Virgo Woman – In Love, Compatibility, Personality, Best Match, Traits

When we say the Virgo woman, you must imagine a silent, withdrawn and unobtrusive creature that never, in fact, attracts attention, but at the same time everywhere they observe each and every detail, carefully analysing all the collected data. This is the person who does all of this to pedantically systematise them into the logical whole and once, if need be, to use them – both in good and bad purposes.

But you should know one more thing about the Virgo Zodiac sign – these people, and woman also are intellectual, they are people who will think well before they act, they will analyse the situation before each decision so that they can determine each “for” and “against” with almost mathematical precision.

Read this article and find out more about the Virgo woman and specifically her attitude and experiences in love.

Good Traits

The Virgo woman is realistic and believes exclusively in her feelings and logic of thinking, in her analytical data and processing them, and she is the one that addresses every problem very thoroughly, even when it comes to simple everyday activities like shopping.

No matter how perfect someone has presented to the Virgo woman, she does not even take some facts for granted, without verification, unless the authority she trusts is behind them – there are very few people who she can trust.  Her nature is skeptical, and her innate perfectionism makes her pay particular attention to detail – she is the one that is noticing everything, and nothing will fall off her radar.

Because of these characteristics, the Virgo woman is a very good psychologist, pedagogues, psychotherapists, but they can also be good psychiatrists.

In some other perspective, the Virgo woman is versatile, with an accentuated research spirit that will catch up with demanding and complicated jobs that require precision, accuracy and concentration – she can become extremely successful in such jobs.

In the end, the sense of order in the Virgo woman’s life is fascinating, others are generally irritated because the Virgo woman is the master of repetition, most of all because repetition is the best way to become perfect – and here we come to her ultimate goal, to do everything perfectly.

Bad Traits

It is true that the Virgo woman is the one lady that is never late, that is always accurate, she is always composed and put together; she will never forgive others for their superficiality, arrogance, unfulfilled promises, and a  delay in agreements or a meeting. This is a death sentence if you ask a Virgo woman, and this kind of behavior will never be tolerated in her life, no matter how close you are to her, she will punish you.

Another problem that the Virgo lady has is her pursuit for perfection – this can drive this woman crazy, it makes her under the immense stress, and it can be a cause of serious frustration. Since the Virgo woman belongs to the passive Zodiac sign, she can be prone to melancholy and often, depression, especially when, because of the pursuit of perfection, destructive self-criticism only increases her own sense that she is not valuable enough.

In the end, the Virgo woman expects a lot from others, more than they do, she openly despises shallowness and superficiality, irresponsibility and arrogance. She is the one that demands order, measure, place, time, the price for everything, and this is just not possible always, and the Virgo lady is gifting with the acceptance of the fact that she cannot control everything. She is the one that has the evaluating eye, and she is the one that will speak to truth and point out openly on things she does not approve.

Virgo woman in Love

The Virgo woman is a very gentle and sensitive lady, but also very charming and she can be the amazing seducer. She is very imaginative and never remains without inspiration when it comes to love; but her defect is that despite the great disappointments that can happen to her, the Virgo lady continues merely to believe in everything that is good in people and that they risk being disappointed again.

True, this woman acts in the way that she seems very gently and calmly, even shy, but that does not actually the total truth. Now, this Virgo lady knows how to seduce a man, to just lead him to love madness. Those who have a Virgo lover very often say that she is a better partner than they expected, maybe even the best they have ever had.

She is the one that always believes in ideals, and that is something that no one can take away from her; but when she is really perceived as far as love goes; she can be very persistent and determined, and I can truly boast of her specific, mild energy, which distinguishes her as special woman. Many people want to be in her society and simply to be in that effect of the positive energy she emits.

In some other way, we will say that the Virgo lady is not really hard to pleased in love – she is very easy to love and represent people who can make love, not just the same measure, but even better than they hoped. The Virgo woman, when loves, is very gentle and sensitive, carries a compassionate nature, which is why others see her as the ideal person for trust and love – she can love, keep secrets and literally become a “shoulder to cry on.”  She is communicative and very emotional in love.

Although she easily falls in love, it does not mean that her emotions last for a short time. On the contrary, this woman succeeds in directing her emotions to one man in extremely long time intervals. But in love, this lady expects and fidelity, but at the same time, she will never suffocate her lover, she is very tolerant. But if the Virgo woman is hurt in love, be sure that she will forgive you, but will never forget what you have done to her, and how much pain she endured.

Virgo woman in Relationship

If you want to win a heart that belongs to the Virgo lady, you will need all the all charm of this world, but also romantic attitude, without which she will definitely not fall in love with you. Since this lady is very talented for all types of art, she is creative, she will definitely fall for a lover who has a fine feeling for “nice” and always try to connect with her on this level and even deeper.

The Virgo lady may have a reputation as a cold woman, but her reservation should not be confused with it. She is the mastermind of the details, enjoys little detail in the conduct of love. It is safe to say that lovers of the Virgo woman should never skip flowers, scented candles or foreplay. A powerful, confident lover will draw the best out of the sexual nature of the Virgo lady, if this relationship is repeated and lasts longer, it can only give many new unpredictable and unplanned passions.

She is a lady who knows honestly to love. The Virgo lady does not care for short ties (usually) and never goes from one man to another. It is actually possible to say that this Virgo lady in life usually has very few partners, but they are in fact always the links that are long-lasting and make an impact in her life.

The Virgo lady is a charming woman who tends to be perfect and shows her intelligence – she seduces everything that goes beyond its path, whether it’s a man or a woman. This lady is a very insightful, natural critic and a sharp analyser for everyone and everyone; and since she is very intuitive, she has the ability to feel what’s wrong with a person or situation, and will know what kind of lover she needs for a serious connection and when that relationship needs to end.

When in a serious relationship, this lady is walking with her feet firmly on the ground, walking graciously and gently – she acts like she rules the world, and in fact, she is.  This is the dynamite of a woman, which literally means that she can do everything she wants, and for it, she needs just a little love in return.

Best match for Virgo woman

The Virgo woman is the one that believes in true love, but the love that is practical, and is not in some way over the top, or too extreme. She is extremely passionate and intense and requires perfection from her relationship, and this is the aspect that can be problematic for many lovers who fall in love with her, and many of them fall under her spell.

Since this lady is known for her tendency to analyse the situation, looking for flaws, strengthening weaknesses and exploring emotions – she needs a suitable lover who will understand this. The Virgo woman is always in love with one person at the same time and does not carry her heart in her sleeve, and she will love only after she deeply analyses that person and get to know that person well. But none of this will stop this beautiful lady to experience impulsive and powerful attractions that she may feel towards some people.

The best match for the Virgo woman can be the Taurus lover to whom your energy of real optimistic will match perfectly. They can have a stable relationship, where practicality is in the first place, and passion on second.

Another lover that can be a suitable match for this woman is the one that belongs to the Zodiac sign Cancer – they are both emotional and can be the best companions who can speak without saying a word. And a similar connection can be seen in the relationship between the Virgo woman and the Pieces lover.

Virgo woman as a friend

Her critical nature and practical personality are an ideal combination for a friend who needs advice when asked, and this lady can somewhat be reserved when it comes to expressing emotions, but this does not mean that she does not love her friends. Because of this reservation, she cannot hear compliments often enough, so she expects from her friends to talk to her with gratitude, and in return, she will only try to be quiet and honest.

The Virgo woman likes to be at the service of others, and you can find her at hand if you need her to talk to you and give you her analysis of a certain situation. Given the fact that and knowing that the Virgo lady is very versatile, many surprises all those vast areas in which the Virgo woman can talk about.

She has the knowledge and skills that can be perfected because time and effort are invested in them – she usually pushes her friends to become better and stronger and to be happier. She sees herself as the wise teacher, and in a way, she really is one.

In social contacts in general, the Virgo woman needs a little more time to “dissolve”, but in her you will have a trusted friend and a person who will, from time to time, lower you “to the ground” in situations when, for emotional confusion, you urgently needs a “voice of common sense”. She is that voice without a doubt, and all of us should be happy to have at least one Virgo as a loyal friend.

On the other hand, if this remarkable woman has chosen you as a friend or partner, do not doubt your qualities, because you have certainly passed through a variety of tests in the meantime, without knowing it.

Virgo woman as a mother

Thanks to Virgo woman’s highly organisational skills and systematic approach that she shows in everything, the Virgo woman children are tidy and obedient.

In everything, and in parenthood, the Virgo lady is very analytical and great in setting goals – and this is the lesson number one that she gives her children. Her children learn everything about organisation skills, teamwork in the house and school, and planning by watching how their mother does this with high results.

The one negative aspect of her motherhood is her pronounced tendency to perfectionism – in the long term, she can make her children quite frustrated when they do not fulfill her expectations. She is the one mother that will criticise and speak honestly even if her children are not ready to hear what she has to say.


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