Dreams about Killer Whales – Interpretation and Meaning

Whales are gentle giants of the sea. They are usually interpreted as kind and gentle creatures, even though their outside appearance doesn’t give out that impression.

Dreams about whales are not unusual, especially if you saw an image of them or saw a TV show about these creatures.

But if your dreams came out of nowhere, then they might have a deeper meaning behind them that is based on your inner psychological state or your inner deeper thoughts.

We will give you few examples of dreams about killer whales and the secret meaning and symbolism behind thm, so that you can better understand your dreams.

Dream about a killer whale in general

If you had a dream about a killer whale in any situation, then this dream represents kindness and happiness that someone is giving you.

This dream represents your relationship with a special person, who could be your friend or your romantic partner.

This person is very important for you and you can’t imagine your life without it.

If you had a dream with this symbolism, then you should maybe pay more attention to that person and give her more love, because you might have neglected your time with him or her in the past period.

Dream about a killer whale close to you

This dream can be a warning sign that something is not right in your relationship with someone. This person could be your friend or family member, with whom you had an argument or some kind of disagreement about something.

This dream warns you that you should try to fix this relationship and explain your actions to this person until it gets too late.

Dream about a killer whale in the distance

If the killer whale was far away from you, in your dream, then this dream represents a chance you might have received recently, to change your whole life.

This chance will be your once in a lifetime opportunity to make all of your dreams come true, but for some reason you feel like you won’t be able to grab it. There is something in your mind that is stopping you from believing in yourself and your abilities.

Maybe it is time to face your fears and grab this chance, because it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to finally get where you want in life.

Dream about a killer whale attacking you

Dreams about attacking are usually linked to stressful situations we have been through, so if you had a dream about a killer whale attacking you, then this dream could be a reflection of something you have been through recently, that was extremely unpleasant.

You felt under pressure and trapped by someone or something, and you couldn’t get away from it.

This situation might be over, but you are still under a strong impression after this incident, so your brain is still expressing this stress through your dreams.

This dream could also represent an argument you had with someone close to you.

This person insulted you or made you feel bad, and now you can’t seem to get over that.

Best thing you could do, if you are feeling bad about this, is to talk to this person and clear the whole situation before you get too distant over time.

Dream about several killer whales

Dream about several killer whales can be a representation of your family. Family values are extremely important to you and you keep your family members close to you.

Whales are symbols of kindness and gentleness, so maybe you have been experiencing love from your family more than ever, and this is making you extremely happy.

If you haven’t been showing them enough attention, maybe it is time you do and give them back all of the love they have given you.

Dream about a killer whale swimming

If the whale was swimming in your dream, then this dream is a representation of your progress.

This progress could be personal or business, but in any case you will be moving up in life.

This will be a result of all of your hard work and dedication, you have put into making your dreams come true.

Keep up the good work and don’t get lazy after you reach your current goals, but instead work even harder to make your every dream come true.

Dream about a killer whale with his babies

If you had a dream about a killer whale and his offspring, then this dream represents your strong maternal instinct. P

erhaps you feel a strong desire to protect your children or younger family members from everything bad in the world.

This dream can also appear after a stressful or scary situation you have been through in life, that involved your children.

For those who don’t have children, this dream could be a symbol of desire to start a family with someone, or even a positive symbol that your dreams about a huge family could soon come true.

Dream about a dead killer whale

If the killer whale in your dream was dead, then this dream could be a representation of your inner feelings. You feel alone and abandoned by everyone, but you don’t know how to express these feelings or how to make them apparent to someone.

People can’t read our minds so we need to be honest about our emotions and feelings.

When we start to be honest, they will know how to approach us and eventually help us not to feel alone.


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