Life Path Number 9 – Meaning, Personality, Compatibility

If the sum of the numbers of the date of your birth reduced to one digit is 9, read the following article. How is it calculated? Example: If you were born on 05/27/1984. We add: 2 + 7 + 0 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 36. Then 3 + 6 = 9.

The Way of Life 9 are caring people, selfless, with much charisma and creativity, delivered, strive hard to help others and do things well. Because they like to do things for others, they often hide that they also need help, not easily seeing their needs.

Life Path Number 9 – What Does It Mean?

His wisdom attracts people. When they have a strong spiritual foundation, they are a wonderful source of light for the world. They are determined, when they believe in something, they pursue it with ambition and drive, this can bring jealousy in others.

If they fail, they feel they have disappointed the world. The Way of Life 9 may have an issue to solve with abandonment related to their father or mother, or they may feel responsible for them. They are very close to their family. When they start their own family, they want to be the perfect parents.

They need to take life not so seriously, because if something goes wrong with their children (things that always happen), they should not think that they have failed as parents, but understand that it is part of life.

They can be very strict with themselves. In love, he doesn’t like other people to interfere in his relationship, not even his family.

They seem to be quite independent and nothing bad happens to them, but they don’t really know how to ask for help when they need it. They must learn that their partner knows their needs so they can be supported. They may find it difficult to have a sincere and open discussion for fear of abandonment.

The Way of Life 9 are terrified of abandonment, so sometimes they are not allowed to connect totally with a partner. If this fear of abandonment is always in your mind, you end up attracting it. People take it for granted that they are leaders and that’s fine, because they don’t know how to abuse it.

They do things as they know best and can be paternalistic, and as I noted earlier, this can lead to jealousy in people around them.

They must be careful not to live in the past. Unless they have other predominant numbers in their Numerological Study, these characteristics describe the Way of Life well. As you can see the number 9, like all numbers, has a high vibration (humanitarian, charismatic, determined) and a low vibration (they hide their true needs, fear of abandonment).

The idea is that if you recognize any or all of the aforementioned aspects in yourself, you can develop and enhance the positives and work with those that generate difficulties; doing so is an excellent opportunity for personal growth.

It is important that you first find the subconscious roots of these behavior patterns, so that you can heal them. The Number of the Way of Life is the most important of the numbers that make up the Numerological Study of a person, but it is not the only one.

This complete study serves as a useful and practical self-knowledge tool. On the other hand, Numerological Compatibility Studies help you get to know another person better and understand how you interact with them.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Life path number 9 is a symbol of overcoming the past bad experiences. All of us, at some time or stage of our life, have felt sadness. Sometimes, it is impossible not to feel it, as some environmental events can cause (grieving, heartbreak, having to change homes, etc.).

However, sometimes sadness is the cause of our way of thinking or our way of behaving, especially when it lasts a long period of time.

Since sadness is an emotion we all experience, in this article I have prepared a list of tips that will help you alleviate it when it manifests, pay attention to the following lines because they can be useful.

We tend to think that it is not right to cry, because socially it is not well seen and makes us weak people in the eyes of others; However, some studies indicate that crying can be relaxing and can help you release endorphins, which are hormones related to pleasure.

Some scientists claim that crying activates the parasympathetic system, and helps you recover from the stress and traumatic experiences you may experience.

Whether reading, swimming or playing cards, the activities we like make us release dopamine and many other neurotransmitters related to pleasure and happiness (endorphins, serotonin, etc.). The activities that we like the most allow us to stop for a while and give way to sadness.

As I mentioned in the previous point, avoiding emotions can cause a rebound effect and cause them to increase. That is why today, more and more psychotherapeutic models are applied that revolve around the acceptance of experience.

Self-acceptance means treating ourselves with love and recognizing that we are valuable. It is to recognize that we must love ourselves because if we do not respect ourselves, sadness can appear.

When we do not find meaning in our lives, we are likely to feel great sadness and live in an existential void. A place where we don’t see the future clearly and we don’t know ourselves.

Therefore, to be happy and fight for one’s personal development, it is necessary to work on self-knowledge and find out what motivates us. On that path to the goals is where our happiness lies.

Therefore, fighting for goals helps us overcome sadness and enjoy greater well-being, because when we are in contact with ourselves and our desires, our self-motivation increases.

Now, these desires must be realistic, and not only should we have long-term goals in mind, but short-term goals are equally important in keeping us active throughout the process.

Physical exercise is one of the activities that most favor the well-being of people. Not only is it healthy at a cardiovascular level or to improve the physical appearance, but it also produces happiness chemicals such as endorphins or serotonin, which are associated with a positive mood and greater emotional well-being.

Studies suggest that sports and physical activity help us be happier, reduce stress and improve our self-esteem. Studies suggest that going outside is good for our mental health. Vitamin D that is stimulated by sunlight favors the activation of the enzyme hydroxylase 2 (TPH2) that converts tryptophan into serotonin in our brain.

Other studies suggest that going outside is key for patients with depression, as it produces significant improvements in their recovery.

Whether reading, swimming or playing cards, the activities we like make us release dopamine and many other neurotransmitters related to pleasure and happiness (endorphins, serotonin, etc.). The activities that we like the most allow us to stop for a while and give way to sadness.

Love and Life Path Number 9

The phrases to overcome sadness remind us that, although there are gray days in our calendar, it is mandatory to take the soul from the bottom of the pocket and make it fly again.

After all, when you hit the bottom is when you have no choice but to gain momentum, than to renew yourself from your ashes, to make your sadness seeds of valuable learning…

We are aware that it is not easy. Often there is no lack who seeks to encourage us with the classic expressions of motivation and self-improvement, the same that we share so many times in our social networks to offer support among us.

We know that a phrase, by itself, does not cure or light the way out of our personal tunnels of frustration or suffering.

However, they do achieve something valuable: they force us to reflect. In this complex craft that is undoubtedly understand and untangle the knot of our emotions and problems, both the books and those legacies of small wisdom contained in the phrases of relevant authors, are windows that help us wake up.

They are also bridges with which to discover that there are other roads that we can travel to repair many of our most common problems.

Therefore, we could say without mistake that the phrases to overcome the sadness of everyday life are useful, practical and worth having them always at hand or, why not, very close to the heart.

Interesting Facts about Number 9

The 9 is the last number, which represents the essence that celebrates its realization, the return to Be One, surrendering to Totality. You can live your life as if you were at a “Party End of Course”.

The “Party” symbolizes the celebration, the “Course” symbolizes wisdom and the “Final” represents detachment. The 9 enjoys the party while allowing it and, of blow, terribly resists the loneliness of farewell. Your life is nothing boring, it looks like he’s riding a roller coaster … Life never pity a 9! ”

All numbers are spiritual, but 9 is the one with the most direct connection to the Spirit, you have it in front. 9 is the last number, if 1 comes from everything, 9 goes to nothing. Everything and Nothing are different manifestations of the same and the 9 is going to join with the Totality.

From where the 9 is, he sees it as a void because he looks there and there is nothing where hold on, just infinite space. The 9 is loaded with wisdom and experience and must be detached of everything, let go of everything and surrender to Nothingness by faith. Despite its evolution and because of it, the Vacuum jump scares him.

In 9 we are already looking at nothing, that essence that is the basis of everything, although that does not want Say we see her.

At first we tend to be very attached to the physical, that is the principle of our path and as we evolve, we will live detachment. The 1 has God behind, who encourages him to get up and walk, gives him the impulse. We have God before us and tells us to leave everything and go with him.

Sounds good what he tells us, but … Leave it all…!!!? In a party of end of course we are going to have a good time and also to say goodbye. Is an event that marks the end of one stage and the beginning of another?

At a prom meets the joy of having finished studies, which is a long awaited moment, with the emotion and uncertainty of starting a new life, not forgetting the loneliness of farewell; no we will see many of the people with whom we have shared those moments so special. There appears our greatest challenge and the hardest part of our path: Detachment.

A very practical way to align with our path is to focus our attention on the qualities and not in quantities. If we focus on qualities such as love, giving, freedom or beauty, the amounts take care of themselves.

For example, we go to an antique dealer and seem an abandoned box in a corner; as we find it beautiful, we buy it and give it to very low price; then we learn that it is a valuable work of art.

What moved us to buying it was its beauty and that it could be placed in a much better place than where it was and not the make a good deal; That is guided by the qualities and not by the quantities. Unlike, when we are aware and want to make a good business, it does not usually work.

When we do things motivated by their qualities everything is going well, but when we try to be us get confused and it goes wrong. The less practical we are, in economic terms, the better things work for us.

We should justify nothing for the money it costs. The less we are guided by aspects materials, everything is better in our lives and that implies that their aspects also work materials. If something seems beautiful to us, we like it, it inspires us, that is more than enough for you.

We contribute our energy, but if we do it only as an economic investment, the most it probably won’t work. We have a direct relationship with the Spirit, which does not allow us be aware of nonsense.

We are a harvest number, we will collect everything we have been sowing, things at that we have given our energy throughout the entire cycle. We come to complete, life happens to us accounts. It’s time to finish things, all the loose ends appear and we have to tie them up. Every process ends when the end is tied and then the next thing must be tied.

It seems to us that when we have the rope tied, it is time to enjoy some tranquility, but what happens is that another pending end appears at once. So it may seem that our life collapses again; we just didn’t get out of one thing and now we are in another. This process goes on and on as long as we continue so attached to the matter.

We don’t usually listen to others too much; we are clear, we listen to God. We feel that we connect directly with the source of wisdom, inwardly we already we know. We seek opinions to confirm what we already know. When we listen, confirm that “this is what I said” or “I already knew that.”

Seeing Life Path Number 9

Life path number 9 is in your life for a reason. Accepting its energy means accepting yourself for who you are and welcoming its powerful energy into your world.

Be confident and never let yourself become doubtful of your accomplishments.


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