Seeing Yourself in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

In the process of discovering your personality, we have to find out so much about our subconscious doubts, and we will tell you that this is one very hard process, since it is very difficult and complicated to examine it.

This is so because people are not simple, we are multilayered persons who have and work by emotions, ratio, and who have deep spiritual side – all of this combined and put into the perspective that we have our past, present and future, makes understanding of ourselves truly hard.

In this sense, the human mind is a major enigma that is still investigated, and just like the Universe maybe we will never know everything about it, but maybe the hardest process is the one in which you have to discover you truly are, your attitude towards himself and all the things and people that surround us.

If we want to go even further, we can say that the symbolism of a personality is the problem of knowing, discovering, confronting and accepting or understanding what restrains or elevates a person above others.

To look for these answers, a person must look deep inside himself, so that he or she could understand the complexity of his or her personal qualities and defects.

Maybe, in that process, a helpful hand may come to those who have a dream about themselves – they are maybe among those who will find the answers they look for in life.

Today, we are searching for the answer what it means when you dream about yourself in a dream – as you can expect, there are millions of versions of this dream, and we will look deep into the most common versions.

The Meaning of Seeing Yourself in a Dream

This is one very common dream that most of us have because, in every (almost every) dream you have, you are in the leading role, but it depends if you see yourself (you are watching yourself) or you are doing things in the first-person role.

Here, we will focus on the first version of this dream, where you see yourself in a dream.

In the majority of cases, such a dream means that you are subconsciously confronting “yourself and this is the dream that comes to those who are “unable” to do so in reality.

There is, of course, fear of condemnation or moral norms imposed on you, so you are scared to “look” yourself in the eye, because of some occurrences in your life (that were bad or good, it does not matter).

If you see yourself in a dream, but the image you are seeing is completely vague (many people do not see their own faces, but they “know” that they are in a dream), such a dream indicates that you are a very egotistical and selfish person, that you always and primarily think only of your own needs or desires, and that you are not at all interested in the views or status and opinions of others people, and that you are incapable of accepting either criticism or good-natured suggestion, because you are always the “best and the first” and you always know more and better than anyone else.

This way of thinking could be beneficial, but in other times such “firm” attitude is proven to be very bad and even not useful.

If you in a dream is depicted as a small child, such a dream in reality implies that you are a person who is completely naive and honest, and that you are truly gullible and affectionate, and that anyone can easily deceive and lure you, but you still think that people are good and that no one in this world can command you wrong, or that there is any cause for you to “stumble” and waste your energy on you.

We could also say that alternatively, this is the dream that means that you are “too early” to have grown up and that your life troubles or problems have “hardened” you and learned to suppress your emotions, but that deep down you are suffering for a “child who is in you” and need care, attention, love, tenderness and warmth.

You do not want others to see this part of your persona, but this deep and unfulfilled need comes to the surface, in this form (via dream).

If you are depicted in a dream as an old and weak person, in reality, such a dream has the connotation that you are used to having someone else’s help or support.

This is the dream that often comes to those who have learned to rely on family and partner for everything or friends, and that you are easily mistaken or abandoning your goals and intentions because others have such a powerful impact on you.

Such a dream means that when you feel that you have to cope with yourself or that you are “left to yourself” in some or difficult decisions or serious life situations, and that you do not have enough maturity and self-awareness to cope with her daily routine and all the troubles she “brings”.

This dream brings a valuable lesson that you must take into serious consideration because if you continue to do things the same as before you will be in a serious problem.

The Symbolism of Seeing Yourself in a Dream

Also, we must say that the symbolism of this dream is very interesting and it can speak a lot about your inner being, and how you act in real life, or you think you act since the truth will come to the surface, in one way or the other.

To understand this dream more in-depth, we must look at all versions of this dream in which you see yourself with the special attention to your feelings – are you happy, sad or something else? Any emotion that you have in real life is reflected in the dream world.

So, for example, if you see yourself crying, or you are very sad, for some reason or without some realistic and just basis for such emotions, such a dream symbolizes in your mind that you are completely unhappy in your subconscious and that you are trying to make some unrest, worries, sadness and adversity you suppress and “keep within.”

This is the dream that stands as the symbol of your true emotions, and it is irrelevant how you think you feel or how you show your feelings – this is the dream that shows your true emotions. And it is up to you to discover the cause of such negative emotions.

But, if in a dream you are having you see yourself quite happy or smiling in your dream, and sometimes it happens that you laugh very loud and laugh at night, in reality, such a dream symbolizes that you are a person who is usually inclined to act very and affectively and unpredictably, and your laughter and happiness in the dream they can be a manifestation of the repressed anger and resentment that you have suppressed in your subconscious.

So, this is not a good symbolism even if the emotions in your dream are seemingly happy because they show that you have succeeded in projecting themselves and being “released” in your sleep.

The version of this dream in which you see yourself being seriously ill and dying for sure, that dream either really implies that you are a big hypochondriac and that you are subconsciously scared for your health.

In most extreme versions of this dream, people who have it are those who have a great fear of death, and everything that is connected to it.

Some say that the alternate version of this dream symbolizes that you will that you have very good health and a long life, and that you will solve all the problems and doubts that have disturbed your happiness and the harmony that you have had before, and which you very much strive for and attach great importance to in your life.

In a version of a dream (and this is one very common version that the majority of us had) where you tried to kill yourself, such a dream has a very simple and very clear symbolism, and indicates that you are ready to give up some old habits, vices or correct your mistakes, and to start a whole new life that you will live honestly, with a lot of love and a great deal of care and generosity for all the people around you, and that you will be in the public eye for another or a completely “new person”.

If in a dream you are having, you are dying and others speak or mourn your death, such a dream in real life is an indication of some great joy and happiness, and also means longevity, good health, wealth and success in every field of life you “work”.

Do I have to be worried?

If you see yourself in a dream, the interpretation of that dream in reality largely depends on whether your “reflection” was sad or cheerful, and whether you “saw in your mirror” your tears or smile.

So, if in the dream in your character in the mirror you saw “joy” or smile, such a dream means that you will have great happiness, job success, good health and material gain in society.

There are as you were able to see, numerous versions of this dream, and all of them could reveal something about you.

Do not worry if you have seen yourself in a dream -this is an excellent way to find answers about the state of your soul.

Are you happy or sad, but truly, the dream world is not a place where you can lie, everything that is truly happening comes to your dream world.

Do not be worried, be happy that you could see yourself from some other perspective, from a more realistic and objective point of view.

What to do if I had this dream?

What you should do is to look at these dreams as the opportunity to look at yourself as the “mirror image” of yourself and to compare it with your state of mind in reality – where you tearful or very sad, or happy and joyful.

In this sense, the symbolism of this dream is very similar to the reality and signifies some of your anxieties and fears, and has the connotation of business failure or loss of money, or the termination of some friendship or great love.

Once again, this is not the dream that is saying that you will lose some money, or die, but that you are in fear that these things will happen in your life.

Also, this dream may mean that you are in awe in some fear and do not have the courage to reveal it to yourself or to others, and you express all your suppressed or hidden emotions by crying or moaning loudly in the dream, so it happens that tears and wake up and feel a kind of relief and relief.

Whatever you dream, all of those dreams are about you, there is no doubt, and it is just that the dream where the main motive is you is somewhat different, it is more important, more meaningful and the type that goes much more into the depths of your personality than any other.


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