Venus Sextile Uranus

Today we want to talk about one very interesting and meaningful sextile position that is formatted between the two planets that have different energies but are also very able to create a positive impact on people, in whatever way – on an individual or global level.

A planet Venus is the one that is always connected to the matters of beauty, and love and its position in the natal chart speak of your love life, interpersonal relations, your inner being, etc.

Of course, we could not but to speak of the material goods, and luxury, aspects also connected to this interesting planet.

Now, when this planet of love and beauty is married to Uranus, a planet that is different, that has a different energy, it is very original – then you get with one of the most interesting aspects in the natal charts.

This aspect does not last long – and it is usually accompanied by risky behavior, accepting strange, different things, situations, people for personal growth and enjoyment.

But, we must say to you that all of this could pay off, and it could bring so much good.

General Characteristics

These two planets are interesting, and here they are connected in a positive way, so it implies emotions, love affairs, but also with values, money.

So those who are under this aspect usually have the need to experiment in all aspects of their lives.

Such an aspect is the one that is connected to the group events, enjoyment, fun, companionship, emotions, and what is even more interesting it brings changes to appear where you least expect or anticipate.

People who have this aspect in their natal charts have interesting lives that are adorned with unexpected journeys filled with a lot of love.

This is the aspect that brings changes sudden, they could be related to love, for example, it speaks of someone who will change something in your life, or you will be the one that changes theirs.

This is the aspect that brings some love excitement and a lot of joy.  At this moment, when this aspect is active, senses and feelings are heightened.

Some of the famous people who have this aspect in their charts are Benito Mussolini, Pauline Collins, Leonardo da Vinci, Mia Farrow, George W. Bush, George Harrison, Tim Robbins, Robin Williams and

John Edgar Hoover. Very interesting group, people who are a borderline genius, some of them truly are, but they are certainly those who change the world, in one way or the other.

Good Traits

As you know, when these two planets are combined, then the water and earth mix together, and something amazing is born from that soil.

Planets Venus and Uranus are making people who are under their sextile command to love romance, to be drawn to the ideal love, sublime love, love wonders and other miracles that appear in this world. But they are also those human beings that deep inside love safety, comfort, loves all enjoyment of all senses, loves gifts – they are attracted to the variety of material goods, and they are able to work hard to get it.

Bad Traits

Sometimes this inner need to be in love, to stay for a long time in a comfort zone, not to change things so fast, that desire to have and lead idealistic and original love, this aspect makes people believe in miracles, takes them to the irrational life that does not have any basis in reality.

This is the reason why people who have this aspect in their natal charts are able to live only in their worlds of phantasy, and all of their thoughts, words, communication, information, news, and messages are not realistic and are not achieved in reality.

They make decisions that are based on phantasy and imagination, and the fact that they want to live luxurious life filled with comfort does not help at all.

It is best to use this energy for imagination, for creativity and to use their intelligence to make their life great in reality, with one notion to be aware that this energy does not take you to another site and the path of deception, lies, disappointment.

All of these three things are a part of their lives, and they remain there, dominant, of they do not wake up and start living their lives, not just dream about it.

Love Matters

Now, we come to the central aspect of the sextile between Venus and Uranus – the Venus impact. It is a known fact that the planet Venus speaks of pleasure, especially the pleasure we share with others. In the first place, these people are able to put love, romance in the first place as it comes to the priorities of their lives.

To be in love with someone, these people find that beauty, and aesthetics are very important, and what they want to achieve is the connection of two people that is filled with harmony.

Rarely do they want to be in one night stand, and they strive more to relationships, marriages, partnerships – where they could feel comfortable and safe.

Socializing and relationships with other people is another story about Venus – they love to associate, but not with anyone, their friends must fulfill exact conditions to be with them in love.

The sextile between these two planets teaches us how to love and appreciate the things we have; with it, we get to know the state of happiness, and tenderness.

They are those lovers that know so much about beauty, art, creativity, music, dance, literature – if you are with them in a relationship, you can learn so much of life.

Their deepest emotions are somewhat different from those that radiate under the influence of some other sextile, and in their case, they are more in the sphere of sexuality, passion, and erotica.

All of them are extremely important to them, and there cannot be love connection if they do not have such “elements”.

Work Traits

If you want to find out what people who have this aspect do for life you should look at the planet Venus (that is a part of this sextile) and it is connected luxury, paintings, expensive things, food and drink, and all other beautiful things – so, often they are connected to some of these industries.

But, have in mind, that the planet Venus is also one of the planets that is connected to the matters of money since it also pushes actions toward gain and wealth.

Some of them find their perfect occupation in the realm of interpersonal relations since Venus also rules the male-female relationships – they show a deep understanding of them, and they are able to help those who do not understand it.

But, the planet Venus is not alone here – it is in the sextile position with the Uranus, and if they listen to their inner feeling and have a bit realistic attitude, they can enjoy a happy period of life, in which pleasure and sensitivity are combined with the original approach and intense stages.

At times these are the stages where these people grow and build their business and gain a lot, in a material sense, and every other way.

They just need to catch a moment, and not be connected just to the unrealistic and phantasy and imagination, but to implement their brave and new ideas into something that is tangible.


The sextile position, in general, and when it is supported with other, positive features in the natal chart belongs to harmonious and favorable aspects that can bring so much good, and here that good belongs to the planet Venus.

Of course, this planet is not alone here, and they are in the link where they share a harmonious and stable relationship.

Now, what is the advice for all those who have it in their charts, or for all those who know about its activity on a general plan?  Consider this aspect of an opportunity and opportunity aspect. He has such energy that he needs a little boost to make his impact felt.

However, the most important thing here is that two energies cooperate – sextile.

This will be an extremely personal emotional transit for all to whom Venus or Uranus is the ruler of personal planets or points.

Fell that the energy of this transit will apply to you. Complications and dissatisfaction with emotional reactions can be triggered, but you can go past it.

When this sextile is active, then you can expect a lot of love excitement, strong emotions, and it is the aspect that awakes senses, surprises, visits, and joy.

It is a good idea to avoid a stressed social life and to try making connections, but with the uncertainty of Uranus aspects, it’s best not to expect anything permanent. And there is a beauty in such aspect, and what is more interesting is that the emotional relationships that are activated under this aspect are at a much higher level than usual, and the idealistic and spiritual elements of the relationship come to the fore.

What you need is a boost of courage that will need you to finally take the planned action and initiate abrupt changes that will improve the situation in the form of relief from restrictions.

One more advice is that you or the people who have this aspect in their charts are to learn to anticipate – feeling that you are going to meet someone special and exciting.

Together with friends, people will look for new and different pleasures that also include love adventures.

For some, this sextile means that you will be surprised by your sudden impulses. Many ideas and various services will give strength for everyday life and all the problems that are ahead, but what is the most amazing thing is that no one will be bored because there will be socializing.

Advice to all of us, while this sextile is active, is to become free as much as you can, even if this means that you will feel a bit crazy, because you know there will be plenty of time for serious things later.

So, enjoy now, and take the best out of this short-lived position.


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