Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon – Personality, Compatibility

There is one relevant thing that you must know right at the beginning, and even this is so obvious, but you may not know it yet; the Sun sign is the same thing as the Zodiac sign, as all of us most commonly call it. Some like to call it Star sign, and this is ok also, but the bottom line is that all of them mean the same.

We will focus on Sun term here since this has logic in it; it is the star that concentrates the distinctions of personality, primarily we mean will or individuality.

The aspect of the Sun always shows the way we express self, or what kind of will we have in life, are we aware of it in some way. It reveals characteristics that we try to model ourselves throughout that we take satisfaction in.

It is always an implication of our way towards achievement and happiness, and in this piece, we will try to discover the person who has Sun located in the Sagittarius sign and the Moon in the Aries sign has this chance in life.

Good Traits

What an amazing personality – this is a human being who is, at the same time very independent, even rebellious in some cases. He has the combination of the explosive and idealistic temperament that comes from the Moon that is located in the Aries, some kind of adventure gets for a great thing that is expressed at the same time as delirious and tragic enthusiasm.

This is the person who has the ability to create highly developed projects, the ability to maintain broad social connections and friendships, and more importantly, he is the one that can truly maintain the deep knowledge of the human soul, since he has this knowledge he is the one that can show others what kind of possibilities they have.

He is an energetic and tireless personality who knows well about himself and other people and enthusiasts in achieving his goals, whether real or practical or intellectual and spiritual – he is the human that can do everything he wants, and he will do everything well.

He is the one that has to be bored, and in this sense, he does not allow anyone to make him depressed; so he is free from others in this way, it is impossible to stimulate, and the obstacles evoke his passion.

Feeling for justice is an element that gives a seal to his way of thinking and his actions in life, and for this reason, such a person is ready to embark on any struggle, giving everything but at the same time emphasising his great persona.

This is the person who is meant to be a great entrepreneur, researcher, stubborn pioneer – he is mostly endowed with great mobility and unbelievable self-confidence.

Bad Traits

Basically, others mind more than to him, that he is the restless one, and his approach to the world is immediate rather than diplomatic -he is the one that is so open and honest that he can embarrass himself, saying inappropriate things.

He is overly extrovert and stubborn, and he fears nothing he is inclined to cheat people with his pronounced aggressiveness.

And there is absolutely no doubt that he is brave and dynamic, that he fights for his beliefs when needed, but he sometimes loses the sight of what is important and what is just a show-off.

He is smart, so he is able to structure his ideas well and develop thoughts in the direction of efficiency -and this is a good thing, as long as he realises that his incredible curiosity and idealism are almost inexhaustible, but not endless.

Besides good qualities like optimism, there is also impatience, and the difficulties arise when he has to complete the beginnings because he is bored very quickly and go to something else.

The temptation for freedom and adventures, the tendency to risk and the pursuit of ideals are amazing at the same time they are frightening in a sense that this person may be involved in many risky and scary situations, and not every one of them will bring him closer to the success or a discovery of something new and interesting.

Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon in Love

In love, the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Sagittarius and Aries connection is the one lover that is naive, honest, spontaneous, idealistic and passionate.

His lovers must be just like him, brave and passionate and must openly show how much they adore him, and he hates people (and could never love them) who are coward and closed for adventures.

He strongly thinks that he will be able to find that true love that will complete him, and the call of his heart is never futile.

He is the one person who often falls in love, but all emotional vertigo, he is the one that appreciates his own freedom – this person adores independence and is only happy when everything is under his control.

In this sense, he is the one that would like to dominate his partners, and of all those he loves in his life, he expects to overcome their beings and become the ideal beings that he sees in them.

Fortunately, optimism often saves him from severe disappointments in this sense, because life is not so perfect, even for him. Many things happen that are out of his control, and he even here shows how strong he is, and lives by the rule that there are no wrong love and lovers, but wrong timing, and that he can learn from them.

Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon in a Relationship

So, a person who has Sun and Moon located in Sagittarius and Aries sign is the one that is extremely passionate in love, and when in a relationship with someone he adores he does everything with strong emotional intensity.

It is not unusual for this person to fall in love with a person who will spiritually and mentally parry him – it’s not unusual for him to ideal half to be far from the place and country of his birth. He is attracted to the people who are different and even extravagant in some way – his taste in partners varies, and in this sense, he does not have a specific taste in lovers.

He is aware that while he stands on his feet and has goals, he can do a lot, and if he has someone to support him and love him unconditionally, then things are even better.

He deals with the problems in his relationship by using his strong intuition; and if you are his lover, be certain that he knows how to deal with problems and will know if you want to deceive him in any way, so be careful, he can be a good lover, but if he does not like, then you are in a problem.

Best Match for Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon

The person who has Sun and Moon located in Sagittarius and Aries Zodiac sign knows how to love and with him, being in love positively affects the mood.

He, besides all experimenting in love, wants to be closely related to the partners, and during a relationship, he will show a lot of hidden potentials. So, for this person, true love always comes philosophically; maybe he just needs to take care not to marry quickly, there is a possibility of sudden disappointment.

The perfect lover for this human being is the one that is born in Gemini Zodiac sign – this loving couple has a strong potential for achieving a much fulfilled love which can act very stimulatingly for these people in the sense that their feelings in love can be so strong that they can extend their aspects.

This is often a compatible love affair that can have similar expectations of a love affair and maybe even from life in general, their attitudes about love and life can be greatly matched, and the interests are very similar.

Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon as a Friend

Long distances from imagination attract him, so it is no wonder it this human being has friends from all over the world. And as you may expect; he has a lot of friends, and he has the desire to have them even more – this is the person who finds friends everywhere he goes, and he has such energy that many people wants to be friends with him, or at least to be in their closeness.

He needs to cultivate a little bit (restrain) the strength has and to maintain consistency in his friendships and interpersonal relations in general.

He has a harsh temperament that can create trouble for him in friendships- he must think carefully before he speaks anything because he can hurt his friends with his direct tongue. This human being has, without a doubt, a good intention (he wants to help), but sometimes the way he chooses is the wrong one, and he makes much more harm than good.

Even worse, when things are not going in the direction that he wants, he may become aggressive.


The person who has Sun and Moon located in Sagittarius and Aries sign has a powerful will, great working ability and maximum engagement in accomplishing their tasks- this is the person who is under the fire element, and his actions are always inclined to reason, move and prestige.

All in all, this Astrological combination gives so many good traits, that this human being is blessed with so many opportunities in his life, and even better he is the one that manages to use the majority of them.

The main problem is his brutal honesty that sometimes brings much more harm than good.


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