Airplane – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

The terrifying way of travel, but necessary and beyond any comparison, and in this sense it is a known phobia, maybe such thing comes from the fact that people feel uncomfortable when they are in the air, not on the ground. Researchers show that this way of travel is the safest of all others.

Whatever is your personal relation to airplanes, and do you love to travel with it; such “object” is a very common motive in dreams, and as such, it deserves or special attention.

The Meaning of a Dream of Airplane

In some general meaning, the airplane in a dream means that you can expect some changes in your life for the better, and in this sense, such a dream means that you want to have better control over your life.

If the airplane is on the runway and it still did not take off, such a dream means that you are the person who wants to make some changes, but there is one aspect that stops you – indecision. If the plane takes off, then that means that an idea or plan is ripe for it to be realized, and this means that it is the right time and place to make some decision in your life.

If the airplane is flying in your dream, and you are not on it, such a dream means that you will overcome obstacles and climb to a new level of your status. You may experience higher consciousness, newfound freedom. You may also need to get a better perspective or a broader perspective on something.

We must speak of alternate versions of this dream – some say that seeing an airplane in a dream, may also represent the need to escape from your current life. You do not feel comfortable anymore, and you want to change something and to make the best out of the future.

If you are a passenger in an airplane, such a dream entails an important transitional phase in your life that will take you far from the intended path. These changes will lead you to new directions and new status and recognition.

If in a dream you are having, you see that you are about to miss out a flight (or you see that airplane is taking off and you are not in it) such a dream indicates that you feel helpless and trapped in a situation. You feel that something is holding you back and holding you, physically or mentally.

Likewise, a dream can mean that you feel disconnected in some aspect of your life – work, relationship or family life.

If in a dream you are having, an airplane has crashed, it means that you have set yourself too high and unrealistic goals. Your goals are too high and impossible to achieve. You are in danger of falling out.

Likewise, your lack of confidence, winning attitude and doubt in your ability to achieve your goals is represented by the crashing of a plane in a dream; you do not believe in your ability to achieve them. Loss of power and uncertainty in achieving goals are also present.

If the airplane is being hijacked in your dream, it signifies disturbing feelings and emotions in your subconscious.

If in your dream there is more than one plane in the sky, such a dream means that you will achieve the best results if you work in a team and have a common goal.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Airplane

When we talk about the symbolical value of the dream where the main motive is the airplane, we must say that depending on the context of the dream, and the dream may have different meanings.

You have to remember how emotional you were when you dreamed this dream. Whether you were happy or scared has the biggest role in interpreting the meaning of a dream.

So, when you just see the airplane in a dream, there are good changes ahead of you – there may be something that will lead you in some other country or city, and you may find a new love or a new job.

If the airplane is big in your dream, in that case, the changes that are coming are huge, and in this sense, they can be life-changing. And vice versa, if the plane in your dream is small, in that case, the changes that are about to come are smaller.

However, dreaming a plane can also be a symbol of a mistake, inability to complete a project or solve a problem in a relationship, delays, unexpected risks and threats, and the possible tragedy and loss you may face.

And if in a plane there are altercations, then things are even worse, and if you are the pilot in that plane and you are trying to make things better, in that case, there can be some better developments in your life.

If in a dream there is a plane that is crashed or destroyed plane is your concern that you will be lost in something. This may be the fear that you will not achieve your ambitions; loss of confidence or mental clarity and balance; warning about a business project; broken hopes and dreams. Sometimes this dream can also be about breaking a love affair.

The symbolical value of this dream may be like this – you are in the air, you are not on the ground, you are not sure, “everything is hanging in the air”. Plans, love, hopes, and your efforts can fail and lead to ruin, and one thing can lead to a number of different consequences and interconnected events, depending on how the flight ended.

Do I have to be worried?

A dream plane is a very important symbol that you should definitely interpret. Depending on the context of the dream, the dream may have different meanings. You have to remember how emotional you were when you dreamed this dream.

Whether you were happy or scared has the biggest role in interpreting the meaning of a dream. All of this could point out are you the person who is scared of the change, or you are happy and excited about it.

When the airplane is the main motive in a dream that you are having, you do not have to be worried (especially if you felt good in a dream), because of this dream indicates many incredible opportunities for change, for different experiences, for a new relationship, for a job change or for some discoveries in everyday life.

But the one version that can cause you to fear and worry is the version where it implies that you will make a mistake, inability to finish a project or solve a problem in a relationship, delays, unexpected risks and threats, and the possible tragedy and loss you may face.

Plane as such is the representation of your life that is about to change, and possibly to leave all old problems behind. It can also represent a path into the unknown and risks. Maybe you are trying to take a step forward or get out of a love affair and take a new chance. This is risky as the plane can crash easily, and you may feel desperate for a mistake.

Airplane travel without the hassle can mean leaving problems behind, rising above and/or finding a way to escape the difficulties of the past. This is the way we “shy away” from all the restrictions imposed by society, family, etc. This represents the power of the mind to move on and learn from experience or experience something else.

This is a symbol of the chance to see things from a broader perspective and to give you new perspectives, as well as to see where your life is going. Generally, dreaming of a plane trip is a step forward, a step towards independence, sometimes leaving home or friends we no longer need – in any case, success.

We must say that the airplane can also present fears and anxiety if you feel “exposed” to other people’s attacks or fear of unexpected events. This does not mean that you will really be attacked, but that you are just afraid of it.

In some versions of this dream, its meaning is that you are, in real life, preparing for a drastic lifestyle change, or at least to change a situation; a step into the unknown, taking a chance – this is a significant symbol of change. Maybe it’s a “flight” to a new opportunity, a different life, and maybe that opportunity and what it can give you, which you still don’t know, maybe totally fine.

In the version where the plane is about to crash the ground, and you are in the plane (or you are looking at it from the sky) such a dream could have problematic meaning – think how you felt to see if it was the “ruining” of your dreams, ambitions, desires, love or maybe a love for a partner.

What to do if I had this dream?

As we have said, think of all things that are related to this dream – what did you feel and what were you doing in a dream – in some cases, this is the dream that means that better days await you.

Something that did not go completely according to plan is being repaired. As you could see, sometimes this is the dream that speaks of the changes that are present for the better for you and your environment, partner, neighborhood, or any other group you belong to.

Some say that there cannot be any fear if the plane is falling down in a dream, because it is the indication that a pleasant surprise is ahead of you.

When dreaming of an airplane standing on the runway, you better take action, you are too hesitant, and this is the reason why you have lost so many things in life and opportunities.

In the cases when you are chasing the airplane, it is a sign that you are working on some plans but not enough. Step up the action.

A crashing plane is a sign that you need to be more careful.

A plane wreck is a sign that you are loaded with something from the past. Look more into the future, what it was – it was. You cannot change it, so get along with your life, as soon as possible.

In the end, we must add a few aspects regarding this dream – there can be something that experts call the airplane nightmares- such dreams are telling you that your goals are not realistic and that your hopes will collapse.

You need to get down to earth when it comes to your plans. Become more realistic and more confident in what you want to do in life. You need to start thinking more positively in order to take the right path in life.

In any case, think about the feeling in the plane, this is the moment that speaks of the fear of how the situation will end; feeling guilty or wrong; you understand the direction in which and how a particular situation will end; generally, nervousness and anxiety about something.

Think about all of these aspects of life, and what you feel when you think of the airplane. It can be your passage to a better life (change), or it can be a vehicle of fear.


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