Midheaven in Aquarius

MC shows the best and shortest path to success and public recognition (as well as what kind of behavior we should avoid). MC points out to us the kind of success that personally fulfills us, as well as what we think is success and why we want to achieve it.

The element of the character that MC is in reveals to us what motivates us to succeed. MC is the crown of our profession, our personal destiny and, to some extent, our ultimate destination. We most often become aware of this during or after Saturn’s return.

MC represents image and public persona rather than character or personal temperament. MC is a place in the horoscope where we are under the spotlights, unlike ICs where we retreat to privacy.

It is impossible not to show this part of us to the world because MC represents what people hear about us before they meet us. If we are present in public, MC shows how people see us, and how they classify us.

MC reveals to whom and what we admire, who we look up to and what we would like to be. It also reveals who our heroes are and who we “rise to heaven”.

MC indicates the reputation we would like to have, but also the one we may be reluctant to accept (sometimes it’s just one event). For example, Boris Becker has Uranus on one side and Venus on the other.

The uranium that first crossed the MC indicates his lightning success on the tennis courts. Later, Venus and his MC in Libra come to the fore and Boris becomes known for his mistresses (his extramarital affair and sex with a mistress in a Japanese restaurant once had great publicity).

Midheaven in Aquarius Man

The Aquarius male is very gentle, perhaps sensitive. It can also be said that this is the gentlest member of the stronger sex.

That is why they are the choice of all those ladies who cry for tenderness. The warmth of his soul is clearly visible and there is no need to “scratch beneath the surface” in particular. It’s easy to see.

After all, they truly are and are not running away from their nature. There are some theories that say that even on the face of a male Aquarius, this tenderness is reflected, so it is said that they will rarely have a rough appearance or a strict look.

In business, they are ambitious, but also very fair and fair. They like to work in a team and to contribute constructively to the same. An Aquarius man will achieve the best results in his business when he has clearly defined tasks assigned to him. It can be said that they are not some special leaders, which does not mean that they are unsuccessful.

When it comes to love, they are very emotional, loyal, and faithful. They are prone to long relationships. They want and strive for peace and stability in love, which makes it very difficult to decide to break up. They are conciliatory, and sometimes compassionate in nature.

If you are planning to win a male Aquarius, try to be very moderate in everything you do. You should not make him think you are hard-working, persistent, and at least unscrupulous. Emit gentle energy, be seductive and above all romantic.

Male Aquarius is extremely talented. Art is their second name. Even when their art is not a specific vocation in their life, they tend to show themselves in that sphere or through some kind of hobby, or choose a creative job that meets their artistic needs.

Let’s clarify one thing from the beginning. An Aquarius man is no one’s aquifer, so you may be mistaken if you think so.

You cannot restrain a male Aquarius or limit his freedom. An Aquarius man values ​​his freedom above all else. Give him freedom or death! For example, if this Aquarius man loves traveling, he will prefer adventures to quaint, exotic and distant destinations rather than the tedious big European tours or cruises on large ships that most people love.

He is a pioneer in every sense of the word, not someone who just blindly follows. Not all Aquarius have a love for travel, however, almost all have a very unusual and creative sense of communication. The Aquarius man is so well versed in the happenings in the world that you will think he was really in every corner of him.

Nothing in this Aquarian-born man is conformist, ranging from his wardrobe to his choice of occupation to his lifestyle. Sometimes stubborn and persistent, Aquarius is a fixed sign, so many of the things he starts looking at will be more difficult.

Popular and social, some Aquarius men seem to know just about everything. However, this does not necessarily mean that everyone will understand and understand them. Aquarius male feelings are often hidden and his actions and reactions complex.

Provocative questions and secrecy are just part of his game that an Aquarius man uses to find out what his friends really think about people and things. Be a friend, friend or partner to him, but accept the follies of this reserved man.

That said, some of his final thoughts and outcomes can be very interesting. Some Aquariums are more withdrawn and modest, but they are usually very intriguing and appealing in their own particular way.

Midheaven in Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman is just not ordinary. Like any other, there are virtues and disadvantages. Here are the characteristics that exactly adorn a woman born in this zodiac sign.

Their planets are Uranus and Saturn. Uranus makes them a bit eccentric, Saturn cool and untouchable. It’s an air sign, though the name itself may not suggest it. But surely its members have one feature of water – they can wave violently.

Whatever you are in it for – love, friendship or business, no Aquarius in a horoscope will leave you indifferent. And no, it won’t make a bad impression on you, because a lot of it depends on the signs in the horoscope.

If you know a woman in this sign, then you know that they are broad-minded and that nothing is strange or unacceptable to them. Sometimes they know to be unpredictable and strange.

For example, if you see a person in your area protruding from some of your personality, attitudes, opinions, and you can say that he or she is different from others, then it is almost certainly a horoscope.

Most people strive to fit into society and be like others. Aquarius has a movie of its own that she directs. And she doesn’t mind at all that it may not fit into everyone’s taste.

And you know that girl who spills what she thinks without reservation and tells the truth whatever it is? There is a good chance that the Aquarius is in the horoscope. They are not aggressive in this regard, but they can be a bit tactless. She is not interested in what others think of her, nor does she delve too deeply into gossip.

Oh yeah, who doesn’t like gossip. And she loves to hear stories about other people’s lives, but she doesn’t bother with them and analyze them into subtleties, doesn’t live other people’s lives and deals with them that way.

Good Traits

The person with this MC has to prove himself and in the path of life that he “has learned”. The most important motto in his life is that of continuous learning and the search for wisdom.

The great fear of an MC in Aquarius is to remain locked in an empty knowledge and his great search, that of infinite possibilities that allow him to access a higher knowledge. But be careful, because in your great search you can disperse and not be able to process and choose valuable knowledge.

The importance of prioritizing learning is key in this MC. You can become an expert in becoming aware, in discovering topics that others cannot access. Another great issue in this MC is its great ability to cooperate with others.

Its objective is group cooperation, universal well-being. There will be periods of confinement followed by moments of great need to share. Everything new, different and avant-garde will attract you greatly.

Despite his search for the truth, as it is a fixed sign, he must fight against deeply rooted concepts in his psyche that can lead him to discard valuable information and become rigid.

We must not forget that it comes from a Leo in the IC, it can become rigid, it can become lonely, and it must find the freedom of spirit to be able to act the idealism of its IC.

The great process that every person must go through with the MC in Aquarius is to accumulate a great amount of knowledge, through reading, through education, through their contact with the world.

And then, after this process, a certain awakening of consciousness will occur, not only at the intellectual level, but at a deeper level. Then your mind will become deeper and you will have found true wisdom.

Professionally, it stands out in everything that is the contact with the media, work in groups, social activism, astrology, space, computing, science, mathematics, aviation, futurology, radio and Internet.

Bad Traits

Aquarius always lives life in its own way, does not obey, does not obey established conventions, and if you try to tell it, it will act even more scandalous just to get your nerves up.

She loves the attention it brings and usually lives in the future. If you don’t like to try new things and take risks, Aquarius will have a hard time understanding you.

She is variable like lightning and barely understands herself. Aquarius thinks the rules only apply to other people. She needs a lot of freedom. Aquarius is stubborn, but since she enjoys freedom so much, she realizes when other people want to do things her own way, too. Aquarius has unusual friends from all walks of life.

If you find it uncomfortable, then it is not good company for you. Aquarius constantly likes to try new personalities. He’ll repeat how crazy he loves you, and then he’ll forget your birthday or forget to call. Aquarius may look cold and indifferent at first glance.

Midheaven in Aquarius – General Info

The Mid-Sky series continues and today we will talk about the MC in Aquarius, a position of people who are pioneers in their fields of work and vocation, true creators and trendsetters of the zodiac.

The MC in Aquarius is of eccentric individuals, who get out of the mold, their mission in life is to change the status quo and explore horizons and combinations never thought of. Recursion is an innate characteristic of these people, they will always know how to anticipate obstacles, needs and opportunities.

Filling expectations or meeting the standards of others will never be a motivation or concern of this Aquarian half heaven, in their minds the main concern is always to leave a mark, change the world and be creative.

Sometimes, their flexibility and level of trust in others can make them easily manipulative, but deep down they understand that everyone has their process and must go through experiences other than their own.

This half heaven does not accept limitations and always seeks freedom, they may not be very good at staying in a single job for a long time and will always seek to diversify their activities. The novelty motivates them, but above all, the desire to improve everything for everyone.

The most suitable careers for these people go in research, experimentation, fashion, music and arts. Exploring, creating and having space to express yourself is vital.

On the dark side, these Aquarians may go against conventions and institutions, sometimes incisively and stubbornly. Something paradoxical for these individuals is that they are recognized in their field, whether they like it or not.

They tend to be famous in their circles and gain prestige thanks to their transgressive ideas or new points of view. Perhaps that rebellion and lack of interest in external opinions is what makes them great stars.

Sometimes they may seem detached and disconnected, but these people are always machining new projects, usually to help others and with a strong social impact in mind. These natives change their mind easily so looking for evidence in them can be a challenge.


Aquarius Medium Coeli in a natal chart usually indicates that a person gives his or her maximum in work when he / she is not feeling burdened with obligations and clichés at work but when he / she feels sufficiently independent and can freely offer his / her novelties and original methods work and most importantly, when he loves what he does.

Imum Coeli (Lower Middle of the Sky) is in Leo, which indicates that a person is often very proud of his family and his home, while at the same time the home is a place where he can best express his emotions and his creativity.


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