Koala – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Koalas are cuddly and cute animals that come from Australia. They feed of eucalyptus leaves and spend most of their life just hanging on branches and looking adorable.

There probably isn’t anyone in the world who doesn’t find these creatures to be beautiful.

Koala symbolism is mostly linked to Australian native people since they do not inhabit any other continent in the world. Their presence in other countries of the world has been enabled only after development of travel, so now all of us can enjoy the beauty of koalas.

Koala traits and characteristics

Calm – Koalas are very calm and easy-going animals, that aren’t afraid of people. They enjoy eating eucalyptus branches while hanging on a tree. They rarely show any aggression. He only time this happens is when they are attacked or when they feel threatened.

Loving – Koalas love to cuddle and hug. They are not at all violent creatures and people can almost approach them anytime. They love getting their fur scratched and they enjoy the feeling of a human hand. They are also loving and kind to each other and they rarely show anger.

Lazy – koalas are lazy but since their food doesn’t need to be killed to be eaten, their only obligation during the day is to find a eucalyptus tree. After that, they can eat and enjoy the rest of the day.

Koala as a totem

As a totem koala is everything you imagine it to be. They are symbols of kindness, motherhood, calmness and family. Koala people have an easy-going attitude in life.

They enjoy spending time with friends and family rather than alone. They enjoy that feeling of community and sharing love with others.

They rarely get upset over things, and this can only occur if you have done something really bad. They don’t hold grudges, so even if you do something wrong, they won’t care for it for too long.

Koala people can sometimes seem too calm to others. They appear to be uninterested or not amused at times, but this doesn’t have to be the thing. Sometimes they just disconnect and get into their Zen mode, that is hard to break into.

They live their life in a way that it looks like they don’t really care. They are guided by the motto “whatever will be, will be”. This kind of attitude helps them get through life without getting too stressed or anxious.

Another thing important to these people is family. They would give everything for their family and friends. They are very proud of their circle of friends and they always have someone to talk to or ask for advice. Most of their friends are from childhood years who know them well.

Koala people don’t open up at first, and it takes a little bit more time to get to know them. They love getting to know others and listening to them before they decide whether or not to trust them. But once they do open up they are yours for life.

More than anything these people value motherhood.  This is part of life they find to be their true calling or life sense. Raising a child and passing on good qualities to him is something they need to accomplish in life. They adore children in general and love spending time with them. This gives them a feeling like they are young again.

Koala people are very protective of their lives. They hate when someone tries to interfere to mess with their little piece of heaven. They can sometimes be too protective when it comes to their children but this is all for their own good.

Some might find this to be a flaw, but they can’t help themselves. This is something stronger than them so they can’t do anything about it. This maternal instinct helps them be kind to others and approach them with a nice word and advice.

Koala bears are reminders that our homes and families should be peaceful and calm. Everything in our life needs to have order and organization. We need to take some time to relax and recollect our thoughts before we act.

Overall, Kola people are kind and loving o others. They enjoy relaxing and hanging out with their friends and family.

Koala as a symbol in a dream

As symbols in dream koalas can have different meanings. If you saw a koala in your dream, then this dream is a representation of good luck and prophetic feelings. Something is about to happen to you that will change your life forever. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities and don’t miss out on something that could potentially be great.

Dream about a dead koala Is a representation of bad luck. This dream is a warning sign that things are about to get bad in all areas of life so it is better for you to stay away from the plans you have made. They have to wait for a better time.

If you had a dream about a koala eating eucalyptus leaves then this dream is a representation of financial luck that is about to enter your life. Almost everything you touch will turn into gold so keep your eyes open for new investments. This is the right period to start working on new financial projects and ideas.

If you killed a koala in your dream, then this dream is a representation of failed projects. Something you have been working on is not going to be successful and you will definitely feel sad about it.

If koala appeared in your dream, then this dream could be a warning sign that some of your secrets could be revealed to other people. You should be careful about who you tell your thoughts and secrets because they might try to use them against you.

Koala as a symbol in different cultures

Koalas are native to Australia and most of their symbolism comes from there. Europeans never really had a chance to discover or meet this beautiful creature but after travel and traffic development, other countries in the world were able to see koalas in person.

In Australia, koalas are loved by the nation. They are basically symbols of Australia and one of their biggest attractions.

Aborigine people in Australia call koalas “no drink”. They believe that koalas don’t drink water and that they can survive without liquid. One tale tells how koalas lost their tales and how come they don’t need water.

They used to hang from their tales and drink water from above. Since droughts were often in this part of the world, koalas were considered to be pests. They hoarded water and once koalas were caught drinking water, they ran so fast that they forgot their tails. So now koalas don’t have tails.

Aboriginal people used to eat koalas as well. They never skinned koala’s fur and they cocked them completely. They believed that koala’s spirit would enter them and showed them where the water is.

Australians also saw koalas as social creatures who love being a part of the community. Strangely koalas aren’t afraid of people, on contrary they enjoy our presence and company. To them, koala represents family, home, love and calmness.

In Australian zodiac, koala people are born between June 21 to July 23. These people are tied to the moon and they have an amazing tenacity. They often have major conflicts in their heads, whether to trust their brains or to trust their hearts.

Koala tattoos have become more popular in recent years. Koala tattoos are symbols for safety, memory, sensitivity, mysticism and confidence. On TV and in movies, koalas are represented as kind and loving creatures and their popularity keeps on growing with years.

Love for koalas has spread throughout the world and we all enjoy watching videos with them or seeing them in person. They have become universal symbols for cuteness and nobody can deny this fact.


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