download their work in others. It is the image of the super-ego and the gigolo.

They need to be constantly praised and criticized. They do not admit interference in their projects; if all goes well, they will be arrogant and presumptuous.

They don’t settle for anything. They are proud, they don’t like to ask for help and they love to improvise.

They always have resources at hand to be able to get out of the different situations that may arise throughout their lives.

If they enter politics, they just want to reach the most powerful positions, they are ambitious.

They can be intolerant and dogmatic. They tend to interfere when they shouldn’t.

Pallas in Leo – General Info

You have an intense desire to live your emotions, and constantly look for new ways to express yourself. Leo’s mode is rigid, which means that you are a passive person when it comes to your need for admiration, and you wait for others to naturally realize and approach you.

You enjoy stability and comfort, and you are a generous person when sharing them with others.

You tend to protect the oppressed, and when you take sides in something, most of the time you defend the helpless. In relationships, you are a sincere, genuine person and trust others, since you have high ethical values.

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They know where they want to go and put all their effort, energy and creativity to achieve their goal. They grow before obstacles.

In general they are good, idealistic and intelligent. They can become stubborn in their beliefs, but always from absolute faith and sincerity.

Leo artists can become big stars on the screen or stage; Leo musicians often play great instruments, or conduct orchestras.

Leo is open, confident and sincere; says what he thinks, but he’s always kind. They find it hard to get right with people and often tend to trust those who don’t deserve it too much.

They don’t expect anything or anyone when they decide to do something. Impulsive and aggressive when making decisions.

As they love being the center of attention, they usually wear flashy clothes for their design or for their price, and they also wear it with a special bearing. They like to wear gold jewelry more than silver or other metals.

They don’t like sports that require too much physical effort, but they do in those who feel admired. They are excellent actors, both professionally and in their private life, given the pleasure they have for being the center of attention.


The warrior queen, is the principle of creative intelligence and wisdom. Athena was born from the head of Zeus (Jupiter), becoming the only one at Olympus not born by her mother.

Representing divine knowledge, or wisdom, it represents the feminine expression of perfect understanding.

It also rules the father-daughter relationship and all incestuous relationships, as well as those in which there is abuse, in which the power imbalance must be corrected.

Pallas, a wise female warrior, gives meaning and direction to women’s struggle for freedom from the domination of male powers.

Astrologically, the Palace of Athens describes how we tackle the issues of learning, creativity, art, politics, healing, alienation in relationships, competition and the fear of success.


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