Mars Sextile Uranus

Astrology and the knowledge of the natal chart can help you on the journey of discovering who you are truly, deep inside – of course, it isn’t very easy to find only favorable aspects at one time, but one can certainly determine the best moment to take any action: business, love, money.

It is good to know that one of the best, in the abundance of perspectives, one should choose the most favorable ones and advise them when and which area to operate.

On the other hand, it is equally important to define the worst aspects and moments when you do not need to start anything because attempts would inevitably lead to failure.

The sextile aspect falls under favorable ones, and it is the one that can help you with its impact to achieve only good and positive things in life, or as astrologers like to say, it gives you opportunities.

Is not it amazing when two incredibly strong energies meet and when they produce something that can change lives forever, something that brings both in a general way, but also in a personal way the element of originality that comes together with the intuitive mind, and resourcefulness?

All of these are implemented into the soul and mind of the people who have the sextile planetary position between planets Mars and Uranus.

Read more about this sextile position and people who have it.

General Characteristics

The sextile that is formed between the planet Mars that is the symbol for the fast energy and the Uranus make an amazing creative potential that is seen in all aspects of their lives, from sex to work.

These people are blessed with the courage, the need for excitement; life with this aspect is usually very interesting. They have an inner and deeply rooted need for a change; they do not like boredom, routine, established habits.

This is seen in all aspects of their lives, they change jobs, friends and lovers in the end, cause not everyone could follow their adventurous spirit that is always on the lookout for something new, different or more interesting.

Just take a good look at this list of famous people with this aspect – on it, there is the man who stepped first on the Moon; or one of the best movie directors in the history.

Christian Dior, Marlon Brando, Jacques Prévert, Neil Armstrong, Agatha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock, Javier Bardem, Orson Welles, Colin Firth, Cher, Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Lopez, Marine Le Pen, and Hugh Grant are among those famous people who are blessed with this planetary aspect.

Good Traits

As we have said in the intro section of this piece, you know that those who have this aspect in their astrology charts are blessed with an amazing amount of creative energy, and what is even more important they have an incredibly positive attitude towards life.

All of this combined leads them to some amazing places in life, and no one can measure up to them in this sense.

In some well develop individuals, there is an incredible amount of the inventive talent – they find new ways of expression, and often times they are leaders of a new movement that many people follow.

For these people, the rules will only apply if they make sense of them, and we will tell you that more than often do not like the rules, so they are finding new and interesting ways to find freedom and creativity that comes from the unexpected sources.

In any personal relations, the primary condition that must be met is a promise that they will remain free.

It is clear that this sextile shows the benefit of originality and resourcefulness in all situations. These individuals are strong personalities and easily face every difficulty.

There is an adventurous spirit and the need always to explore – to go further and to see first. It is their driving force, so not many people could match them in this way.

Bad Traits

These people are able to break the routine so fast, and they are able to drop the bad habits – when they feel that there is a time for a change and a fresh start. But the negative aspect is that it is not healthy or good when you change things in your life, and what is even worse they are in doubt as to the right time to start something.

Choosing the right moment, and being, as the saying goes “at the right time in the right place,” is quite a difficult task, and you can imagine how problematic this is having in mind their volatile nature.

How do they deal with this issue? They most often rely on intuition or some inner feelings and guides. But – not everyone has these abilities; they depend on other aspects in the personal natal charts.

We are not saying that their intuition will fool them, but they are not perfect, and they should not see themselves as such superheroes.

Love Matters

It is a well-known fact that those who are affected in this way with Mars and Uranus have an amazingly intense and impulsive love life – there is no middle ground with them, there is no little love, everything is dramatic and over the top, and when they love they do it to the core.

Mars connected with Uranus is the connection that brings an explosion, and as we have said, it is seen in all aspects of life, and you can imagine that explosion in the bed.

They are innovative lovers who can give you one of kind experiences, and we are not saying that they are for everyone, but when they find someone who appreciates that, they make a long-lasting connection.

Mars and Venus in this way create a good explosion, the one that is seen in a more creative way then you could imagine; they are one of kind lovers that provide so much love and pleasure to their chosen partners.

People with these planets in sextile simply cannot be unnoticed or hidden; they are blessed with the attractive look (and even if they are not conventionally beautiful they have one of a kind charm and attractiveness).

Work Matters

People who have Mars and Uranus in their charts, and especially into the positive position – like in the sextile position, are incredibly attracted to all things that are new and innovative.

They are attracted to new technologies, and whatever they do they do it perfectly, and when seen from the outside, they can be devils that are tormenting others (they see it as the process of work, and that they are doing the right thing, for the benefit of all).

So, they are able, because of this sextile, to bring inventive, original ideas and activities. They are capable of working with their hands and love to make their homes beautiful.

Their driving force is an idea of finding a whole new way to be more productive and don’t let the apparent limitations stop them from finishing everything planned today.

At times they just let to go with the flow and are not big planners, but they know what they want to do.

When they put their energy and mind to work, this sextile will allow you to overcome all obstacles, and realize the planned ideas.

They use the anxiety and energy they feel today in a productive and positive way – imagine this as a feeling that does not let them settle, and this is their fuel in life and work.

The work the best when they are ready to experiment and take risks, to do everything they can to change their lifestyle. If they invest some extra effort in their work, they become more inventive, original and determined, and can easily come up with new ways that can help them be productive and overcome obstacles easily.

The driving force is to do something that will set them apart from others, something that will make them feel unique.


The most important step to do, if you know that this aspect is available, and when it is found in your personal astrological chart, is to know what you want, and the energy that floats in your blood to move very quickly and to play a crucial role in any field of life.

Watch carefully when this aspect is active so that you do not make a change that is perhaps even worse, aspect begins to fail, which can lead to business failure (for example).

It is important to choose a day and an hour backed by good aspects, if you want success – whether it is for business and investment or for making relationships of all kinds.

It is very important not to be scared of the major errors and misstatements. If right now Mars and Uranus are in the good aspect, the sextile position – that is globally good, and based on that one can do weekly, monthly and annual horoscopes in relation to a particular sign as a whole.

This is especially important in cases where the natal chart itself is bad and without a lot of opportunities to help a particular person and when it is otherwise very difficult to determine a favorable moment.

So, use this planetary aspect to make the best out of your life, even if other aspects are not so good, but this is the one that is there to help you to make success at least one aspect of your life, if not more. And you know how things go, one draws others, and things become better and better.


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