Hedgehog – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Hedgehogs are small mammals who inhabit large areas of our planet. They live in forests and feed of vegetables in the woods.

They have always been interesting to people because of their unusual look. Spikes that cover their bodies are something that makes them unique and different from other animals.

Hedgehogs are especially interesting for children and their symbolism is mostly positive. T

hey bring us a calm, collected and kind personality that simply radiates positive energy.

Hedgehog traits and characteristics

Calm – Hedgehogs are very calm animals. They move quietly through the forest and rarely leave their natural habitat. They love settling down in one place where they have enough food and water. They are never aggressive and they rarely attack each other.

Gentle – These creatures are very gentle. Even though their outside looks potentially dangerous, they are actually quite vulnerable and gentle.

Hedgehog as a totem

As totems, hedgehogs are representations of a calm, collected, motherly and relaxed personality. People born under this totem or protected by it are just kind and relaxed and you can rarely see them upset.

If you are protected by this totem, then you are someone who is extremely nurturing. You enjoy taking care of others and nothing is more important than being there for someone you love.

People who have you in their lives, as a partner or a friend, are very fortunate. They definitely have someone who is always going to be there for them and protect them no matter what.

You are also a motherly type of person. This means you love children and your motherly instinct is very strong. You enjoy being around your family members and connecting with them.

These simple things in life make you happy and fulfilled.

You are also a gentle person. This means you will never attack someone for no reason or hurt someone intentionally. You always see the good in people and find excuses even if they are not right.

This can sometimes lead to great disappointments, but you simply cannot change your nature.

Even though people born under this totem are relaxed and easy-going, they still manage to keep everything under control. It is interesting to see how they manage to do this. They seem to be relaxed in the situation when many of us would be in panic. But, when disaster strikes they know exactly what to do.

They seem to have some sort of hidden confidence that helps them evaluate their skills properly and apply them in real life. They are certain they are going to succeed at something and that, alone, eases their way to success.

Hedgehogs symbolize people who comprehend life in a different way. They understand what is going on in their life but they don’t rush to make a judgment.

Instead, they are going to evaluate all options and then make a decision about something. This kind of approach to life saves them a lot of nerves and helps them go through life more easily than others.

These kind and gentle people are perfect friends and life companions. If you have someone born under this totem in your life, consider yourself lucky.

There is nothing in this world that this person wouldn’t do for you, so make sure you respect them and cherish your relationship with them.

Hedgehog as a symbol in a dream

As symbols in dreams, hedgehogs can have different meanings. If you saw a hedgehog in your dream, then this dream is a representation of business failure.

Something you have been planning to achieve is going to fail badly, and you will be disappointed by this.

If a hedgehog in your dream was crossing the road, then this dream is a representation of victory. You will be able to defeat your enemies and achieve something important in your life.

If hedgehog in your dream had its spikes up to the sky, then this dream indicates you are very hard to approach. Your character is what drives people away from you and this is probably something you need to work on.

If hedgehog in your dream was rolled in a ball of thorns, then this dream represents danger. Something in your life is potentially dangerous, either for your personal life or your career. Killing a hedgehog in your dream is a symbol of coldness, restraint and distant behavior (yours or somebody else’s).

Hedgehog as a symbol in different cultures

Hedgehogs are symbols of positive energy and calmness. They are often portrayed as animals that help people or assist them in cartoons and movies. Throughout history, hedgehogs have been portrayed as animals that bring positive energy and intuition.

Ancient European tribes believed that hedgehogs are symbols of victory over our enemies and they represented resurrection. Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals that come out only during the night which is why people often linked them to something supernatural and divine.

Greeks and Romans believed that hedgehogs are very intelligent and they often observed their behavior. It was interesting to them how hedgehogs would roll the grapes from wines and carry them to their hiding place.

In popular culture, hedgehogs are seen as positive animals that symbolize happiness, motherhood, and calmness. They are loved by people because of their relaxed and non-aggressive behavior.

Overall, hedgehogs are simply calm and relaxed creatures that symbolize everything that is positive in the world. They teach us how to be more collected and kind, but still intelligent and confident enough to keep our stand.


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