Hat – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

It is truly amazing how even the smallest everyday object could have such a colossal meaning in the world of dreams – this is just one of the examples how symbols in dream world worked in such a different way than in real life.

Today’s example is the hat, accessory, a part of a good outfit, or a statement piece, relevant for some, completely unnecessary for others.

But what does it mean when it appears as a motive in a dream world

The Meaning of Dreams about Hat

Dreams that have the main motive a hat, in whatever scenario possible, are in fact, in some general meaning, the representation of your personal look in society, and this can relate to how society and the environment view you, as well as how people would want you to be seen.

Is your role big or small? Do you feel relevant or you feel like you are not important and no one cares for you? Dream about the hat could reveal the answer.

Dreaming a dream where you see a hat often means that you have a secret and that you are hiding it secretly from others – there is something that you do not want anyone to see.

It does not have to be something bad, but it is something that you would prefer to be secretive, because others may use you.

Dreams, where you see different hats, for example in some store, exhibited, and you are choosing which one to wear, such a dream may remind you of your duplicity and role change, depending on what role you play when it suits you.

You do not have a strong enough character to always stand behind your words and deeds, and such behavior may sometimes turn against you.

Wearing a hat in your dream but also changing it with other hats can indicate your indecisiveness in important life situations.

When certain options come up before you to choose one, you are always paralyzed by some fear, and it is difficult to decide what is best for you and your future.

Looking from the eyes of the beholder, you are an unstable and unreliable person, and rarely anyone will ask you for advice or specific help

The Symbolism of Dreams about Hat

As far as symbolical part of these dreams goes, we must say that a hat in a dream symbolizes that soon you will attend a ceremony where you will be respected yourself and feel relaxed and comfortable.

This is the dream that has a good symbolical value, and in this sense, such a dream means that your social status is going uphill and you seem to be slowly conquering your part of the world.

In the version of this dream where you are buying a hat, or looking for them in a store with an intention to buy them, such a dream symbolizes the time of abundance and prosperity.

The money will find you, you do not need to look for it, and you will enjoy the money earned as well as the one you will only get.

If you are gifting someone in your dream, and the gift is a Hat, such a dream indicates that you are ready to let others feel the same as you.

You want to share that good vibe that you are having, and you want others to become part of your world. It symbolizes acceptance.

This does not mean that you will leave your place to someone else, only that you are ready to help someone avoid accidents and losses.

In a version of this dream, where you are losing your hat that you loved so much to wear, such a dream indicates that you will be a part of the brawl. It is very likely that you will come into conflict with people in your immediate environment.

This can also describe your fear of losing your property, or your social status, as well as losing your job and cash. It is not impossible for some of your fears to materialize either, so be careful, and make sure you get out of embarrassing situations without much loss.

Do I have to be worried?

You do not have to be worried since this is not the dream that speaks of the negative things that are about to come into your life; this is the dream that in some cases is connected to the secretive parts of your life, and depending on what that secret is, you could be worried or not.

In this version, the secret you are having has certain powers, and you should be careful about what reactions will follow if your secret is revealed. In this sense, observe what is going on in your environment.

In some other versions of this dream, the hat that you are wearing indicates that you know that you are strong and full of confidence, and it can be dangerous for you too if you look at the world from above, it is very easy for you to sneak hidden dangers behind you, where you are not used to looking. Try to look at people from the same position you are on, even if you have more than they do, etc. One version of this dream indicates possible brawls that can come to your life very soon, so pay attention to your relations with people.

What to do if I had this dream?

The hat is a garment that serves to cover the head, dates back to far history and can be found in innumerable shapes and sizes – some people love to wear it, others hate to put anything on their heads.

Some hats, such as the cylinder, have in the past marked the social and property status of the wearer, while today most hats are worn as a fashion item, and are accessible to almost everyone.

And as we have said at the beginning of this piece, the dream in which you see the hat as the main motive could be connected, in real life with your social status and the position you are having in your life.

You are in a good position, and although you do not show your trophies or your capabilities, others can see them through your manners and compassion for those in need.

As some versions of this dream imply, in the near future it is quite possible that you will meet important people whose cooperation will bring you many more good things, and look to do good to others as your social status depends on how you treat the environment and the people who value you.

Think about it, think good about all of these aspects that we have mentioned in this piece, and you will soon find out exactly what your views are, what you approve of and what you don’t, just still have the courage always to present yourself honestly.

This is the main lesson here – to be honest with yourself and others, and to know that your secrets also could be revealed, so take care which is that person who knows all the secrets that you have been hiding. And then ask yourself, why do you hide them?


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