Waterfall – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

A waterfall is a site of an open drop of water in a river current – there are numerous kinds around the world, and the most famous is Niagara Falls, located in the USA.

Even if you have not seen a real waterfall in real life, you have certainly seen one on TV or online, and you know that this is truly the miracle of nature – the place where the large quantity of water falls down.

In it, we can see the true nature’s strength and power that is beyond any compare, it is almost like something beautiful but also very destructive, just like nature itself.

It is powerful, and you cannot stop it in some ordinary way, it makes us feel both scared and exalted when we see it – it is romantic and adventures at the same time.

Under it, you have a feeling that the magic occurs, and maybe it does (there are numerous myths and stories about creatures that sleep behind the waterfalls); but what happens when such natural thing is the main motive is a dream.

Right away, we will say that the waterfall and the water itself are very meaningful when they appear in the dream world, because they are most commonly connected to the emotional world of people.

It could speak of a current emotional state; it can speak of the hidden desires of the soul, but also about the emotional potential.

The Meaning of a Dream about the Waterfall

As we have said the water, as the motive itself, when appears in a dream world is very significant to look at, because it often speaks of a large specter of emotions that we have (of course all of this depends on the other circumstances in a dream, or how you see the water, it is still, is it muddy, etc).

If in a dream you just see the waterfall, you are looking at that watery beauty, feeling joyful and even surprised that you are in front of such beauty, this is the dream that carries an indication that you are about to feel so much joy that is beyond your biggest desires.

That joy that you may feel in the future is not something that you have felt before, and it is a one of a kind feeling, a joyful feeling that comes from the unexpected place.

But, if the dream depicts you being in the middle of the waterfall, in that case, such a dream suggests that you will endure all the difficulties in time. This is the dream that depicts you somewhere in the area of waterfalls, in the bottom or n the middle part in the cave that is behind it.

The good aspect of this dream is the one that shows that you are the person who is attempting to go further than ever before and to look at things from a happier side.

This kind of attitude is something that could take further than you have ever been – and one thing is certain, you will be able to reach some dimensions that are out of reach for the majority of other beings that are close to you.

If you want to learn from this dream, you must be aware that it shows you that you can and will be able to evade exposure and learn from such an experience.

Always be the one that learns from dreams, do not be scared of them.

And in the case when you are jumping from the waterfall, and you are letting that cold water taking you and you are not even sure where will you land, such a dream implies that you that type of person who is ready to risk, just for the sake of it, or just for the opportunity to reach some high dimensions that would not be possible without the risk.

The Symbolism of a Dream about the Waterfall

Let us speak of the waterfall symbolism as it is the most important aspect of this analysis -it is the motive that signifies discharge.

Of course, the discharge, in this case, is connected to the spiritual and emotional part of your persona. You lose all those suppressed passions and contradictory sensations that you are having in life.

Alternatively, the vision in the night about the waterfall outlines your intentions and aspirations. In particular, if the waterfall is pure, then it symbolizes revival and the return to the origin.

In this case, the symbol is connected to the spiritual aspect of your personality that is in question in your life, in some problematic state of mind.

In the case where the waterfall from your dream is huge, and you cannot even see its end or beginning, you feel even scared by its beauty but also by its size, such a dream mean is the symbol of major difficulties that are ahead of you and that you need to resolve if you want to move in your life.

Also, in the case of a big waterfall, the difficulty comes from your needs that you cannot suppress so that you can become free of them.

If the dream depicts you as you are about to jump off the waterfall, or you are standing on the top of it, such a dream implies that you are about to have some test in front of you and that you will have to take that test (the dream comes as a feeling of wonder what you will do, and will you pass the test).

If you are standing in the bottom of the waterfall in a dream, such a dream is so connected to the feelings that you have and that you are struggling to deal with at this time of your life.

In some ways, this is the dream that speaks of the fight – you apparently require something you can’t hold. Whether it is a business, a lover, a university, etc., you will have a difficult time adapting yourself with truth and studying for a way to improve it that will drive to errors.

If we want to look at its alternate version, this is the dream that speaks of your emotions and your inner fear that you will make a mistake if you let them go.

Such a dream may be the symbol of emotional confusion – you are the sensitive human being who cannot deal with its sentiments that are strong.

Do I have to be worried?

You do not have to be worried but take good care of your emotions – for example, if the waterfall in your dream is huge, it speaks of a tough time handling your requirements.

You apparently do something that is dangerous to you because you do not own stability. You are self-indulgent, so you usually cut the commitments you make.

In some other cases of this dream, it shows your ability to avoid the dangers in your life, and we mean that is feasible that at the last minute you will bypass the threat and will extract valuable models from that place.

You will start on an unstable profession or relationship and jeopardize wasting what you have – sometimes the risk is not a good thing.

You will see your blunders and do your best not to duplicate them.

It is truly important not to make the same mistakes twice, or even more, and this is such a human trait – we all tend to make the same mistakes many times again and again, and even if this is the way we learn, at times, it is unnecessary.

What to do if I had this dream?

But we do not want to end this story about the waterfall in a dream in a negative tone, and we want to tell you that when in a dream you are looking at the waterfall it betokens good feelings those connected to happiness and joy.

Of course, as we have said, this is the type of happiness that you have never felt before, and that comes from one very special place. It is magical, for sure.

Some of these dreams carry a lesson, and you should take it as it is -this is the dream that advises you to grow smarter and more circumspect after frustration. We know that this feeling is normal, but it has to be overcome.

You will read to assess personalities and not assume everything they guarantee, but they do not match in reality. You will pardon those who have destroyed you, but you will not desire to be a part of their lives anymore.

And the main lesson in the end – become a human being who always looks in the front, not the back, or the one that sees happiness all around.

Waterfalls are the amazing motive in dreams, and as such, they can make you feel good after you have woken up, maybe you could feel like some burden has fallen off your shoulders.

Not in the sense that you will stop being concerned, but you feel emotionally lighter.


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