Dreams About Bees – Interpretation and Meaning

Dream interpretations are a big mystery. Are they true or not? Can we really predict future by inerpretating signs in our dreams and do they have some real meaning.

There are a lot of people who live by this, and this is not made up just now.

Practice of recording dream events and signs are known for centuries. We can find images and writings on caves, stone and other ancient materials that represent dream events and recreate dreams of our ancestors.

Following different signs in our dreams, and dreaming of certain things can perhaps be a good way to start your dream interpretations.

They can show us a full picture, when we sort them all together and maybe give us a explanation for our dream.

Bees symbology

Bees are insects that have been represented in different ways throughout history. They are of course, represented differently, depending on the mythology.

One symbolism related to bees is worship. Mother bee or Queen bee is worshiped by other bees in the hive and this has been noticed for centuries. Ancient priests have therefore been reffered to as bees. With their enourmous impact on other people, they resembled Wueen bees and this is why they have been seen as rulers of beehives.

In Greek mythology, bees are mentioned on several occasions. In Homeric Hymn, three maidens in form of bees, have represented their gift to Apollo.

Also, Aristaeus was considered a God of bees. In ancient Egypt bees are connected with kingship. Honeybees are also connected to immortality and eternal life.

Human society is represented by the methapor of bees and beehives.

Besides these few examples, there are many bee divine creatures and deities, which indicates a long history connected to these amazing insects.

Dreaming bees

If you dream about bee that is going in circles around you, then this dream is not good. If you were expecting to hear from someone or learn some information, this won’t happen.

What you will get is quite the opposite. You can hear some uggly rumor or some bad news in general, that will make you sad or angry. So, circling bee is not a good sign.

If you are running after a bee and trying to get her in your hand, then this is a good dream sign. You will finally find a solution for what has been worrying you.

Maybe you have been in a dead end for a long time, and this dream sign will mean you are close to your breakthrough.

If you had a dream in which you have been stung by it, then this is also a good sign. Perhaps your lawsuit for a small peanulty will end up good, or it can also have a meaning that you are going to be pregnant very soon.

You will also be protected against your enemies and everyone that tries to harm you.

Dream of killing bees is a bad dream. These creatures are mostly seen as beneficial and divine, so dream of killing them is not good.

It is also considered bad luck, if you kill a bee in real life. This dream means you are getting into some kind of trouble and that you might be having a lot of bad luck and difficulties ahead of you.

Hearing a bee humming in your dream is a good sign. This goes especially for money and business relations. You might be winning a lottery or perhaps just having success overall.

This is also a good sign to start chasing your goals and realizing them, since this sign is bound to bring you good luck.

Dreaming of a beehive is another good sign. You are satisfied with your life, and perhaps your income at your job.

So, this is manifesting itself in your dream. Things in your life are flowing in their natural and pleasent course, and you are content with things being the way they are.

If in your dream, a bee rests on you then this is also a good sign. This sign goes out for love, and finding love. You will soon encounter someone who is your soulmate, and this sign in general brings good luck with romantic escapades.

Dream in which a bees is trying to hurt you in some way is not a good sign. Just like being attacked by other animals in our dreams, this means we have enemies and on wrong action could destroy us. Maybe your life seems perfect, but disaster is just around the corner.

When bee doesn’t pay any attention to you in your dream, then this means that you should work on your social relations. Perhaps you have not been paying enough attention to your friends or you need to earn someones trust.

Another symbolism is also, that you could pick up someone elses benefits or hard work, which is not admirable.

When bees fly from one flower to another in your dream, resembeling their behavior in nature, then this is a good sign. This means you are on the top of your game, and nothing comes to hard for you. You excel at everything you do, and success is inevitable.

If your house is filled with bees, then expect death. This symbol brings death to your family members or your closest ones, and it can also be a sign for you to start improving your own health.

Dead bee in your dream is not a good sign. Money problems and low income might be your issue in the present or in the future.

You should also pay attention to some duties you have left behind that need to be finished, so that disaster could be avoided.

And as a last example of many others, if you dream about a bee that is chasing a child, then this is a good sign.

Although dreaming the same event about yourself doesn’t have the same meaning, this one brings signs of vitality and less stress.

In some way, this sign is a clear prediction of your future, which is going to be bright and fulfilled in the many more years to come.


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