Sagittarius Ruling Planet

All planets in Zodiac are divided into fast and slow (above all other divisions). So, the fast or personal planets are the Sun and the Moon (in astrological practice they are called luminaries – they affect energy, and mood, so it depends on them when there are favorable and unfavorable periods in your life.

So, for example, if your birth date suggests that you are born in the sign of the Leo, you are ruled by the Sun, a symbol of life, vitality and energy, and if you are Cancer, your ruler is the Moon whose phases affect you immensely.

So, each end, every planet in the Zodiac system of signs has a positive impact on our solar system, and every sign has his own ruler that gives him traits, both good and bad.

Today we are talking about the persons, who are born in Zodiac sign Sagittarius, and it is under the great impact that comes from the planet Jupiter – it is huge, but it is made up of hot air. It is the planet that is not firm, and that emits much more light than it comes from the Sun.

Its symbolism is the planet that helps thing to get multiplied and increased. But there is also the possibility that it’s not stable enough, it’s promised more than it can be sustained.

So, read all about people who are under its impact.

Good Influence

Jupiter is also called “fortune planet” because it is a good planet that brings expansion in many things in the life of a Sagittarius.

In the life of these people, there is sociality, justice, dignity, tendency to have a high status, and influential friends.

Above all other things in their lives, there is strong hope that tomorrow will be better than today, and there is a large amount of sincerity, spirituality, and enthusiasm.

Curious and energetic, Sagittarius people are travelers, they never settle downs, and they have a philosophical view along with the open mind.

All of this motivates them to wander far and wide in search of the meaning of life – they may love to enjoy some superficial things in life, but above all, they are directed toward finding true meaning in life. This is a trait that they share, but in some different way, with Pisces with who they share the same planetary ruler – Jupiter.

As someone who is extrovert, optimistic and enthusiastic, it’s hard to keep it on the ground al the times, and the best word to describe them is the fact that these people are those who love change, in everything they do, these people must feel good.

Sagittarius people turn their thought into concrete actions and are able to do whatever it takes just to achieve their goals – we are not saying that they do not have any boundaries in this process, but if they are doing something for the people they love, the sky is their limit.

It is said that they are born under a lucky star and that they are very charming and open – these people are seen as the societies the best, those who can do whatever they want.

They usually have a wide circle of acquaintances and friends. Almost everything is fascinating when it comes to them because they are tireless seekers for the truth and someone who often flies from idea to idea, never look back.

It is really important for these people to keep in touch with the world in order to experience as much as possible – it is not in their nature to sit at home and wait for something to happen. If it takes something to happen, they will initiate it.

Jupiter is the largest planet of the Zodiac – and it is said that this planet is a driving force of destiny happiness; it is no wonder that the luck of the Sagittarius is always present. The influence of Jupiter is strong in the field of creation and expansion, so it is important for these human beings that they find some purpose in life so they can expand their happiness during life.

The best trait that Sagittarius people have is their directness and honesty, you will always know where you stand with them, and if you are their friend, the treatment is even more pronounced.

In the end, Sagittarius people enthusiasm has no boundaries – these people can truly conquer all problems in their lives just by having a positive attitude in life.

Bad influence

As far as Sagittarius people go, and their flaws, we must say that their mood if often variable, either stretching or pulling inside, sometimes they cannot find any limit to what extent their mood changes, and in this sense, they can be problematic for their environment.

These people can be childish, impractical, impatient and intrusive, and can enjoy gossip to an unhealthy extent, telling stupid and over the top stories about the people they even do not know. If someone criticises them, they will have a problem in accepting it, and in handling situations, they can act immaturely.

Even worse, to make themselves more attractive, Sagittarius people often make up stories about their adventures and interesting events – they just want to look even cooler than they actually are, but in many ways these people are interesting, and any attempt to expand this area is funny, if not something worse.

Also, these human beings, who are under the Jupiter’s rule, can be non-active, stubborn and prone to debates – all talk, and no work, this can put them in a position that others see them as problematic and lazy, even if they are not.

In business, Sagittarius people are often ineffective and prone to delays when making important decisions, while they can be superficial in love – they often say one thing, and do another.

Influence in Love

We have already said that the Sagittarius people are ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet of happiness, related to socialising, travelling, and spirituality. This is the planet that gives so much energy to these people that it is amazing.

But this also means that they can enter a marriage if they have a basis for such a thing, in great laziness and leisure time due to the excessive dose of unrealistic optimism. Reality sometimes proves them to be very wrong in love, and they often suffer because of it.

In love, they know what they do not want, and that is to be in a boring relationship, and they rarely deviate from that path.

They are travelers and prefer a change in love, but they can strive for stability -even if you rarely see them all alone, they are always in some type of relationship. Also, when Sagittarius people do not have a very serious relationship, they will try to achieve balance by using flirt, but also some adventure.

The children of Jupiter are looking for a partner who will be ready to share their passion for everything new and different – they want it all, a friend and a lover, and they are sure that they will find what they are looking for, no matter what.

These people are very playful and humorous so that they will enjoy the fun with their partner, co-worker, or a total stranger – it is all good for this being of Jupiter. These humans do not judge in some conventional way.

They need lovers who are equally open will surely respond to a passionate, expressive Sagittarius people who are willing to try almost anything. There will always be a thin fine line between love and sex for this sign – love that comes from these beings is primarily love for a change and diversity.

But, when deeply in love, these human beings are all up for loyalty, commitment and dedication. Having a very good sense of what a partner thinks is a very important thing for them, and for that reason, it is very important that the partner is intellectual, sensitive and expressive.

Influence in other issues

Their ambition is great, they work well if they find something that interested them, and this is not so often. Perhaps their best quality is the ability to show the skills of transformation in the business, so they will always be able to find some way to do everything in the best order.

Sagittarius people listen very well to the pulse of the market at any time, in business terms, they think modern, but they are also great visionaries – they can make a lot of money and have a big success in life (remember Jupiter is the planet of expansion).


Sagittarius is the 9th sign in Zodiac, and the biggest planet in our solar system is their ruler – it brings to their lives many positive things, making them optimistic, honest and versatile. It also brings some negative features: ruthless, boastful and angry.

Jupiter is mainly associated with good luck and abundance. He represents optimism and racial, both mental and spiritual, and for this reason, the Sagittarius has a great joy to learn.

Jupiter also means higher education and spiritual levels of consciousness, as well as the inclination to engage in philosophy.

In mythology, Jupiter is the ruler of all Gods, so these people often have some kind of nobility -they feel like they are a part of something bigger in life.

They show the talent and confidence of the born leader and at the same time is generous -these people are in a constant search for knowledge and have an extremely great thirst for everything new and unknown (either this or they will get lazy).


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