Midheaven in Libra

The Medium Coeli in Libra in the natal chart most often indicates that this person possesses a pronounced ability of strong imagination which he can use in many different ways in the field of work.

Artistic talent can also help this person in jobs that are not directly related to the art sphere, because a person can significantly enhance any work by using their creative skills.

The planet that rules this Middle of the Sky is Venus. Imum Coeli (Lower Middle Sky) is in Aries indicating a more rebellious approach in the family and a more frequent unwillingness to compromise.

Midheaven in Libra Man

Male Libra is loved by women because it is graceful, balanced and can see things through the eyes of a woman. Namely, Libra has the property of being placed in another’s place. Men Libra use this ability to seduce women and always succeed.

They act as if they are constantly on the lookout for the perfect woman, who unfortunately does not exist. A woman who appreciates a man’s Libra and points out his popularity is near perfect. Appreciate him, admire him, because he adores being flattered.

Do not pressure him to make decisions quickly or criticize him for indecision, as this puts pressure on him. You decide if he can’t. He will always agree with you and deep down he will be happy to have you in control.

Midheaven in Libra Woman

The Libra woman is lovely and seductive, she perfectly manages her seduction skills. The environment is very important to her, so take her to an elegant and luxurious place for the first time, such as lunch at an elegant restaurant or stroll along a tree-lined avenue in spring when flowers are flowering.

Women like places like this. Give her compliments and tell her how much you appreciate her. She will thank you shyly, but her face will shine stronger with each compliment. When the initial phase of dating is over and the relationship becomes firm, it will cease to be seduced not because it has lost interest, but because it is lazy in love.

She may need to separate from you for a few days, for her it’s like pushing a reset button online. Be romantic and she will always be interested in you. Put her romantic love messages in your pocket and send her flowers. The Libra woman rejoices in these gestures because they make her feel special, which is very important to her.

Good Traits

Libra like to be surrounded by people, most enjoy when they have a partner and when in a group. They are happiest when other people are around and when they do their jobs. They are lazy and love luxury and beautiful decoration.

These two traits can lead to extremes, so Libra either lives in a total mess or in a very nicely arranged space. These people may be independent because they are intelligent and capable, but they prefer to depend on others.

Libra likes excitement, new situations, adventures and strange things. They make friends with people from all walks of life and in all social statuses and accept with enthusiasm all that is new and exciting. Libra get along well with people, everyone wants them in their company.

The Libra are very fond of partnerships and groups and they are like the glue that holds the group together because they are in charge of maintaining harmony and peace.

Libra are very capable of maintaining relationships, not just love, but also business, personal and family. No one can view someone else’s point of view better than Libra.

Libra do not like to work hard, they are lazy when they need to roll up their sleeves and do something on their own.

Fortunately, their instincts always tell them where to make good money. They have great and original ideas for business that are destined for success. However, Libra just start ideas, while others put them into action.

Libra are good business partners, but they cannot run the business themselves. They have the potential to be good leaders because of their diplomatic abilities, but they are too lazy to work hard to advance the business ladder.

Libra will be most enriched through artistic creation. They are excellent painters, interior decorators, actors, screenwriters and composers. These are usually Vagina hobbies, which are great ideas because they can be earned.

Libra have a very developed intuition and instinct, but in most cases they do not trust them enough. Due to their laid back attitude, the Libra often score less than they can. This is not to say that they are always lazy, but that they simply use only the current means at their disposal.

They never fight for something that is bad. Libra will only rebel when it finds itself in an unfair situation. They need others to respect them and be fair to them. Having done so much for others, they deserve at least fairness, right? When something like this happens, Libra becomes very brave.

Libra are hesitant about fearing that the wrong decision will ruin their lives. Libra that accept that life is made up of ups and downs are less vulnerable, not too strict on themselves, and much happier.

Libra is a diplomat among the signs of the zodiac. They can easily be put in someone else’s place and think through another person’s point of view. Libra always wants to straighten things out and balance their lives, their environment and the lives of loved ones.

They are adorned with the charm that wins the first ball, they have a refined taste and are very easy to love because of their willingness to please others. Libra are very good listeners, they are gentle and calm people and expect others to admire them in return.

They like to gather people around them and to be the center of the group and they expect attention and admiration from the people around them. Libra is a highly intelligent person and often hides this trait beneath a casual exterior. They express their intelligence through various types of artistic creation, which they often do.

Many do not notice how intelligent they really are. When it becomes apparent how many different interests and hobbies people are born of Libra, their intelligence and creativity come to the fore. Libra love diversity and change.

They also love luxury. They spend a lot of money on nice things and worry too much about their appearance. They love everything that is expensive and first class. Libra do their best to impress others and that is why people love them.

Bad Traits

The Libra hide their feelings in order to maintain peace in the group and to transfer their peace to others. Sometimes they do not know what their true feelings are because they are constantly trying to make others happy.

This is why people see them as undecided. Namely, since they often do not know their true feelings, they do not know how to act in a given situation. They simply do not want to hurt others’ feelings or cause any disturbance.

Deep down they are very insecure, suffer from a lack of confidence and are always looking for someone to replace them. This is another reason why Libra is very social, through other people unconsciously trying to find the missing piece. Libra often do not know who they are in the soul because they are dealing with other people almost constantly.

Libra desperately need love and approval, they will always meet anyone who asks them for a favor, it is hard for them to say no to prove that they are nice, which is why over time they become resentful and lose faith in themselves.

Midheaven in Libra – General Info

We continue with the series on the Midheaven (MC) and how it influences the career and vocational decisions of each person. If you want to know the bases of this topic and know your MC you can go to this post.

Today’s turn is the MC in Libra. This half heaven is characterized by having people who seek harmony and balance in their lives, just like the natives of Libra, they have a dual nature that turns out to be a balancing challenge. It may be that these natives want to be many things in life and find it difficult to be guided by one thing.

The clear thing is that his vocation is with people and the social: an MC in Libra will always seek justice, equity and harmony of people and situations. They have a diplomatic character and power that they can develop if they are given the opportunity to lead.

People with this MC tend to make powerful connections with other people, usually to improve their social position and ascend. There is a certain tint of ambition with this midheaven, so controlling the desire for recognition, popularity and power is key. If these people fail, they will live in frustration and bitterness, no matter how fortunate their career is.

Being socially oriented, these people are good at activities related to public relations, laws and diplomacy. Well aspect (with ascending water or good position of Venus) can also show innate artistic tendencies in music, art or decoration. Advertising is another area in which these natives can succeed.

One of the desires of the MC in Libra (as well as ascending in Taurus or Libra) is to make the world something more beautiful and friendly, hence the one that looks for professions where they can improve things, help and inspire others.

Teaching is also one of the areas in which these natives can succeed, since they have motivational power to interest others in subjects that may seem complicated, boring or uninteresting, for example, Oprah Winfrey. Half heaven in pounds can be lovely, attractive and help sell an idea very well when they commit to it.

Indecision is the shadow of this MC, so constant changes in career or interests can lead people in this position to not be constant or have a clear profile of what they want in life.

At the same time, maintaining private life can be expensive for these natives: sharing their achievements without looking like exhibitionists and knowing how to keep secrets are two of the most complicated things.

Social networks are your best friends, but managed recklessly can bring you more problems by committing yourself more to projects that are not going to end because they change interest or just don’t want to do it anymore.

Achieving successful alliances and teams can be the peak of success for MC Libra individuals, if they learn to make decisions at the right time, they can achieve those visions they have in their head.

People with MC in this sign should be cautious: not living through a partner or “riding” on his or her reputation. The name of these persons is often associated with a partner or spouse until they have the strength to make themselves known to the public.

People with MC in Libra want to be socially recognized, charming, popular and welcoming. They also want to be loved by the public and strive to approximate and harmonize recall factors, both at work and in private.

Elizabeth Taylor is better known for her glamorous life and partners than for her acting roles. The ruler of her MC, Venus, is in Aries in conjunction with Uranus and a square with Pluto in VIII field.

Her love relationships were passionate, dramatic and tumultuous, with interruptions and rebirths (also, one of her husbands died in a plane crash). Elizabeth was known not only as a destroyer of marriages but also as a person who influenced the changing moral standards of her time (the conjunction of Venus-Uranus).


Plan and execute your strategy calmly, taking care of the details and feasibility. Sociable, adaptable and diplomatic, they like harmony. You must cultivate confidence in your own judgment to avoid indecision and lack of sincerity, which can pressure you when you want to please others.

They are favorable professional careers that offer variety and where they can comfortably develop their sense of justice and balance, a classic example is the study of law (law), or diplomacy, public relations and arts.

Libra is a sign of moderation, beauty, love, balance and justice. Persons born in this sign possess a lifelong joy and aspiration for all things beautiful and refined.

They want to live in harmony with themselves and others. They are easy to adapt to all circumstances, and even when they are out of hand, they always get the best out of the situation. They are not burdened with the future, but enjoy the present.

The scales love perfection and detail, they are cordial and flexible, ready to help, and even discounted if necessary. They do not like quarrels and disagreements. Kindness, honesty, intelligence and openness to noble and deep feelings rescues them. They are very natural in every situation.


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