Dreams About High School – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about school are quite common if you are in school or a student. In this case dreams about high school represent a vision of something you experience and live through every day.

When we look and think about something for a long time, it is no wonder that we will dream about those things too.

But when you have finished high school, long time ago, and now you had a dream about being back in high school, it must struck you as interesting and you will definitely want to know what it actually means.

We will tell you more about symbolism behind dreams about high school and school in general.

Dream about high school in general

If you had a dream about high school and you are still in school, then this means you might be stressed out by your exams or the overall atmosphere at the school. Perhaps you have a big exam coming up and you feel anxiety and fear, so it is now reflecting to your dreams.

Depending on the situation you are in, when you dream, the symbolism of a dream might vary. You might also be stressed out by your fellow colleagues and other students and you feel like it is taking up too much space in your head.

If you are not a student and your high school days are long gone, then this dream might be a representation of an important lesson you missed, while growing up. Maybe you haven’t really mastered the ability how to act in a certain situation and now, this is making troubles in your life.

You should think about, what this lesson might be and try to find a way to learn it or master it.

Dream about sitting in class

This dream is common for those who are in school and who are students.

Perhaps this might be a warning that you should pay more attention to your school work and spend less time doing other things.

If you are an adult, then this dream represents your current growing and mind development that is triggered by recent events.

Something big happened in your life and now you feel like this is teaching you a lot about things you weren’t really paying attention to.

Make sure you soak in all the knowledge you are getting right now and don’t miss your opportunity to grow as an individual.

Dream about a high school building

This dream is very similar to the ones I mentioned before.

A school building for someone in school represents current pressure of everyday life and school life, while for those who are adults, this dream represents a warning that something is not finished or not learned yet.

Mistakes we repeat in our lives are a manifestation of our inability to learn from them, so we keep on repeating them.

School building can also appear in your dreams after you remind yourself about school days or after you stumble upon an old friend from high school.

Dream about taking a high school exam

This dream, again, for those in school, is a clear representation of stress they might be feeling because of their school life.

Maybe your exams are just around the corner and you feel like there is not enough time to prepare yourself and to succeed at passing them.

For those who are all grown up, dreams about taking a school exam represent an opposition in the face you present to other people and your true self.

Maybe you feel like you need to behave in a certain way and please others, and deep inside this is pressuring you greatly.

You feel like you need to keep a certain image for other people and represent your life as perfect.

This is something none of us can do for a long time, so make sure to concentrate on yourself more and forget about other people’s opinions.

This dream can also represent an anxiety you might be experiencing for some reason.

Sometimes these fears can be completely irrational, is it always good to talk to someone about it or seek professional help.

Taking tests is not pleasant for anyone, and this is the time we all feel a certain dose of anxiety, so dreams about taking high school tests, that are repeating constantly can be a good indicator that something is deeply troubling you.

Dream about being unprepared for high school

This dream, even though it is a nightmare in real life, is actually a positive dream to have.

It represents that you are actually ready for what is waiting for you in the exams and you have nothing to worry about.

If you are an adult, this dream represents that you are ready for whatever challenge that is ahead of you, and you will definitely succeed at it.


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