Dreams about Dolphins – Interpretation and Meaning

Dolphins are beautiful creatures. The bring joy and positive energy when we are around them and they are extremely intelligent and kind.

They can come up in our dreams in time when we see them somewhere or when we hear something new and interesting about them.

In this case our brain can implement an image of a dolphin in our dream but is there another and symbolic meaning to dolphins in our dreams?

We will present some of the most common dream situations that can occur and that are related to dolphins.

Dream about a dolphin in general

If you see a dolphin in your dream, then you will experience something pleasant and exciting. Maybe you will finally meet someone who will change your life or maybe you will simply have luck wherever you go.

They usually symbolize connection with others so if you started working on a new project or you have met someone interesting, you will be able to make a good connection with them. They are overall a positive sign and you will definitely have only positive experiences after seeing a dolphin in your dream.

Dream about a dolphin in water

Seeing a dolphin in his natural environment is also a positive sign. This means you will have a good communication with others and your friendships and relationships will definitely blossom. You will be able to use your good communication skills in this period to pursue plans you have had recently and these connections will be important for you in the upcoming period.

It is a great time to start meeting new people and socializing because you never know when you are going to meet someone important and influential. If you end up meeting someone like this, make sure to use all the advantages that have come your way.

Dream about playing with a dolphin

This dream is a good indicator that you are stressed out and that you need some kind of relaxation and rest.

Your job is stressing you out additionally and you don’t know how to handle all of the obligations that are currently on your back.

You long for a nice, relaxing time with your friends or family and you are demonstrating this wish in your dream.

Perhaps this is the great time to spend more moments with your friends or simply do something that you enjoy doing in order to relax.

Dream about chasing after a dolphin

This dream represents your current relationship with someone that is fun and exciting. You might have met someone new and fun who is interesting to you because you haven’t been in a relationship like this. He or she is bringing you a new prospective and outlook to the world.

This positive energy is being transferred to your dreams and you can’t stop thinking about this. Make sure to get the best out of this relationship because you never know where this might lead to.

Dream about saving a dolphin

This dream indicates that your relationship might be at risk because there isn’t any fun and excitement in it. You got stuck inside a circle and everything has become a routine. You should pay more attention to your partner so that this routine can finally end.

Maybe you should throw a surprise for your partner and enjoy your time together. This symbol is overall positive because it warns you about the current situation and helps you improve it before it gets too late.

Dream about riding a dolphin

This dream indicates that you have a large wish to move on up in life. You feel like you have got stuck and you can’t seem to upgrade to a better position. You should try to find out how you can make some changes that will make your life more positive.

This dream also has a somewhat positive meaning because it warns you that you are not happy in your current position and that you need change in your life. Make sure not to ignore this sign and act on it as soon as possible.

Dream about touching a dolphin

This symbol represents a sensual connection to someone. This might be a new partner with whom you have just started a relationship or someone you have just met but you feel a big attraction to them.

This is a positive sign and you should take this symbol as a guideline.

Dream about a dolphin jumping in the water

This dream represents vitality and good health that you are in. You feel good about yourself and in extreme good shape. If you were sick before this, you might have recovered from your condition and you feel like you can conquer the world.

Make sure to use this period to improve your condition even more and keep it that way for your own sake.

Dream about a dead dolphin

This dream indicates a bad communication with someone and you might be experiencing issues with people in general. You might have gotten into a fight with someone close to you and now you feel bad because of this.

If you are the one who is guilty, then you should apologize and explain what you did especially if this person is important to you.

Dream about a losing sight of a dolphin

This dream has a somewhat negative meaning. This means you feel bad for letting a certain person leave your life and you definitely want them back. If the relationship isn’t ruined completely, make sure to let them know how you feel and try to fix the communication between you two.

If a lot of time has passed, then this will be harder for you but honest feelings are always appreciated.

Dream about several dolphins

This dream has an extremely positive meaning. You will have luck in everything you do and all of your ventures will be successful.

Make sure to make the most of this period because times like this don’t come your way often.

Dream about a dolphin carrying you

This dream has a positive meaning and you will experience an unselfish help from someone who is not even close to you.

This might be a stranger who is willing to help you with something without giving anything in return. You will be stunned by his or hers actions because an unselfish act like this is very rare.

Dream about feeding a dolphin

This dream is also positive. You will impress someone with your skills and this person will be able to help you use them in the best way possible.

This is the right period for progress and you should make the most of it while it lasts.


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