Libra Woman – In Love, Compatibility, Personality, Best Match, Traits

Horoscope can reveal so much about someone’s personality, but we are not speaking of some aspects that are obvious like all Scorpios are dark, or all Leos have great hair, here we are talking about the elements that are hidden from the plain sight.

Let us start by saying that the planet Venus rules this Zodiac sign, the goddess of love – in it we can see how we approach relationships, romantic moments and love, and basically her entire life.

Libra woman is in constant search for harmonious relations in her life, and where there cannot be a balance, for her there cannot be life. But the problem in her life occurs in the moments when this lady cannot make a simple decision, so her life is even more imbalanced than before.

In love, work, family and everywhere else Libra looks for the equilibrium, the perfect balance between the spirit and the body, and she will act is such way that this lady will maintain that balance for a long time.

There cannot be enough words that we could use to describe how much loving the nature of this lady is – the Libra woman enjoys when she is loved, and when things come to the right place, this woman will be completely dedicated to her chosen one.

In the majority of cases, Libras are calm and sophisticated, and they can be very busy and romantic when they are relaxed. A Libra woman does not play the game when she loves – she can be very careful and sometimes painfully sincere to people who are around here.

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Good Traits

The Libra woman is social, and a co-operative lady who has a peaceful, and intrusive, even artistic tendencies – she can be diplomatic, and dominant, and tolerant to the people who are close to her.

She is the one lady that gives great attention to her physical appearance, social status; we could even say that the Libra woman is dedicated to taking care of the common good and many of her activities are pointed in this direction.

She can be a top diplomat and the biggest fraud at the same time, but all the way, this woman will be the true lady in the full sense of that word.

The desire for domination and learning are in her case enhanced to the maximum, and she needs to have these two things so they can be happy.

Since the Libra lady is directed to the justice, she knows well what is good and bad  – and their actions are directed accordingly, so even Libras can be sometimes indecisive, they internally know what they should do and what they should not do, and the same case is with the Libra woman.

Whatever this lady does in her life, she will invest her love, but this does not mean that they will not be sharp or even cold if they have to reach her desired goal, but it needs to be remembered that they will never hurt people for the sake of their success.

Bad Traits

The first thing that comes to our minds when we are talking about the Libras bad that is their indecisiveness – these people have a real problem in making decisions. This is the aspect that Libra woman has, even in times when she clearly knows what she does not want.

The Libra can be misjudged at times, and she may seem to you as the woman who is a snob and the one that is spoiled, in spite of all kindness that she has. She has the criteria for almost everything in her life, and those criteria are not low, even in this sense, her criteria are just getting higher in time.

On the other hand and if we want to look at the more negative traits of this woman, we could say that she can be too focused on other people and in doing so forget about who she is and what are her own goals in life. She may be lost, and in some sense, the Libra lady can be a control freak, even we could say that this woman is an inflexible and incalculable person who loses the ability to access different characters of people and their motives without condemnation.

Libra Woman in Love

As you could see in the earlier sections of this article, we mention a few times how much this lady is connected to beauty, love, and justice. But maybe love can be seen as the most important aspect in the life of the Libra woman.

When the Libra woman falls in love, she begins to reassess her decision to allow love as if it is possible to have that control at all – and maybe in time she needs to leave to a certain part of her to the reason.

The Libra woman is under the major impact of the planet Venus here comes into focus because she will, for sure, do everything in her power to stop feeling loved if the person in whom emotions are felt is socially unacceptable for her standards. This is the problem in love – this lady cannot be in love in just about anyone in this world, and once again, her standards are incredibly high.

Sometimes the Libra woman can have a lack of initiative and her man be regarded as weak and passive, even if he is not. Sometimes when this woman is in love, she wants to show her how much she is actually liberal, even if her lover brought her pain and essentially turned to traditional values and proper behavior.

Libra Woman in a Relationship

A woman born in the Zodiac sign Libra is the most interesting person for both love and sex – her ruler is the planet of love and sensuality, the Venus. Men are literally drawn to her, the Libra woman is very feminine and attractive, which she gets from Venus, a planet that is her protector.

She looks perfect (she is naturally blessed with the good looks and attractiveness) and has a divine look in her eyes. The Libra woman often looks very exotic but is not as fragile as it looks. As a woman she is a good mentally companion, she is broad in her friendships and is able to bring harmony into family life.

He partners see her as an ideal wife, and she is maybe the best match for the Libra lady can be a rich and successful man who likes to treat her as a kind of orphan who needs constant protection and kindness.

One of her most powerful virtues is a talent for harmony and style. She instinctively knows how to be with people and attracts different social circles. But at the same time, when she eventually marries, or when she is in a long-term relationship, she will not ignore her family obligations but will give her children and husband all the attention of love.

The Libra woman is the lady that loves to look, and she is very attractive to others, so she is always surrounded by many fans who are watching her and who are waiting for her attention. However, she is still able to balance relationships with other men perfectly, so, even if she gives up on someone’s attempt to get close to her, she will never let her flirt go out of control. We are not saying that this lady is a cheater but she is a woman in a true sense of that word, and she is able to balance harmless flirt with her relationship that lasts for a long time.

But the person who is with this Libra lady in a relationship must know one thing – this is one type of woman that does not endure scandals and is very attractive, her love life is sometimes much more complicated than the lives of other women. But she has the strength to deal with this in the best way possible.

Best Match for Libra Woman

She belongs to those women who “must” have a partner, but if that does not meet his criteria, she will rather decide for loneliness than to lower his standards. The Libra woman often has a very successful man next to him, and this lady when in a relationship is very responsible and intuitive and you can never fool her. Her relationships and marital life are, in spite of everything, satisfying, and it can be said that she is the best “woman” in the literal sense of the word. But who can be that one, that real man that can stand next to this lady and be her perfect “plus one”?

In the first place, we will say that it is the partner who belongs to the Gemini Zodiac sign – with this gentleman, this lady will enjoy a love relationship that is based on intellectual connectivity and characteristic complementation. The love connection between the Libra woman and Gemini lover quickly becomes stable and fun, since these two are both mentally lively and when they work together they can come up with excellent ideas that others would never imagine or dare to do. Both of these two lovers are willing to carry themselves into one interesting, sensual action.

The other lover that can be suitable for the Libra woman is, surprisingly, the Libra man; and this love story goes in this way – when two Libras find themselves in love, they can all serve as an example of a romantic and balanced relationship that others will be incredibly jealous.

The Libra is a sign of partnership, likes to be in love and adores art and fashion – these two lovers would have so much in common. The connection is filled with romantic moments spent in a park, theatre, or gallery – it is a connection that it just has to work.

In the end, a good or at least suitable lover for this lady is the partner who is born in the Zodiac sign Aquarius. These two lovers are interlinked on the intellectual level and share a love for art, culture and socialising, and in this sense, the situation is very similar to the Libra woman’s love connection with the Libra man.

These two lovers agree well because they have similar needs and will never demand one from the other more than they are both willing to give, and this mutual consent works amazingly well. Both of these signs are very dynamic and playful partners, and this relationship will not become tedious – isn’t this the point, after all?

Libra Woman as a Friend

For one Libra woman, the most important thing in the world is love, but her loving nature toward beings that are close to her can be seen in her relations with her friends. She is the voice of reason, the comforting friend, who will always tell you how things are really working and will give you the best advice that you could imagine. These characteristics can be seen in her love relations and also in her friendships.

The Libra woman is the one person, who likes harmony and will do everything to maintain it in friendship when this balance is lost, and then the Libra woman is lost – her friends are one part of her well being. Maybe one of the best features of the lady Libra when it comes to friendship is that this Libra friend is always ready for cooperation.

And one additional thing – this lady loves to entertain others, and you will see her many times as a hostess of amazing parties where people love to come.

Libra Woman as a Mother

This lady acts all of her life as a mother, even before she has her own children – this is one more way how the Libra woman finds her balance in life, the balance that she is looking so much. And when she becomes a mommy, for the Libra lady everything gets meaning, and she gets the right focus in life.

In the depths of the soul, this lady is the happiest when she has someone to live for, and that’s what kids are doing for her. She enjoys all the magic that motherhood carries with itself, plays with children and use every moment of their growing up to make a lasting impact on them, and to enjoy herself – this is one of the reasons why this woman is the best mother in the world.

She has the patience to explain to them everything her children want to know, and her children love her for that. Sometimes, she becomes the best friend to her children, but she should be careful not to cross the border and to remain a healthy distance between parents and children.

In the end, to give you the conclusion – the Libra mother is the one that will never protect her children, but will provide them with everything they may need in life to have a balanced and healthy life. She treats children as mature people, she likes everything to explain and knows how to listen to them, but really listen not just hearing their words.


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