Aquarius Man – In Love, Compatibility, Personality, Best Match, Traits

Aquarius Zodiac sign belongs to the house of the planet Saturn, whose nature is warm, moist, and airy – and if we spoke metaphorically, we would say that their nature is just like this. They are warm people, but their character can be airy in the sense that they have their own world.

Many interesting aspects are related to the Aquarius – on the one hand, Aquarius can be shy and quiet, and on the other, eccentric and energetic. Whatever side this man shows to you in a certain moment, be sure that in both cases he is a great philosopher who is happy to help other people, he is very intelligent and has a strong intuition. But, how does this philosopher shows his love?

Read in the article, and make your own conclusion; you will see all the complexity of his character.

Best Traits

Although the Aquarius man can adapt to the energy that surrounds him, Aquarius man often has the need to escape from everything, for some time alone, and thus restores his wast energy.

As an air sign, the Aquarius gentleman uses his strong mind and intuition at every opportunity, but if there is no motivation or mental stimulation for him in that environment, he will find it very boring and will not be able to achieve the best results.

In every way, this man is constantly looking for wisdom, and shallow things without any purpose do not interest him. This man is a good observer, and he is the one that collects the necessary information and looked at objectively because his emotions do not stand in the way. The Aquarius man seems to be above any emotions and always tell the truth – and you should see this as his virtue, not a flaw.

For his environment, this aspect could be shocking – it may seem that this man does not care for someone else’s feelings, but he does not intend to hurt anyone, he just call things by their real name and do not allow emotions to affect his judgment. And yes, this man has an amazing judgement, and he is one very emotional human being who simply does not allow his feelings to put him in their personality.

The Aquarius man is a rebel only because of the desire to follow his own path. Because of stubbornness, he sometimes experiences failure because he usually continues to do it even when others have proven their way is wrong. This man is very smart and even when he knows that he is wrong, but he will continue to do so only because it is his way, his idea.

He is so stubborn right up until the point he holds to his opinion in conflicts, and he will never stop defending his point of view. However, while stubbornly defending their point of view, he will not impose it on others because this Aquarius man respects individual differences.

Worst Traits

The Aquarius man is the one who can be unpredictable, sometimes he does not know what is in his head, his thoughts are elusive, easy to forget, and it is impossible to catch him either for the head or for the tail. Still, they are convinced that he has a point for everything he says so that he can be very crazy, complacent, without any real reason for it.

Sometimes the Aquarius man can lose his temper quickly since his nerves are on a weak side, he can be very nervous and irritable, ready to explode at any moment and take away interlocutors.

This man will speak his mind no matter what, he is known to be the one person that does not know and cannot measure his words and actions, so he behaves totally incomprehensible to others, going from extreme to extreme. He is the one man that is completely irresponsible with the material goods; he can spend the money right up until the last dollar, then borrow t and spend it again.

Some even see them as people who are funny, but perverse, and whose imaginations come to full expression – these imaginations for some people could be over the top or even sick. But the Aquarius man does not care, and he lives his own story.

Aquarius Man in Love

Even if you think that the Aquarius man has no emotions, or even if he has them, he will never let them be seen, and that the reason is the one thing that rules him all the way. But if you think like this, you are wrong – in love, the Aquarius man is very emotional, loyal and faithful.

In love, this man can be calming, and maybe sometimes, a man of a compassionate nature and this is the aspect that his lovers find amazing.

But for the Aquarius man the love, just like every other aspect of life is a game, the one that is a cheerful and stimulating game that he will lead. In fact, we can ensure you that you will never hear this man say the words “I love you”, at least in a traditional way or at a suitable moment. This gentleman has the nonconformist nature that does not allow him to express himself in a conventional way, the way that others will expect him to act.

He is not traditional in the sense of neither being sentimental nor does borrowing his own little charm from some third-party love series. While many others are already retired, your man Aquarius will overshadow them all by giving you presents, which will never be grandiose, but unconventional and completely unique and original, of course, yes.

Man Aquarius loves deeply and honestly, and he is ready to give life to his other half at any time, he is the one that will sacrifice without asking why.

What we are saying, that like in life, in love also, this unique man will give you love that you will experience once in a lifetime; but not all women are ready for this, and maybe some of them do not know to value this man as they should. But just like we have said at the beginning of this piece, this man comes from the future, and he is usually misunderstood in his environment.

Aquarius Man in a Relationship

This man is prone to long relationships, and in some deep way, he strives for peace and stability in love, which makes him difficult to decide on break up, in the times when sees that that love connection is over.

If you are planning to win male Aquarius, you should try to be very moderate in everything you do. You must not put it to the idea that you are strenuous, persistent, humiliated, and unscrupulous. Emit gentle energy, be seductive and above all romantic, but not in a conventional way, since he is not conventional. Do not expect from the Aquarius man flowers, chocolate, dinner and a movie, and these are not normal gestures for him. Instead, be prepared for many unconventional things in love with this interesting man, and be sure that he will give you a unique, loving experience.

Of course, we are not saying that he bad dater, but the Aquarius man will behave poorly when dating (often others make this remark), giving you his flirting charm at small calculated doses, he will never be the one lover that will pour his heart and emotions on a table.

Deep inside of this man, he is longing for love, but he is not capable of understanding emotions in others, so he often has major problems in a relationship. A woman that is in a love connection with the Aquarius man must be able to adapt to him because he will not change for anybody, and this is the aspect that many of his relationships fall apart.

In addition, he requires that you have respect and recognition for his lifestyle, no matter how eccentric it is. He needs stimulation and a partner with whom he will be able to share experiences in life, not a person who will make him become just a friend who will sit with him on a couch and eat, and talk about the weather.

Some say that is very hard to break with the Aquarius lovers since they are stubborn and do not understand when someone says no to them – the best way to get rid of them is to look for a normal, solid and strong connection.

In a relationship, for the Aquarius man, the best and the biggest aphrodisiac that could work all the time is in fact, the intellectual stimulation. Nothing can make this gentleman more intriguing and attractive than an interesting conversation with a person who he likes.

When it comes to love, the most appropriate for them is those who do not understand their sincerity easily, because he will be open and honest to the bone with everyone, and especially with his lover. Honesty and sincerity are essential to someone who wants a long-term relationship with this dynamic man who is born in Aquarius Zodiac sign.

Best Match for Aquarius Man

And this man has an interesting taste in women – even if you are the prettiest girl in the world, but if you not intellectual, the Aquarius man will not be interested in you, because the most important thing in the world is the communication the deep and meaningful. The Aquarius man is a man for a woman who likes challenges and adventures. His love lady must be open, communicative, to have imagination and willingness to risk.

So, who is that love that has all these traits? Who is the perfect match for this futuristic lover, who can follow this man in his imaginative ideas and put up with his stubbornness?

In the first place, the Aquarius man fits well with the Aries partner – and even if there can be shakes and things will never go smooth for a long time, but there will be a great attraction. They both love independence, and problems arise if Aries wants to dominate, which is the thing that the Aquarius man will never allow.

Also, a good connection could be achieved with the representatives of the Gemini Zodiac sign – they can work well, and share a lot of intellectual conversations and have plenty of chemistry, but there can also be many quarrels. This connection can last long, but only if these two accept another for a partner, not the opponent.

With the Libra lover, the Aquarius man will have a turbulent relationship full of pleasure, but also with a lot of drama – emotional fights and the Libra lover would never accept that her Aquarius lover cannot show emotions openly, as she does. This may be the cause of all of their problems, but in every other way, in sexual also, these two get along great.

With the Sagittarius, love connection could be good, in a sense that this is a partner who can calm the Aquarius down. In fact, this could be a very harmonious relationship, and the only possible problem is if Aquarius issues the trust that is important to Sagittarius.

Aquarius Man as a Friend

Although members of this sign are communicative, in order to get close to someone, they need it all the time they can get, because being communicative and beings openly emotional are the two different things.

Since the Aquarius man is very sensitive and cautious, for him, closeness implies vulnerability, and this is not easily understood in the mind of this man.

So, as a rule, this gentleman does not have many friends, in fact, we could say that this man is a loner, and he has just a few meaningful people in life.

The directness of Aquarius man combined with their solid attitudes in some way makes them a challenge to get to know people completely, and in the other way, this can be applied in the other way, people will never get to know the Aquarius man.

But, we must be completely honest with you, and say that this man will do everything for a beloved person, even if it is necessary to go to the point of self-sacrifice, and his friends, no matter how many of them there are (and this number usually varies from 1 to 3), must understand this.

They often seek out friends with creativity, intellect, and honesty, and they will find these traits may be in a few people during life, but be sure that those are the friendships that will last until death.

Aquarius Man as a Father

The Aquarius father is not the type of father that will be the best friend to his children, no way, and he is the one father that is authoritative and demands for the results from his children. He does not let his children act like they think its right, but the ways that will make them become the best humans; and in this process this Aquarius father can be rigorous and cold.

A child must set his own goals and fulfill them – this is the goal that this man strives in his parenting role. This is the father who will never let anyone tell him how to raise his children, because he believes that he knows the best what to do, even if he is, for example, the first time father.

One more issue must be mentioned here – his children may sometimes feel that their father is not emotional enough and that he does not love them since he does not show emotion as other fathers. But the Aquarius man will make up for this, in many other ways, he will become the one father that is original, and that will direct his children to things that others could only dream of.


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