Dreams About Lightning – Interpretation and Meaning

Lightning is natural phenomenon that occurs very often. Every time there is a storm approaching, we will be warned by lightning. Since they usually strike far away from cities in nature, they are not so dangerous for people.

But, there have been cases of death caused by lightning. In our dreams lightning has a very strong message and we will certainly remember this symbol, if we had a dream about it the night before.

Dream about storm and lightning

If you had a dream about a storm followed by lightning, then this dream represents an encounter with someone who will become a big part of your life. This person could be your next romantic partner or even a good friend. In all cases, this person is going to become very important o you and you won’t be able to picture your life without her.

Dream about lightning causing fire

If lightning in your dream caused a fire, then this dream is a representation of a short affair you are about to have with someone.

Perhaps you are already in a relationship but you felt a strong connection to this other person. If you want your relationship to work, then don’t get tempted and avoid contact with this person. This short affair won’t last long and you could end up all alone in the end.

Dream about seeing a lightning

If you saw lightning in your dream then this dream is a positive one. Luck will definitely be on your side in all areas of life. Everything you start right now is going to be a huge success and nothing will get in your way.

This dream brings you luck in love as well, so make sure you don’t miss out on an interesting person who will come into your life very soon. This is a good period for finances, so investing at this moment is a good idea. If you already have business plans you are working on, then definitely pursue them and finish them.

Dream about lightning hitting an object

If lightning hit something in your dream, then this dream is a representation of something that surprised you recently.

Perhaps you found out something you didn’t know about another person and this made you question everything you know about them. Or, maybe you were just surprised by a recent discovery that you had no idea about.

This dream can also represent gossip. Maybe you are going to be a subject of someone’s bad mouthing and this could even hurt your reputation.

Since we cannot make other people like us, you can only let them talk.

Dream about a lightning at night

If it was nighttime in your dream and you saw a lightning, then this dream is a representation of misfortune you are about to experience.

Something you have been planning is going to fail miserably and you won’t be happy about it. Instead of moping about it, try focusing on ways to get over this hard situation.

Dream about a lightning hitting you

If a lightning hit you, in your dream, then this dream is a symbol of bad luck and negativity.

You will be disappointed by someone in your life and you won’t be able to get over the feeling of despair.

This person is someone very dear to you, perhaps your romantic partner or friend, and this kind of behavior will come as a negative surprise for you.

Prepare yourself for everything that might happen and try to get out of this negative feeling by focusing on positive things in your life.

Dream about a lightning above you

If lightning was right above your head, in your dream, then this dream is a representation of good financial situation.

Money related projects are going to go smoothly and you won’t have any problems.

This is a perfect period for investments and new business ideas that can bring you a lot of profit.

If you were in debt, then this dream brings you luck regarding those issues as well. you will be able to get out of debt and even earn money by making smart decisions.

Dream about a lightning strike

If you had a dream about a lightning strike, then this dream indicates something unexpected is about to happen.

Perhaps you have been working on something and your chances of succeeding were low, but you still managed to succeed.

This dream can also be linked to people who are suffering from some sort of illness.

Their health is about to get much better and they will be able to get back on their feet.

Dream about standing where the lightning strike

If you were standing where the lightning strike in your dream, then you will get swept off your feet by someone you are about to meet.

This person will be extremely attractive to you in all ways and yo won’t be able to get over him or her.

Relationship between you two might even get serious and this person could be “the one”.

This is a positive period for romance in general, so stay out of the house as much as you can and socialize with other people. Somewhere out there, someone really special is waiting for you.

Dream about a lightning striking your partner

If you had a dream about lightning striking your partner, then this dream is a representation of something negative.

Perhaps the relationship between you two is going to become stale and you won’t be as in love as you were before.

This dream could also be a representation of infidelity, so be careful about your own actions and keep an eye on your partner as well.

Even though this seems like a very negative dream to have, things between you and your partner are still salvable. The only thing you need is will.

Dream about being stricken by lightning

If you were stricken by lightning yourself, then this dream is a representation of something negative in your life. You could get caught between people in your life and you will find it hard to make a decision about your priorities.

It is not easy choosing between people you love and something that needs to be done, but decision has to be made. If you don’t know how to resolve this situation, then ask for an advice from someone who you trust completely.

Dream about lightning and thunder

If you saw lightning and heard thunder in your dream, then this dream brings you hard decisions as well. Priorities in your life are going to change and you will be faced with some tough decisions.

You will be forced to forget about dreams and visions you had in the past and focus on achieving what is reasonable. Maybe you will even start a family and thus be forced to completely reorganize your life.

Dream about being afraid of lightning

If you were afraid of lightning in your dream, then this dream is representation of your effort to try to fix areas in your life that are currently failing.

You have been focusing on certain things more than others and because of this you are now far behind in things that were once important for you. Try organizing your time differently and make room for all the important things in your life.


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