Biblical Meaning of 1212

For the Biblical numbers to become a valuable part of your spiritual growth and life change (and they can, no matter if you are the religious type or not), you must stay grounded and present at the specific moment, so that you never miss out the chance for Biblical number to come into your life.

You can see a certain number, and look into the Bible for its meaning, and you will see that it has a lot to with your life).

This is important because of the human tendency that through our mind we can create stress and anxiety and we miss out many important things that we cannot see always.

During this awakening period, when you let the Bible enter our lives, we should try to stay grounded and present at the moment. You can practice mindfulness, deep breathing, or meditating to stay focused and to take the best out of it.

The more you are connected to it, the more you will be able to grow. This is relevant for people of all cultures and civilisations, we all can use the messages from the Bible – it is the greatest bestseller, the most sold and most read book of the world, and there must be a reason for this.

And the miracle of the Bible is the unity of thought, and in fact, I believe that the author of the Bible is none other than the very God who inspired biblical writers. Today we are looking into one specific Biblical number 1212.

Biblical number 1212 General meaning

There is always a reason for everything in life, and the Bible believes that when it comes to God, there cannot be accidents, and this is true.

So, there is a reason why you are interested in the number 1212.

You are an unselfish and cordial human being, and you are a person whose spirit needs to be more independent to make your life successful.

Remember that one of the hardest things in life is to say no at the right time and then when circumstances require.

Do not let yourself by any means to fall under the influence of devils temptations that are all around you, because you can think independently enough; do more following your thoughts and desires.

And in the Bible, you can find so many stories that speak of the temptations that try to hinder us from our true path (in Luke 4:12-13 it is said: “Do not put your God to the test.  When Satan had finished all these temptations, he left him until an opportune time”(you can see the number 12 as a clear sign).

But, remember that this is a lifetime of hard work for those who would succeed – not all roses, as many assume, but also the thorns that will be on your way (Bible teach us that after suffering, there can be salvation as the example for all Humans).

You have a strong intuition that almost always proves to be correct, so do not hesitate when you have to work really hard and suffer, it is certainly connected to the greater cause, be sure of it.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

Since this Biblical number contains two numeral 12, we will speak of this element and its appearance and true and hidden meaning that can be found in the Bible. Number 12 in the Bible represents God’s church and God’s authority (the place where people can get close to God, but also the place where He has the sole authority, this are the aspects that need to respected).

Other place where number 12 is mentioned in the Bible revolves around the Jesus Christ and His 12 disciples, and there were also 12 Israeli tribes. Jesus was the Thirteen, and the most important.

The word “apostle” is obtained from the Greek word απόστολος (Apostolos) meaning the emissary, the messenger. The apostles were Disciples of Christ who preached the gospel and spread his teachings – so it is essential to understand number 12 as the one that shares right and righteous lessons to others.

Even more, in Revelation 12: 1 we can see the 24 elders and 144,000 are multiple of number 12, and in the Bible, we can see stories about the New Jerusalem that has 12 foundations, 12 doors, a tree that grows 12 months a year, etc. Number 12 is virtually everywhere and shares interesting symbolical value.

So, in a way, this symbolic show the necessary foundations for life and the Virtues that we should nurture in life; and this are primarily for the people who surround us.

Number 1212 in Love

Some say that you could reach God Love through visualisation – or maybe should use the meditation. This Biblical number 1212 is there to teach you a lesson to speak or think within yourself and observe what is happening, get into the state of self-observation – introspection, after which you will able to reach something Higher than ever before.

Such processes will lead to the spread of our consciousness, and therefore of our love for ourselves. It will rid you of fears and feelings of guilt and allow you to finally take responsibility for yourself, your life and all your projections so that you will no longer blame the others for anything.

Do not block the realisation of God’s Love by being too much in the future, because you have to keep in your mind that the goal is essential, but also the way to it. All of this will open up opportunities for creating a new life plan. This kind of Love exists, but it does not represent a mythical being – it’s you, in a form that you still do not even think it is.

Amazing Facts about Number 1212

In the Bible text there are 164 times when number 12 was used; and as you will be able to see, every division in the Holy book has 12 parts: Ishmael was promised to become a great nation with 12 Princes, Jacob had 12 sons, there were 12 Tribes of Israel, Elam was a city with 12 wells of water, Moses built an altar with 12 Pillars to confirm the Word of the Lord, every world described in the Bible, was described with the 12.

There were 12 spies sent into the Canaan land to search out the land, 12 stones were placed as a Memorial altar after Israel crossed the Jordan behind Joshua, one stone for every tribe of Israel.

Will Biblical number 1212 Bring Good Luck to You?

Every aspect of 1212 show you the foundations that are necessary for progress in the Gods direction – and for that reason, you should be happy, if you follow the 12 “step” road, these are the only foundations that are necessary to have.

When you do, you will emotions are special, these emotional feelings overwhelm you, and you can call them joy. Joy, grace, and blessing are terms that are more precise in their origin and source, and the Bible says that the source is all God.

Happiness is rarely described as such in the Bible, it is more often connected with mercy, joy and grace, and these could be things that you should strive for in life, they can be your happiness for a long time.

Bible teaches us that we should build our house on a good and strong foundation, and then filled it with joy, mercy and care, and then we could have a happy home.

In the end, we will say this, and it is related to happiness and number 1212 – the Bible not only reveals lies about God but shows us what it is wonderful features there are in life, both good and bad (it is important to have the entire picture). She is His inspired Word and helps us to “know what God has given us” (1 Corinthians 2:12).


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