Libra Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality, Compatibility

We must speak more about things that Astrology can provide to us, and what is that that this science can provide to us, are there any promises and assurance? Can we be sure that things are going to be great, and that we will found out what the obstacles are ahead of us so that we could cross them?

Some Astrologers say that the most significant thing that Astrology can give us it is the truth, or in some sense self-knowledge – the amazing starting point for any personal growth.

In this respect, Astrology, the natal chart(with all its complexity) and the way we can see and make our lives better is a discipline, and some people relate it to psychology since it can be used as an instrument of analysis and the way of self-discovery.

Today we are helping those people who have located Sun in the Libra sign and the Moon in the Capricorn sign to look at to their life. What does this means and is this connection compatible? Read all about this topic.

Good Traits

Even if this person who has luminaries located in Libra and Capricorn sign may seem for others as human being that is stiffer than many, but in essence, he is much more.

It’s hard for this person to show his feelings, since he is the one that is often turning to the traditional style and conservative values in his life, and we are saying that this is the trait that we as the virtue, not a flaw. Virtues like love for the family life, respect, modesty and honor are not maybe the traits that are valued today, but the person who has them and lives by them certainly deserves respect.

He has dignity, he is very patient and persistent, and for sure he will achieve everything that he wants – of course, if he succeeds in overcoming his “flaws”.

In everything that he does, he is critically involved, he loves justice and morals, he is always oriented toward success, and he feels the need to testify in the concrete results of his efforts, but at the same time, he is an altruist.

Bad Traits

He has a strong mind, maybe some will say that he is almost overly disciplined, and therefore he can act reserved and distant.

In some sense, this is the person who is in poor relationships with himself; he knows that he must continue his efforts as an automaton, with almost mechanical determination, and other things is a curtain.

In some others, fields are his occupation and he little by little he reveals that life is too sad if a person has to fight himself against himself constantly. He is his biggest enemy, and this is the aspect that this human being with the luminaries located in the Libra and Capricorn combination needs to work hard.

Every (or many) obstacles that are coming his way he put on himself); so to change it he needs to start from himself.

If he does not work on this issue, this being cannot condemn himself to fight in the long run only. Thus, he no longer knows exactly where it is, he is not sure of its depths of inclination, but it still adheres to some of its beliefs and principles.

Since he may become a prisoner of the strict tenets acquired during his life, he hardly achieves the elasticity of character that he needs and what he feels he can find.

Libra Sun Capricorn Moon in Love

Although it seems a bit cruel (maybe the best word is cold or distant) toward other people at first glance, this is an extremely passionate person who needs a lot of love and attention to be satisfied.

This may sound contradictory, in a sense that the Sun in the Libra demands love and a lot if, and the Moon that is located in the Capricorn stops these tendencies.

He has tendencies to show selfishness, but he is able to change his lifestyle by marriage in time, or at least having a long-term relationship with someone.

This all comes from his deep need to be loved and to love, and this is the aspect of his life where he feels like he does not get enough opportunities in life to show how much he can love since others can see him as cold and distant.

Nevertheless, the emphasis is put on a constant struggle through emotions that need to be aligned with ambitions and own desires, so this person must continuously maintain the balance to be complete. And once again, in the life of this person, balance in love is also one of the essential things in life that needs to be achieved.

Libra Sun Capricorn Moon in a Relationship

A person who has Sun and Moon located in Libra and Capricorn sign has an enormous practical sense that is not satisfied with the fulfillment of solely individual desires but feels the imperfection of doing for others.

He is very demanding in this sense, and he is always seeking a lot from others, in the case of love life we are talking about lovers.

This is the person who is always, this person is trying to impose virtuosity around him and would like to think and act in a golden environment, with a measure that draws his strength from natural authority.

So, it is very clear that this is the person who wants to be in charge in a relationship, but he remains dreaming about the perfect love – so, we can say that this is the person who is, in love, and when in love, an idealist who is fundamentally rooted in reality.

Life with this person means that you will enjoy romantic moments, but at the same time you will have a well-organised life in which you will just have to listen, and he will do everything else. This suits our candidate who has Sun in the Libra and Moon in the Capricorn sign.

Best Match for Libra Sun Capricorn Moon

So, to sum a love life of the person who has such position of luminaries, we can say that he is the person with the gift to demonstrate his mental abilities properly; sensitivity is very pronounced in speech, and diplomacy on a professional level.

Due to extraordinary tactics, but positive and cunning, this person can successfully lead others, and he acts the same in the love area of his life. Who is the lover that could be a perfect match? We guess that this could be a person who is born in the Zodiac sign Scorpio – this is the person who is passionate and strong at the same time.

Both are persistent, ambitious and perfectly fit each other in some sensitive sense. This love connection rarely has problems, and when they eventually come, they are never connected to love mutual passion, but other things, that are objectively less important.

This person who has the Moon located in the Capricorn sign loves the romanticism that Scorpio possesses, and his embrace is what brings him to madness. Stability and persistence are what he will always appreciate and respect with Scorpion lovers.

Libra Sun Capricorn Moon as a Friend

As a friend, a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Libra and Capricorn signs is the one that is truly able to help others, and thanks to his sense of diplomacy, he can calm down any situation, any conflict and will resolve any conflict that may be in the friend zone.

Sometimes, it is not easy for the person who has this combination of sings, and he can be seen as cold and distant – others will find him not funny enough, etc.

However, he has a lot to offer as a human being and as a friend, and we are talking about the person who can give support and balanced advice when need.

He is also the one that person who becomes independent, without making many wrong steps in life; and this is the aspect that his friends respect – he tries to give them the same amount of support.


As you were able to see, this astrological connection is not the perfect combination, but there are a lot of good things in this combination of luminaries. He is the human being who thinks, knowingly of his own problems, and sometimes he can be unable to solve them, in the midst of a painful sense of impotence.

He is the one that is constantly trying to satisfy his personal ambitions and is not able to concentrate solely on one goal to make sure that he will win, as he reveals little by little that there is no strength, courage, or the ability of self-determination necessary if he wants to dedicate only to one task. And it is ok; he usually builds his way one step by step, slowly and with the clear goal.

But on the other side of the story, this is the person who has aesthetic tastes and sense of nuances is in constant conflict with her categorical and abstract spirit. He can win this psychological and intellectual dilemma by suppressing her sensibility in favor of sometimes conformist lucidity, which is, in principle, fair and objective.

The Moon in the Capricorn, in this case, gives the power of consciousness and the depth, but at the same time mitigated and presented to the extent possible by the Sun in the Libra sign that will influence the development of a person capable of using his own forces in a wise and productive way, excluding the conflicts that create here the time is too logical character, time of uncontrolled feelings.


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