Banana – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Banana is not a symbol we often dream about. Some of us rarely see bananas every day, so it is very interesting to see them appear in our dreams. When we do have a dream about bananas, they can be both good and bad.

The interpretation depends on the other symbols that were in our dream and the overall situation we dreamed about.

Dream about banana in general

When you had a dream about a banana, this represents encounters in your life that won’t be interesting. People who are about to enter your life are only going to bring stress and annoyance, so you can’t expect anything interesting to happen in the upcoming period.

It could happen that a person, whom you do not like, is about to come back into your life. Her presence will irritate you and you will be happy when he or she goes away.

Dream about eating a banana

Eating a banana in a dream represents a negative sign. This dream indicates you are about to become a part of annoying and tiring event. You won’t be able to avoid participating in this event, even though it won’t bring anything positive for you.

This dream is announcing a business event that will only drain your energy and force you to greet people who are not your favorite characters.

Dream about a rotten banana

Dreams about rotten bananas symbolize negativity. You will soon be involved in a job obligation that will be extremely difficult to handle.

It might happen that your supervisor is about to give you a tough assignment to complete and you will have to put in a lot of effort to complete what has been given to you. Give 100% of your effort to complete this job because you might receive a nice raise after that.

Dream about selling bananas

Dreaming about selling bananas represents dealings. You might become a part of a project that will be worthless to you and it will only result in waste of time.

Job you will be assigned with, is only going to take away your time, effort and it won’t be interesting to you at all.

However, this is something you must do in order to keep your job position.

There is a very big possibility you might get scolded from your boss for not doing the job properly or you might even get fired because of it.

Dream about eating a banana (for females)

Dreams about eating bananas for females represent your feelings towards someone.

Perhaps you feel a lot of attraction towards someone and you want this person to notice you as well.

If nothing else works, tell this person the way you feel and try to approach this person with honest emotions.

Perhaps he or she has been feeling the same way, but was afraid of your reaction.

Dream about ripping banana from the plant

If you were ripping the banana from the plant, then you have a very dominating nature. You tend to control everything in your life and never let others share their opinion.

This kind of behavior becomes very annoying to other people around you and they are slowly beginning to resent you for that.

If you want to keep all the dear people in your life, then think about your behavior and don’t be too pushy.

Dream about peeling a banana

If you had a dream about peeling a banana, then you have a strong masculine side. Perhaps you act tough in life and give others the impression that you don’t need anybody’s help.

Others even see you as a macho man no matter what your gender is.

It is good to sometimes give your feminine side a chance, so don’t be afraid to show emotions and express thoughts to other people.

Even if you get hurt it will be beneficial for you to experience this hidden side of you.

Dream about someone eating a banana

If someone else was eating a banana in your dream, then you feel attraction to that person. If person in your dream was unknown, then you feel the need to have a partner in your life.

Perhaps you have been single for a very long time and you feel like it is time to finally settle down with someone you like.

Dream about bunch of bananas

When you saw bunch of bananas in your dream, this indicates that love is just around the corner. Your big break for love is about to happen, so embrace it with open arms.

If you were single for a very long time, the period that is ahead of you will bring a lot of opportunities to meet new people and start a relationship with someone.

If you are already in a relationship happiness and peace is about to enter your relationship. Every problem you had with your partner is about to get resolved so don’t be worried about it.

Dream about buying bananas

If you had a dream about buying bananas, then you need to be careful in the upcoming period. Danger is lurking from everywhere and you need to think twice about every step you make. Be very cautious of people around you and don’t let them know too much about you.

The less someone knows about you, the higher is the chance of saving yourself from someone’s bad intention. This dream warns you about dangers that could happen to you in general, so be careful in traffic and in other public places.

Dream about green bananas

If you had a dream about green bananas, then you could benefit from interaction with people. Someone is going to give you valuable advice about an important project, so make sure you use this opportunity to progress in life.

This dream is announcing a very positive period when it comes to investment and finances as well. Ask for advice from people you know well, because they could share a very valuable suggestion to you. This suggestion or advice might help you score a large amount of money. Business related projects will be extremely successful, so use this period wisely.


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