Taurus Man Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Taurus Man

First thing that comes up on mind when speaking about Taurus that this person is calm, cheer but at the same time firm, strong and so serene.

Yes, Taurus is like that. He possess inner strength and peace that nothing in this world can disturb it. It’s like the strongest tree in the storm that will stay there firm and after the storm. This quality of Taurus is appealing to many ladies who seek strong partner that will be always be there when needed and will guide them throughout life.

He will make a good companion, partner, friend, lover and will give all of his respect to the girl he loves. His approach is mild and careful, he won’t reveal all of his thoughts and intentions.

Above all, this man is calm and cool- headed about many things in life. His attitudes are firm and his point of view based on logic and real things.

One thing sure is that he doesn’t like too much changes and likes his routine. Many people can find him boring and too static but it’s just who he is.

Somehow slow in his actions and reactions he might look easy to manipulate or to play with. But be aware, he is not easily confused or tricked.

He is careful but likes the opposite sex. He loves courtship and he is traditional when expressing his feelings and intentions toward women.

It will take some time, but when he is sure that there are some mutual feelings he will put it up to action. His manners and classic style makes him a true gentleman. There will be no rush and he will be patient enough to wait for something to happen when speaking about sex and physical contact. When this finally happens he will give his best to make his partner happy ad satisfied.

Taurus is very affectionate and likes to express his feelings  through physical contact so he will shower his girl with lots of hugs, kisses and cuddling. You may find him fooling around and do such things to animate his girl.

Many of Taurus are very charming and and artistic so he can even have a nice voice or play an instrument.

Taurus enjoys pleasant music, people and food. Sometimes he can give in to the pleasures and gain a few pounds. Even then, he attracts girls and some of them find his ‘’a bit oversized ‘’ belly cute.

Actually he likes to entertain people but is a bit shy and can’t do it in front of large group of people. Of course , it depends much of the Ascendant and the position of the planets in the birth chart.

Capricorn Woman

This woman in her essence need a man who is a bit weaker than she is. She looks serious and disciplined from early age.As she grows up she becomes aware of her duties and responsibilities so she might look too serious and reserved.

It is not easy to understand this woman. She is afraid to fall in love with a wrong man but almost always makes the same mistake. She can stay alone till late years because she is too reserved and occupied with her career.

She doesn’t need a man to support her. Everything that she has in her life she earned it be herself. She is capable of big things and she is not afraid of hard work.

Once she finds a partner that fits her, she will be loyal and devoted to him.

Her first love can be an older man and as becoming an adult in early age she can experience disappointment. That will make her to close up emotionally and it will take long time before she opens again.

Her nature is cold and distant but under the mask of ‘’iron lady’’ there is a volcano that will erupt at one point.

She knows the love storms that she’s been through but no one even knows what happens inside her.  Her image in the society is important to her, she needs to be recognized and respected.

Even in personal relations she likes to keep that image of a woman that has everything under control but reality is different. In fact, she is afraid that people will laugh her and then she can be humiliated.

Very often, woman of this sign have difficulties to show their true emotions and mostly act and send wrong signals. After that, they realize that they made mistake and then fall into dark and depressive emotions.

Men are bothered by her periods of withdraw, she won’t reveal what she thinks and that is what can make problems.

She would always try to solve her problems by herself but sometimes we all need a helping hand. Many people are not aware of her strength and she bear the most difficult situations in life.

As she seems pretty reserved and mysterious many of men will try to approach and figure her out.That is not happening in a minute.

She will wisely deny any direct contact and play it cool. It is necessary to ‘’scratch a bit the surface’’ and discover what’s underneath.

She is afraid to show her real wishes and intentions and that is why she acts secretive.

She can suppress her sensuality for long time. When she finally feels comfortable she will show her beautiful emotions and her real personality.

She is very talented for love making, creative and exiting. It’s surprising that under the strong facade there is an exciting, witty and sexy lady that many men dream of.

Of course , it depends much of the Ascendant and the position of the planets in the birth chart.

Love compatibility

When Taurus and Capricorn unite that is a good combination. This is a stable relationship that can have some downs from time to time.

In general, they share similar outlooks, values and taste. Their style is simple and classic, conventional but romantic. They are both ambitious, determined, and oriented to make business successes.

If they go too far in their ambition they can forget about each other and eventually end up relationship. That would be a pity because they have so much to give to each other.

They both have high standards and want only the best.Capricorn is oriented toward material things and money but also to be high on the social scale.

Taurus cares less about prestige , he puts high standards concerning love , family matter and possessions.

From time to time Capricorn can consider Taurus lazy and hedonist, but Capricorn will learn to forget about hard working and enjoy all the money and goods that they have.

Clearly, they have the same goals but different perspectives. Despite of it, they have similar life style. It is a life full of valuable things,works of art, pleasant home, designer clothes, luxurious jewelry.

Apart from this they will enjoy mutual respect and love. Taurus admires this lady that is capable of many things and Capricorn woman admires his devotion and loyalty to her.

In every day life they are pretty static and but their sex life is so vivid and playful. Long foreplay has great role in their love making because they like to do it slowly and lovely. Making love doesn’t mean satisfying pure needs and give in to the drives than rather fulfilling emotional needs and gain closeness.

Taurus is very potent and can endure much and Capricorn woman is passionate with the flame that burns constantly if she finds the right partner. As the times goes by, she will get more and more confident. As she gets older her ‘’brakes’’ start to bate.

With Taurus she can build their own world where they can enjoy all of the treats they have. Throughout time she can learn from Taurus how to enjoy and have great time and Taurus can be more disciplined and learn to control his hedonistic drives.


This companionship can happen throughout some hobbies that are creative. Their hobby can also be their job so they can be friends and co-workers. Capricorn and Taurus have the ability to crate new things and that kind of activities appeal to them.

They love earth, grow plants and take care of them. Nice garden is a must when you  see their houses. Spending time in nature and been connected to it restore their energy and vitality.

Somebody would assume that they take energy from earth and make amazing things. Making sculptures or making pots of all shapes and colors is what they would do in spare time. It is rare but can spend time in nature doing sports, riding a bike or simply walk by the lake.

If her bike gets broken he will take it and bring it like it came out of the store. Small things and attention mean a lot to Capricorn and she will return the favour in the same way.

They will always help each other even if they not ask for it. Nor Taurus or Capricorn will do it. Especially Capricorn as she finds  that her problems she has to solve  them by herself.

In spite of that, she will be glad to know that Taurus cares about her. In their relationship it is all about give-and-receive. They complement each other so they can be good friends.


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