Red Bird aka Cardinal – Symbolism and Meaning

Symbolism of birds is wide, inspiring and rich. From ancient human empires and societies to modern days, birds have been symbols of freedom, wisdom and higher knowledge. Their magnificent feathers and wings make them able to reach the heights no human could ever go without help.

Birds are often considered messengers of the divine; there are even ancient practices of foretelling the future or interpreting the signs in present by observing the birds’ behavior, specie and movement.

Birds’ symbolism

In different societies and religions, birds have different meanings, but they always represent a powerful totem or symbolic animal. Various species of birds have various meanings in various cultures.

They also have an important place in mythology and religion of both ancient lore and contemporary beliefs. For example, in Norse mythology, two ravens are seen Odin’s eyes and ears; they are divine messengers that traverse the human world, gathering all information for their divine master.

In ancient Egypt, birds are a sort of incarnation of dead people souls, on their way to the realm of gods.

In Buddhism, birds are common symbol for Buda; in Christianity, they have a similar symbolism as in Egypt, while Chinese folk believe a bird is an incarnation of the soul of the sun etc.

You’ve surely heard about the magnificent fiery Phoenix legends and many other interesting stories about birds and their meaning.

There are millions of amazing, beautiful bird species. Some are calm and quiet, other are fierce hunters and travelers of the vast spaces; some poses irresistible colorful feathers and produce the most delicate, ear pleasing sounds.

Birds’ symbolism varies depending on their color, their behavior, their habits and the real significance they have in human’s lives and religious and mythological sense.

Red bird symbolism and meaning

Red bird or red cardinal is beautiful little songbird, originating from North America. Red cardinal could be found in woodlands, swamps and gardens from southern parts of Canada to the south of Mexico.

You could easily spot this little fellow by the vivid and enchanting color of his feathers. Male cardinals are of bright red color. Cardinals are hardy and persistent creatures.

They sing beautiful songs and do not fly away from winter snows and frost. They are associated with endurance, passion and strength.

Fiery feathers of passion

Fiery, bright red cardinals’ feathers represent the boldness and passion this little bird carries within. Red color is universally interpreted as a color of life and energy, since it is the color of blood and fire.

Both of those are primal sources of life and development. In ancient days, red pigment was extremely rare to supply, just as the royal purple, so it was often associated with luxury, heroism, divinity and magic.

Beautiful cardinals are coated with their luxurious fiery gown, looking majestic and royal. In Asian countries, red is seen as the luckiest color amongst others.

Red is a color of love, passion and devotion. Therefore, a red bird represents the same.

Inner guidance and hope

Unlike migratory birds, red cardinals do not go away for winter. Instead, they stay to sing songs during frosty cold winter days, painting the scenery with their beautiful feathers. They represent the warmth, the life and energy.

A cardinal may symbolize the fire of life that burns within our souls, even in the darkest and coldest times.

It reminds us we need to stay strong and positive throughout difficult periods in our life, just as red bird endures the cold winter days.

Its beautiful red feathers keep a cardinal warm during the winter, helping the birds to survive the coldest season; seeing a cardinal could encourage you to regain your personal strength and lighten up the flame of your soul.

Love and devotion

Cardinals symbolize family life and good family relations. Those amazing birds are committed to their families.

The father cardinal always takes the role of providing food and nurturing its youngsters. Both female and male cardinals are devoted parents, taking a lot of care about their little ones.

They are not likely to leave the babies alone. Cardinals are well-organized and loving parents.

They represent virtue, love, responsibility and balance. It is known cardinals are monogamous birds; their relationships’ are by all means romantic, full of song and harmonious. Native Americans believe a cardinal is a good sign for a single person; it may symbolize the future romantic encounter.

It may also symbolize renewal of passion in an existing relationship.

Good fortune bringers

To see or dream about red cardinals is usually a good omen. There is one particularly interesting Native American belief about red cardinals and the number twelve.

Cardinals are present during all of the twelve months of the year, it is common their nests contain twelve eggs, so American Indians believe you’re about to experience some very lucky event in twelve days or hours after you’ve seen the lucky bird.

Cardinals are appreciated as good fortune bringers in Christianity, as well.

They remind the faithful of Christ’s blood, symbolizing an everlasting energy and vitality.

They are also symbols of Christmas, the celebration of Christ’s birth; they bring joy, song, harmony and happiness to peoples’ homes and lives.

Red bird as your totem animal

Red cardinal is very positive and enlightening totem animal. The fiery, beautiful songbird will help you improve yourself and gently shape the edges of your soul.

Since cardinal is a resident bird, it is around for all twelve years’ months, meaning it would never abandon you, just as it would never leave its family. Cardinals withstand all seasonal changes, meaning they are bold, strong and persistent.

As a totem animal, it means a cardinal would guide you through all of your experiences, from happy to sad ones.

Cardinals also symbolize the pride, being so graceful and of a royal look. The pride cardinals reminds us is not of a negative kind. This graceful animal awakes the best of your traits and help you build up your confidence and be proud of your deeds and achievements, but not on others happiness behalf.

As a totem, a cardinal would support you in expressing your inner divinity, be kind, graceful and endurable in all days to come.


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