Pallas in Libra

This asteroid has the quality of bipolarity, but is more emphasized on camaraderie than sexuality. Greek stories about Athens represent her in the role of shifting gender awareness.

In the myth of the Oreses trial, Athena was on the side of the hero who killed her mother.

According to the old blood law, killing a mother was prohibited. But, Athena said, “Why not? The mother is not the real parent of the child, but the father.”

This is an allegorical reference to the fact that, at the time this myth was recorded, it was necessary to renounce maternal rights law in order to restore order to a new, patriarchal society, which gave rise to one of the meanings of this asteroid: a woman’s ability to succeed in the men’s world.

In a distorted light, this figure represents a sale to powerful forces. The goddess Athena was untouchable, the asteroid Athena can talk about blocking the emotional vulnerability behind psychological armor.

Pallas in Libra Man

In this sign Pallas is comfortable, although somewhat paralyzed by an excess of Libran reflection.

He can be an excellent advisor of political strategies, of war, etc. Very good judge since he fundamentally bases his judgments on evidence and on an innate sense of ethics and justice.

Good sense of aesthetics although it can be excessively cold in your vision and application of beauty.

You can be your partner’s advisor and your career advisor. Do not let subjectivity beat you when evaluating possible emotional partners.

Pallas in Libra Woman

Pallas in Libra values harmony above all. The injustices outrage him and he fights because everyone has what he deserves.

They are very good negotiators and stand out mediating between several parties.

Although it could be assumed that the primary role of the Palas in Libra would be related to relationships, these individuals perform much better in relationships other than emotional and personal ones.

They have a great capacity to advise and mediate, so if it is a politician, his diplomatic qualities will be fully demonstrated here.

A person’s creative intelligence is used to improve interpersonal relationships and to seek compromise solutions to conflicts, to strike a balance in relationships.

Within the artistic preferences, Palas in Libra will apply its talents and skills in design, graphics, fashion as well as interior decoration, and in politics will be a justice advocate applying the skill of finding a peaceful solution to conflicts.

The key feature of Athens Palace in Libra is reflected in its ability to balance and balance.

In healing techniques, the Palas set up in this way will use all the techniques that lead to harmony and energy balance, such as ta chi, macrobiotics, gestalt technique, but also marital counseling.

Good Traits

Your sign corresponds to the seventh house of the horoscope, the part related to the other people who are like a mirror to you.

Therefore, describe the nature of your relationships, both professional and personal, in addition to your experiences with marriage and partnerships.

The mode of your sign is cardinal, which means that you try to improve and work actively in your relationships by reaching and assuming commitments and inspiring confidence.

The strengths of the Libras focus on their diplomatic approach when it comes to relating to others.

In addition to your solar sign, your ascending, your lunar sign, your ruling planet and the phases of the Moon can help you get to know yourself better and take advantage of your potential.

If you want to know more about this wonderful science you must visit our Astrology section.

The stars know everything about your personality, a detailed study of your home sky can say more than you think, but they also know how you love and your compatibility.

Bad Traits

Likewise, trends and conciliatory and related faculties in the social sphere are enhanced, as well as facilities for collaborative or cooperative work.

On the other hand, the “failure” most observed by Boquet is the one related to physical and health care and, as so often happens in various contexts, the sign of balance is a factor of imbalances.

Similarly, the general tendency to defend human rights, pacifism and nonviolence, sometimes shows paradoxical cases of “violent pacifist militancy”, or, more commonly, the case of “non-violent” that shows traits of a violent nature.

Pallas in Libra – General Info

It is related to the evaluation of one’s intentions. As an air sign, he loves wisdom and gathers information in order to forge a balanced opinion of things.

Wanting to always be fair can become a burden and the effort to be objective leads to indecision, a situation that is exacerbated by the constant search for the harmony.

The fact of being in favor of something or someone in turn implies being against others. This violates Libra’s ideals regarding diplomacy, tact and commitment, as it is important for them not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

The need for harmony is evident in the natives of this sign. They have a special sense for the aesthetic aspects of life. The outer beauty must reflect the inner beauty, but it can become an end in itself. The arts play an important role in the lives of these individuals.

The life of the Libra revolves around relationships with others. They define themselves through these relationships, social interaction being vital for them.

They feel incomplete if they are not in company, they need their “better half.”

Share with your opposite sign, Aries, your dedication to others. While Aries tries to compete in dexterity with others, Libra seeks balance in relationships.

As an air sign, like Gemini and Aquarius, it shows an interest in the intellectual.

While the goal of Gemini is to be well informed, for Libra it is to form an objective idea of ​​things.

On the other hand, the goal of Aquarius is to promote human ideals and serve as a community of which he feels he is part.

From the quadrature signs with Libra, he can learn from Cancer the value of the tie and, from Capricorn, that of self-confidence.

The affinities of Shovels with Libra are also remarkable, since it perfectly manifests its balancing and harmonizing qualities in the sign of the Balance.

It is, therefore, position that denotes tastes and abilities and artistic interests and that, in addition to artists without more, can give graphic designers, architects (spatial perceptions are notorious with this position), decorators …

It can, therefore, be considered “combative position” of Palas, but Palas is a warrior who prefers peaceful solutions: combatively, if it arises, is not immediate.

Libra is the second of the air signs, belonging to this element gives you the ability to move away and see things impartially, always taking both sides into account before making a decision.

You are prudent and feel great empathy for others, which makes you an ideal partner, especially because you are an honest, affectionate and pleasantly dynamic person.


For you, harmony is a basic principle that you apply to your way of presenting yourself, dressing, speaking and that attracts the attention and interest of those around you.

Those who know you seek your sociability and the sweetness you radiate.

Injustices make you lose control. You are inclement when you disagree with something.

Love is your reason for living and balance your perpetual search.


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