Dreams About Tornadoes – Interpretation and Meaning

Many people love to interpret their dreams, which is not always so easy. You have to take into account all details and circumstances that you see in your dream in order to interpret it correctly.

You should know that our dreams are always metaphors of our own emotions. What is happening in our waking lives may be easily reflected in our dreams. Our dreams may also give us some important messages and we should pay attention to them.

In this article we will talk about tornado dreams that may be very unpleasant and even terrifying. It is known that tornadoes are destructive winds that can make a lot of damage. Also, these violent storms kill approximately 80 persons every year.

Because of that tornadoes are known as the most powerful and violent storms in a whole world. When dreaming of tornadoes, you may experience fear, confusion, anger, but also self-consciousness and self-control. Although tornado dreams may be scary, in most cases they have a positive meaning and they show you what you should do to improve the quality of your life.

Have you ever dreamed of tornadoes? Did you feel panic and fear? Did you wake up several times overnight because you were afraid? Don’t worry, it is normal.

Psychologists agree that people who are not able to control their lives are more likely to have this type of dreams. These people may have experienced a sudden change or a volatile situation recently.

Below you will see something more about tornado dreams and their meanings. A tornado may have different metaphorical meanings in your dreams.

If you have also dreamed about tornadoes and if you would like to know the real meaning of your dream, read this article carefully. We are sure that it will be very interesting and also useful for you. After reading this article, you will be able to give a detailed interpretation of your tornado dream. So, let’s start.

What Are the Meanings of A Tornado In Your Dreams?

Sudden Change In Your Life. We all know that tornadoes don’t last too long. For a short time these winds may sweep away everything in front of them. But, after a tornado has ended, a new life is starting. Similar situation is if you dream about tornadoes.

These dreams refer to a sudden change that has happened in your life. Maybe you have changed your job suddenly or you have to settle in a new place. Also, if you got a baby, it will suddenly change your whole life.  All these situations may cause you to dream about tornadoes.

Big Emotional Change. As we have already said, tornado is a dynamic wind, so tornado dreams also refer to our strong emotions and outbreaks. You may dream of a tornado when you are confused about your own emotions or when you are in a relationship that is not stable. Also, if you are prone to change your mood suddenly, you are more likely to have these dreams.

Destructive Situation. Tornadoes may also symbolize a destructive situation in your life. You may be losing control over your life and your behavior may become destructive. You are not able to control a situation in your life so you need to use a destructive force.

Also, dreams about tornadoes mean that you may feel overwhelmed and disappointed. If you have a lot of worries and problems in your waking life, it is possible that you will dream about tornadoes.

Other Meanings. Tornado may also be the sign of your anxiety and frustration. If you have too much stress in your life and if you are afraid of sudden losses, it is possible that you will dream about these powerful storms.

The Most Common Dreams About Tornadoes and Their Interpretations

As we have already said, a tornado may have different meanings in your dreams, depending on a situation in which you see a tornado. You may dream that you are caught in a tornado, but also that a member of your family or your friend is caught in a tornado.

Also, you may dream that you only see a tornado from afar or that you are trying to escape from this violent storm. In some dreams tornado will destroy everything around you, while in others there will be no damage and you will easily survive. Each of these dreams has its own meaning. Just continue reading this article and you will find out soon.

Seeing a Tornado. If you see a tornado in your dream, it means that you will experience a new challenge or a new relationship in a following period. Also, seeing a tornado may have another meaning, depending on whether a man or a woman is dreaming of a tornado.

If a man has dreamed of seeing a powerful tornado, it usually means that this man has some conflicts and problems at work. If a woman is dreaming of seeing a tornado, it can mean that she had an argument with her partner, which can lead to the end of their relationship. Also, this dream can mean that this woman is pregnant in waking life. Many studies have shown that pregnant women are more likely to dream about tornadoes.

It is also very important how far is tornado that you see in your dreams. If it is far away from you, it is a good sign. It means that it will not make you any damage. You will have a peaceful period in front of you.

Being Within a Tornado. If you have dreamed that you have been in a tornado, this dream is a sign that you are fighting against your own emotions. Also, this dream may have another meaning. Sometimes it means that someone is controlling you. You don’t have control over your own life and there are too many problems on your way.

Escaping From a Tornado. If you see in your dream that you are trying to escape from a tornado, it reflects your wish in a waking life to avoid any conflicts. You are actually escaping from conflict situations in order to keep harmony and peace.

Surviving a Tornado. If you have survived a tornado in your dream, it has a positive meaning. This dream means that you will have a progress in your waking life. Problems that you have are only temporary, so you don’t have to worry. After this difficult situation you will be much stronger and also happier.

Tornado is Destroying Objects. If you see in your dream that a tornado is destroying objects around you, it means that you have to understand all the consequences of a certain situation.

Your Family and Friends are In a Tornado. If you are dreaming that your close friends or a member of your family are caught in a tornado, it is a sign that you should focus yourself on the events that may affect your family and friends in waking life. Keep in mind that sometimes it will be necessary to ask someone else to support you.

Seeing Several Tornadoes. If you see several tornadoes in your dream, it may refer to some people who change their mood frequently. These may be people around you who are violent sometimes. A dream about several tornadoes may refer to a volatile relationship as well.

These are some of the most common tornado dreams. No matter which of these situations you see in your dream, if it turns out well, it is a good sign. It means that nothing bad will happen. You just need to learn something important in your life.

If you also dream about tornadoes sometimes, it is time to ask yourself some questions. Are you confused about any aspect in your life? Do you feel overwhelmed or you have a destructive behavior? Are you disappointed? Have you experienced strong emotions lately? Have you experienced any volatile situation recently? These are the questions that you should ask yourself before starting to interpret your tornado dreams. This will make it easier for you to discover a real meaning of your dream.

It is also very important what do you feel about tornado dreams. If you are shaken in your dream, it means that you should not be so depressed in your waking life. Try to be more objective and optimistic.


In this article you have seen a detailed tornado dream interpretation. Now you know that tornadoes in your dreams are usually related to your emotions or sudden changes in your life. Sometimes these dreams can mean that a certain part of your life is in a danger. You may have problems in your relationship or at work. In this case a tornado dream may serve you as a warning to prevent some of these changes to happen.

As you have seen, tornado dreams may also mean that you have too much stress in your life. In order to avoid these dreams, you should calm your nerves and avoid stressful situations. Also, we have told you that tornado dreams may be a symbol of your own anxiety and fears. You should ask yourself what you are afraid of.

We hope you have enjoyed this article. Now you know that tornado dreams don’t have a negative meaning always. In most cases tornado dreams are only a signal for you to be more optimistic and to solve problems that you have in your waking life. As we have already said, our dreams are usually a reflection of our own fears, so you should think well about your actual situation before you start to interpret your dreams.

Keep in mind that you should consider all the circumstances in your dream in order to get its real meaning.


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