Taurus Man – In Love, Compatibility, Personality, Best Match, Traits

Love is the area that people find the greatest interest when they are looking into daily, monthly or life horoscope; we all want to know what Zodiac sign carries what kind of characteristics in love, and in that sense we can find out who can be our true match for life.

Now, today we are looking into the world of Taurus Zodiac sign, and specifically into the world of Taurus man and his characteristics in life, and love.

Good Traits

As a rule in life, astrology says that a man Taurus is an extremely determined person who simply knows what he wants at any time -his energy is directed and pointed to the specific goals in life, and love also. They generally work in a planned manner, and truth to be told, they maybe lack spontaneity, and they sure rarely deviate from the goals they have set for themselves.

They should, of course, step down when they realise it is in their interests, but for sure they have a problem to do so. Since they all like to calculate and look at the long-term plan, they rarely have any surprises in their sleeves, but this also means that they are reliable persons, or in this case, the men.

In some deeper introspective, we could say that the Aries man is the one type of man that sees his priority is the business area, and his goals are directed toward money, ambitions, careers, and then love (it seems like love comes at the last place in their lives, but things are not so simple as they seem). It does not make sense that he is not emotional, but simply, he mostly falls in love only in those moments when they realise that his career is stable – or in other words, we could say that they need to achieve all of their other goals, and he will dedicate to love.

If during the development of a career, the Taurus man has some emotional relationship, it is generally a connection that is not so serious and within which they do not plan the future direction. But once again the fact that he is not in a serious relationship does not mean that he is a cheater or a dishonest man.

The Taurus man is a mostly faithful and simply stable person, and when he has had their own family, it is a dream for them. He is caring for both parents and children at the same time.

All in all, we encounter here one man with many qualities that is suitable for life, love and family.

Bad Traits

When we come to speaking of bad traits that could be found in the Zodiac Taurus man, we will say that he is the person who loves and lives for safety and comfort in life, and he directs his activities in this direction, and some of those actions are excessive and unnecessary. He will become a cheap person who will do anything to gain so more money and to ensure that he will live in comfort – and the boundary between what needs to be done and what is pure stupidity.

With Taurus man, you cannot see unexpected things that can very easily shake and disturb his routine – one of his bad traits is the fact that he lacks spontaneity and maybe even charm in that sense. It is not that he does not like change, but he feels that he is doing everything perfect and that there is no need to change perfection.

The worse moment arrives in the life of Taurus man when he feels like he is losing stability and comfort in life, then he is ready for any drastic measures that are not ok. Also, he can suffer when people are trying to deceit him, and then he becomes a very stubborn and very tricky enemy.

Taurus Man in Love

He can be an attraction for potential partners, and he has a piercing look, he likes to look people in the eyes and to be direct with what he wants from potential lovers. His look can be masculine, and he acts in the way of a real gentleman or at least manages to leave such an impression – he can be a catch for those who like to have a real man by their side.

The Taurus man is generally a well-educated person, he holds to manners and behavior in public; he is sentimental and sensual, sensitive in his own way, where his masculinity is not jeopardised. He could be seen as a lover that is endearing, and possessive, often with dissatisfaction in life and his lover, he can be very critical and obsessive.

Sometimes the Taurus man he is a materialist, too persistent in achieving his goals, that he could leave love in the last place in his life and not many people would want this in their lives, to be the last place in someone’s life.

He is cautious, but when it is needed, he can be very decisive, and undoubtedly he is the man that knows what he wants from love, and he wants to be loved and respected at all times.

But we must say that the Taurus man must be forgiven his “sins” because he is overwhelming. He is poised in the soul, and yet extremely practical human beings, and that’s what women like. He can set himself up to act like a boss everywhere he wants, including the house, although he acts discreetly in this way, with plenty of humor  – his lovers look at this as adorable characteristic.

Also, Taurus man is a jealous lover who is at the same time hedonist, often romantic, worthy only when he is motivated, to conquer, but he can be slow at this process, but it is worthy to wait for him, be sure because he has many qualities.

Taurus Man in a Relationship

One thing is Taurus man in love in general, but his traits in a real relationship could be completely different. And if you plan to date a Taurus man, you have to do your best, because it’s not that easy task, and he has truly high criteria for potential partners. He likes ladies of contained beauty, great style and even greater charm – he likes even the characteristics that he does not have.

The Taurus man is an energetic person, and being in a relationship with him means that you have to be energetic in this sense, and to follow his lead, he is not suited for lovers who are passive.

But, the main part here is – the Taurus man is the person who likes to be dominant in a relationship, and he cannot learn the other way. If he fails the first time, it will try again and again”, it is the mantra of his. In the eyes of other people, the Taurus man sometimes acts slowly and impassively in relationships, but if you get to know him better, you will soon see how fast, energetic and agile he truly is.

As long as his partner is devoted to their relationship, the Taurus man will do everything for the success of their community, and he will expect the same from everyone involved. Seemingly calm and steady, this Taurus man can be extremely jealous and possessive and then show the other side of his nature, if necessary, and he will do it without any problem, be sure of it. So, even when the partner is in question and when it comes to friends, his dominance is very powerful, and he will never share the details of his relationship with others.

Man Taurus is gentle and sensual, someone who loves romantic courtships, long-term relationships, but at the same time, his lovers must practice patience before joining them in love. His voice, behavior and mannerisms are generally calm; they seem soothing and even healing for his lovers or potential lovers. This is what will instantly attract them just like a magnet.

Man Taurus is dedicated in love, and he lives for the warmth of physical contact, but he does not laugh too much, he is very serious, although a true partner could change that. Man Taurus is not an adventurer in some common sense of that, but a man born in the sign of Taurus is definitely a not boring lover if he has the first partner next to him, and his extraordinary endurance makes him an excellent lover.

Best Match for Taurus Man

When looked from the outside, the Taurus man can be seen as a reserved man who seems to be busy with himself and even more he is not someone who easily meets new people but will make his charm to get closer to him.

He is directed toward unconditional love, enjoys family gatherings, relaxed atmosphere in the house. He is a warm, sensual, and kind partner. For them, paradise is beautiful and peaceful family life. If you want to get in a serious relationship with the Taurus man, you have to fit into that picture -nothing else will work.

In love, the Taurus man is completely dedicated to the partner, and there is a great opportunity for the partners to keep everything else for themselves. The warmth that the Taurus man brings into the relationship resembles some past times where some traditional values were respected, where a man was a classical man and woman was a true woman. As far as loyalty is concerned, Taurus man is superior to all other zodiac signs – and all those who like have a lover for a long-term relationship should be in love with the Taurus man.

His ideal partner can be a person who belongs to the Zodiac Cancer or Pisces sign, and in the next few lines, we will explain why this is the case.

As far as come to Cancer Zodiac sign, we could say that when these two meet –

Cancer woman and Taurus man merge, it usually ends with a wedding that seems to be a fairytale story. Taurus, as well as Cancer, is committed to the family, very sensual and deeply sensitive persons, so they are compatible in this sense. They are educated in such a way that they work to achieve their dreams of financial security and lifelong comfort -in fact, and we could say that this combination works because they share the same life and personal goals, and have the same family values ​​and traditions. This is truly a good match that can last for a long time, and end up in a marriage that is stable.

When it comes to the connection with the Pisces Zodiac sign, we could say that this is one of those combinations that are sweet and in a way a romantic combination because the main characteristics of the Taurus man are the adherence and firmness, and the Pisces are gentleness and sensuality. When these two combine, you end up with one perfect match that can last for a long time. But, due to the difference in temperament, they perfectly complement and know exactly what the other person needs; but can also be the cause of problems that luckily could be overcome.

Taurus Man as a Friend

Taurus is the most faithful Zodiac sign of all others, he is a reliable and always there, so it values ​​the meaningful relationships of mutual respect and love, and the same case is in his intimate connections. This wonderful character overcomes the stubbornness and the sacred nature of a stubborn friend that Taurus man could be.

He always wants to learn and will use every opportunity to cultivate his thinking, and will use this to help his friends. He is not shy in the sense that he will neglect his friends, not he will always say what he thinks and what he knows. One of the things he knows is that personal relationships are one of the essential things in a person’s life. And the Taurus man will make great efforts to be a good friend, to have a lasting relationship with people who are close to him, and he genuinely likes to give with his heart full of love and dedication.

Another aspect that many people do not see when it comes to Taurus man is that they are incredibly funny and that if you are lucky to have this friend, you should see yourself as one lucky human being. Your friend Taurus will laugh with you and make many jokes to cheer you up, and will laugh at you but not to humiliate you. That’s all because of good fun because he knows that life is too short not to laugh.

In some way, the Taurus man cannot escape his stubbornness, but this characteristic can be seen in a very positive way.  Stubbornness is the classic character of Taurus, but in some cases, stubbornness can be good. He will inspire his friends to be better, and to work hard, and to be stubborn when it is necessary.

And in the end, Taurus man is the one person who will truly accept you as you are, with all flaws and negativity. The Taurus man is not talky, but be sure that he will tell you if some piece of clothing is bad for you or you did some terrible mistake in life-  he will hit you with the truth. The Taurus man will always support you and listen to you.

Taurus Man as a Father

The Taurus man belongs to one category of partners, in this case, in one category of fathers – the one that can be overprotective over his children. A Taurus man will constantly fear that the child is hungry, thirsty or that his child did not do his homework or finished some other work.

The Taurus father wants to be involved in anything that his children do, to prevent any chance that he accidentally misses anything. If in later years the child does not realise material security, the dominant father Taurus will constantly help him, in all ways, and in some cases, he can go the extreme behavior where his children become dependent of him.

He will never allow the family to have anything and live in poverty- he is the type of father who will work hard to make his family and children enjoy lie, but in return he expects results.


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