Libra Sun Leo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

In the Zodiac, if we look at the natal chart of a person, we could clearly see the position of the ascendant, and it is important, but what is also relevant is the location of the planets in relation to the ascendant.

And in this sense, the ruling Zodiac sign is the Sun sign, since it shows the point of the Sun at the time of our birth.  The term “star sign” that is also used for the ruling Zodiac sign is reasonable only if we view the Sun as another star, and others like to call it the Sun sign; and the Moon aspect must come here as the counterpart, like the other, equally important energy.

Today our focus is on a person who has Sun located in the Libra sign and the Moon in the Leo sign, and many will agree that this is one very interesting connection that is also compatible. Read all about this topic and make your own conclusions.

Good Traits

Here we encounter a person who has and beauty and heroism in his actions, and when others look at this person they can surely see elegance and a person who wants to belong to the high society, and he usually does.

He feels most comfortable in this society, and everything that he does must be correlated to his conditions, that are usually very high. He does not hide this, he is very proud of his choices in life, and he does not mind what others think of him.

These are the main temptation in the life of the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Libra and Leo sign – he must maintain a beautiful atmosphere in which it usually lives, and this is not always easy. His actions are directed to the achievement of this atmosphere by all means, and usually, he takes his environment with him.

It is, therefore, no wonder why this connection of signs is often encountered in the creative people, and through it, they can show what they feel, and they feel the world with their senses. How amazing is this, to be able to see the world with the beautiful eyes and to give others that picture?

His relations with the people are always caring and with a lot of love; but everywhere they go, this person will show a pleasant authority in very important places.

The main thing is that this person is always deep and sincere, and can come very far in the domain where he has decided to express himself.

And even here it is important that this human being to concentrate on just one ambition (in which you will have a lot of difficulties) and make sure he realises it intellectually and materially, he will reach the peak of your strength and adapt to the conditions of life.

In his nature, there is a possibility of conquering high material and moral values without spending excessive amounts of energy.

Bad Traits

This is the person who has Moon located in the Leo sign, and we all know that this is the sign that is usually connected to the superficiality.  And the problem is not just that, but the moment when superficiality gets him – he is irresistibly attracted to everything that shines. And he quickly falls into the trap of wanting more and more, and he may forget on all those beautiful things in life that he can think of.

His difficulties are also reflected in the fact that as soon as he gets one battle, he throws yourself in another, to get up a little more, because he loves to use his reputation. And sometimes this is not impossible and he instead of trying again hard, he thinks that he already deserves something.

When he wants more and more in life and loses his focus, he is struggling to show himself enough in his life, without choosing ways to achieve his goals or gain a reputation, parading without a measure in various abusive places.

Libra Sun Leo Moon in Love

Obstacles that may come in the love life of the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Libra and Leo sign are present because they mainly result from excessive sensibility or from too logical and one-sided intellect.

If this person can manage to, in some cases, avoid the danger of looking at others as an antipathic form of egocentricity, and then he could succeed in raising himself above others, but keeping, in the meantime, useful and pleasant contacts with them.

But, we must speak about his qualities – this is the person who is seen as powerful, and they fall in love with him, because he is seen as a visionary, a creator, the one who has strong convictions, principles and is well recovering after the crisis periods.

When loves, he is the one that is very close to his loved ones, and the main thing is that he must have in all interpersonal relations is trust – and others have a lot of confidence in the judges of these people. He relies a lot on his loved ones and in this sense, he is a dependable person, having in mind his inability to make a fast decision, the support that comes from his loved ones is a crucial one.

In the end, love is a constant quest for the ideal, but this person does not deal well with pain, sacrifice, and when he does not like something, life begins to be very scary, and he seeks what he needs.

He always suffers when this ideal is not achieved and does not want people to see him like that, and vice versa – if he is happy in love, he is in balance.

If not, then he struggles, and the main thing in his love life is to avoid having bad relationships in a row, cause then he could really struggle to get out of that bad circle.

Libra Sun Leo Moon in a Relationship

As we have said already a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Libra and Leo sign has a strong personality, and he dominates over others without the pain. He is honest and direct, romantic and idealist, yet if he has not mastered the lesson from generosity, he can be egoistic, stubborn and undisciplined in life and also in interpersonal relationships. And his lovers just got to deal with this fact, but life as it is, usually connect this person with those who see in him a hero with many qualities.

By nature, this is the person who is self-centered and proud, he knows how to get involved, he is very social(he does not have a problem in finding lovers), but his lovers must be aware of the fact that he demands a lot and he is always nurturing certain principles.

He usually maintains high standards when choosing his lovers, both in looks and character – cause deep inside, this person believes that he deserves the best, cause he is the best.

Best Match for Libra Sun Leo Moon

Demanding, self-centered, with high standards, but at the same time loving and incredibly charming lover want to have a perfect lover? Who can be this lover?

Our guess is that the perfect lover for the representative of this luminary connection could be Aquarius partner – this is the partner who is stable and strong, with a pronounced thought and desire to contribute to society.

Always ready for compassion, but closed when it comes to their own emotions, the Aquarius lover is hardly understandable to someone, but not for our candidate. Because of this, they often know that they end up with older, more experienced lovers who have an understanding of their frequent dreams and the tendency to silence.

If he lives in an environment with no pressure, he will be the best lover that exists – and precisely the one that has Sun and Moon located in the Libra and Leo combination can provide such environment.

Libra Sun Leo Moon as a Friend

Every friend of the person with such luminary positions must know that this person is very ambitious, and his goals must be exalted, and the means by which they will be accomplished is by the revelations – and if he is surrounded by the people, who believe in the same way, are his for life.

He is the idealist, the one that believes in certain virtues such as honesty, and the power of friendships. He may be even the subject of others jealousy because he is very talented in the artistic plan, but in the end, everyone who is close to him is always surrounded by beauty and harmony.

But there is one relevant thing that we must speak of – his negative trait when it comes to the relations with other people is his poorly positioned and managed pride.


The time for the summary is here -this is the person who has a very favorable astrological connection that is defined as the concentration of strength: because, at the same time, the direct, straightforward and intrusive power of the Moon in Leo is living in it, and it is lighter, diplomatic, which respects other people’s desires and needs, although never gives up on its intentions belonging to the Sun in the Libra sign.

This is the person who has confidence in himself and always goes forward using charm to impose his will, but also gentleness. He has every chance that his life is going in the right direction, provided he acts elegantly, which means that he avoids tramping on his beliefs.


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