Capricorn Aquarius Cusp – Dates, Man, Woman, Compatibility

The most common thesis in the realm of Astrology, natal charts, and everything else that comes along the way, that comes from the people who are born on the cusp between two signs, and many astrologers would agree, is that these individuals born on the cusp genuinely believe that they are under the influence that comes from both Zodiac signs, and that they can identify with both of them, more or less.

For those of you who classify with cusp qualities or are intrigued by cusps in general, since this is one exciting aspect that deserves our attention, we also encourage people who are born in the cusp of signs (or know someone who is born on the cusp of two signs) to explore and learn about each cusp and the impact that it has on a people.

Today our attention is focused on human beings who are born on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius signs.

What this means, are these people Capricorns with many traits that come from the Aquarius sign, or are they Aquarius with many characteristics that come from its predecessor, the Capricorn sign? Who knows, there are no rules, both options are possible, or even more pronounced distinction seen in a sense that this person may feel like one or the other, without any doubt, all depending from other natal aspects. So things could vary in this sense, but we are talking about the most common traits that could be found in these people.

Capricorn Aquarius Cusp Man

The man that is born on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius sign is the very persistent man who is more dedicated to work and ambitions than to love. So this is the man that has a problem in reaching some sort of emotional content, but it is not impossible.

He can be romantic at times, but the fact is that this human being is one solid man who must keep all things under his control at all times.

But one more thing must be said – this man can be quite difficult, as it sets some expectations towards its partner who expects to fulfill it, and it is not just about his partners, he is like that with the majority of people who are close to him, in work and everywhere else.

On the other side of this story, this man will never complicate things with excessive emotional outbursts and heartbreaking scenes – this is not his character. He is a practical figure and looks for a practical, capable, intelligent people to be around with.

He is one man that can be extremely pleasant and humorous in society. You can expect a new trick every minute, which you will surely come up with just to improve your mood – but this is only possible if he wants to be like that, if he is not in the mood, he will close himself and will never let anyone see how depressive he is.

The main thing to remember is that fact that this man sets very high standards for himself and others too, and because of innate self-criticism and discipline, this man has the excellent managerial ability.

This man who is born on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius sign can be very modest, demonstrating the ability to reach the target, with minimal expense; he directs his energy with the purpose and in small doses.

He is very organized and able to manage well with several projects simultaneously, and in the end, this man belongs to those people who are deep thinkers. Life is a serious job for this man, and he must have control and detailed insight into it – everything else will produce anxiety in him. Rational, logical and clear, this interesting man directs energy toward knowledge and wisdom.

Capricorn Aquarius Cusp Woman

Just like a man born in the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius sign, a female representative is above all ambitious and responsible human being who reaches her goals slowly, but efficiently. In this sense, she has amazing ideas that she wants to achieve in life, and not everyone could understand the magnitude of her ideas. She is often misunderstood in her life and in work especially.

She is not even a romantic type of woman and appreciates practical gifts and signs of attention, and she prefers something else, something that is more concrete and more practical, in this way. And even if she will never be the one lady that will give up her work and careers to stay at home and raise children, she wants to be with someone who will provide to her, and who will accept her for her ambition.

Often times this lady is described as pretty cold and the one that does not go into the relationship easily, it takes a lot of time to pass before she finds it appropriate to relax in somebody’s society and to open up for love.

She will fall in love with people who are attractive are stable, responsible – her loved ones must realize the fact that she must find her match in life, and will never be happy with someone who is opposite from her.

When this lady is hurt, she prefers to pull herself from everything, and to be silent, rather than talk about it – this is maybe her biggest problem, because communication is one of the most interesting aspects of interpersonal relations, and she needs to implement it in her life. Because of this, her connections with other people can often be in crisis, and the fact is that this lady will suffer immensely for this, even if she will never show it to anyone.

She often hides her feelings, but she has a fear that she will be hurt in interpersonal relations, and often she is. She is hurt maybe because, even if she will never admit it, has high expectations, and when they are not fulfilled, then she feels betrayed.

Good Traits

As you were able to see for yourself in the previous sections where we talked about man and woman that are born on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius sign, these people are those types who can with great confidence feel about themselves, and they do not create any complex.

They have an opinion about everything, and they feel like they all know, and no one is smarter than them – this can be unrealistic, but the fact is that they can learn very much, for a small period, and can genuinely know much more than others. If we add to this also their characteristic that they cannot be influenced, and then subconsciously, they are the ones that like to affect others, not the other way around. But sometimes their ideas are not well accepted in some environment, mostly in workplaces, so their mission to be followed is not easy.

They show their fun, fun and adventurous side to only a few friends, but that they have it, although most people think they are pretty dull. Their sense of humor is black, and it comes down to sarcasm, but it must be admitted that they can be very charismatic.

These humans will instead enjoy peace and loneliness, but spend time in physical activities, which they consider useless; they are simply more willing to acquire knowledge and assets. These people like to have, to gain, and to be recognized by many in the sense that they made a difference in the world, not in some glamorous way.

They love any activity where they can show their strength, endurance and perseverance, as well as in other jobs that require patience and concentration.

Bad Traits

Sometimes it’s hard to deal with them – not only are they overly serious that some less serious signs do not fit, but they are also quite pessimistic. Many happenings in their lives will be the cause of this, and they make things even worse when they criticize things and events around them.

Also, there is something in which a large number of people believe, that is, in some situations; these people show themselves as big pessimists, they do not expect anything good, but luckily the moments when they are thinking so very rare.

They are materialists and maybe more than many other characters – those who are born on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius sign love money and spend it very carefully – sometimes they are too cheap.

They are organized and with them, everything has its place, these people hate the mess, and will criticize all those who create it any sense of that word, literal and metaphorical. The term “creative mess”, which many people use, is only a metaphor for laziness, according to them and they will strongly oppose it, in every manner they can. They are very basic even before they make a decision or conclusion, the first deal with all the facts at their disposal.

In the end, these people can be overly critical to others. The fact is that they expect others to live according to their regulations, and even further, they have a very high conception of themselves, and therefore, they often view others from the heights. Interest in a material can take them to the extreme, and this is the place where they morally collapse.

They can also be greedy, and sometimes they think they know best what is good for others, and they are talking about this advice giving very seriously.  Some representatives of this combination act as bosses in an attempt to correct and organize others. In the end, we must say that these people can be terribly stubborn, even when it sees it totally wrong.

Capricorn Aquarius Cusp in Love

If you know someone who is born in the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius, then you are surely wondering how they, so cold and reserved, actually, make love and romantic relationships with people at all. The answer and the fact is that they do this very hard; it is a long process that does not always have a pleasing result.

Truth to be told, it’s very hard to reach their hearts and for those who succeed it really should give the medal – they are those lovers who will give them their hearts in return. And when they do, they remain faithful forever – this is a fact of life and something that should be taken into some serious consideration when we are discussing their love life.

If you expect the statements of love, you will not hear from them, they are just not those lovers, but what they will do is that they will show their love with deeds. If you expect some emotion, emotional overflow and the like, stop dreaming immediately – these human beings are damn complicated to have that. To say it simply, this combination does not make them emotional and romantic.

As far as their sensual pleasures go, these people are durable in every field of life, and with them, sex can last for a long time. They are practical, and they are more for some classics and comfort than for experimenting – but this does not mean, by any mean, that these people are annoying, especially if the lover is the right one.

That’s why they sometimes give the impression that they are cold and non-emotional, but if you’ve come to the stage of comfort with them, it does not matter. Remember, they simply do not talk about love and affection, even if they recognize that they have it inside.

Best Match for Capricorn Aquarius Cusp

Ok, so we know what are like people who are born on the border between Capricorn and Aquarius sign in love, but who is the one perfect lover that could understand and accept their complexity and occasional coldness?

Best match they create with the person who is born in Zodiac sign Pisces.

First, we must say that this loving combination under favorable circumstances, gradually build a very inspiring love of full inspiration, whose strength between these two lovers can together “conquer the world” while, under unfavorable conditions, this loving couple can represent a very insecure and chaotic love affair. But one thing is certain that they will never lack passion.

If things between these two are working well, they are considered as a very compatible love affair and have a very strong potential for developing deep emotional association and a harmonious marital community. They can also have the impression that they are already known from somewhere, the type of pair that is inseparable.


This human being is a mixture of a tactical and conservative nature with a pinch of creativity in itself. This combination makes it one of the more stable ones with the character of the newly discovered, and if we observe these people are those who want to preserve stability, all the true values, we are right.

Even more, these people are constructive and persistent and add modern ideas, originality and humanity to them, and they become reformers and the modernization of life. These people are not scared of anything, and they are less willing to change if they are new and better.

The disadvantage of this combination is the tenderness that these people sometimes manifest, but there is no doubt that they are strong, bold, unique and eccentric. These are the characteristics best described by persons born at the transition between these signs.

They are clever but also determined. They can motivate others, and there is no defeat for them, in every situation, they have the desire to be the best – of course, this aspect can be the problem in their lives since these people cannot always be the best, and they have a hard time in dealing with it. Sometimes they are stubborn but very loyal.


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