Dreams About Scorpions – Interpretation and Meaning

Scorpios fall into the category of dangerous and mystical animals. Their symbolism has been used for centuries and many different cultures interpreted the secret meaning of this animal in their own way.

In our dreams, certain symbols can have an important impact on our wake-life, so if you ever wondered what does a dream about a scorpion means, then keep on reading.

Dream about a scorpion in general

Scorpions are often related to the dark energy and dark magic. They have often been used in popular culture as a symbol of something out of this world and mystical.

When you had a dream about a scorpion in general, then this dream represents your relationship with other people. You definitely have enemies in your wake life and you might not even be aware of this fact.

Scorpions are usually linked to vengeance and shadiness, so be careful to whom you gift your trust and whether that is a good idea or not.

This dream also represents your naïve nature that is often being used by other people. They take you for granted and don’t even consider the fact that you are a person too. If you already have an idea who these people are, then don’t waste any time and get them out of your life.

On the other hand, if you are not sure about who these people are, then be careful around others and don’t reveal anything personal or important to you.

Dream about being bitten by a scorpion

If you got bitten by a scorpion in your dream, then this dream represents karma that is coming your way, and it won’t be the good-kind. Maybe you have done something bad recently or something you are not proud of, that is now coming back to haunt you.

There are people in your life who feel hurt by your words or your actions, but they don’t want to tell you this directly. Karma is definitely going to straighten things out and unfortunately, if you weren’t very good, it will punish you for your actions.

Dream about a big scorpion

If you had a dream about a big scorpion, then this dream represents decisions you are going to have to make in your life. These changes are going to impact your life greatly and you should be careful about them. Don’t rush things and act only after you have investigated all of the possible options.

This will be a life changing period in your life, so make the best out of it.

Dream about a black scorpion

If you had a dream about a black scorpion, then this dream represents bad luck. You will fail at almost everything you try to complete, so it is best for you to lay low for a while.

This period won’t last for too long, but the longitude of this period will also depend on your actions. If you make the right decision and you take the right path, this bad luck might turn out to be not so bad.

Dream about killing a scorpion

Dream about killing a scorpion represents a positive sign. You will have a lot of luck in all of your plans and things will finally be looking good for you. This is a good period to start working on new projects because this will be one of your most productive periods.

You will also be successful at finding out more about people around you, and some of them will be nothing you have imagined them to be. They likely represented themselves differently and now you will be surprised by their real faces and personalities.

Dream about eating a scorpion

Dream about eating a scorpion represents love you are going to experience with someone you will meet very soon.

This dream could also be related to another kind of love, like love for your relatives and family members or even love for your friends.

This will make you feel good about yourself and the love you are giving to them will definitely open new perspectives in life.

This is a person who will be very important for you later on in life, so make sure you cherish and value this relationship.

Dream about stepping on a scorpion

If you had a dream about stepping on a scorpion, then this dream represents a possible road accident or car accident you might get into.

This is a good period to stay off the road and avoid reckless driving or drivers. Reckless driving is not a good thing anyway, but this period will be extremely sensitive and dangerous for you.

Dream about a scorpion stinging himself

If the scorpion in your dream was stinging himself, then this dream represents self-loathing you are feeling at the moment.

There are certain things that you aren’t proud of and you don’t know how to keep your mind of them.

This dream is also a representation of low self-esteem or self-confidence that you possess. This cost you many great opportunities in life and made you miss out on meeting amazing new people. If this is something you are struggling with your whole life, then maybe it is time to seek professional help and work on your issues, because it is never too late.

If you have no problems with your self-esteem, then this dream could represent doubt you are feeling regarding certain project in your life. Maybe you feel like things won’t go as planned and for the first time in your life, you are stressing too much about something.

Perhaps it is best to see how the things will develop and don’t waste time thinking about something that hasn’t happened yet.

Dream about fear of scorpions

If you felt afraid in your dream after seeing a scorpion, then this dream represents a negative sign. You might be betrayed by someone close to you and let down in a major way.

You were probably counting on someone to help you or be there for you in your time of need, but this person bailed on you and this felt like a true betrayal.

Conversation is always a great solution for everything, so don’t discard this person yet and try to solve your issues with them first.

Dream about a dead scorpion

If you saw a dead scorpion in your dream, then this dream is a representation of luck and joy you are about to feel. These feeling will be connected to something important for you, that you have been waiting for a long time and now it is finally becoming a reality.

Use this positive period to improve all the areas in your life that need more work and don’t miss out on chances that will be offered to you.

Dream about a scorpion killing prey

If the scorpion in your dream was killing its prey, then this dream is a representation of an ominous sign. You might get in the middle of something scary, like an earthquake or a fire, and you won’t be able to do anything.

This dream can also represent a possible robbery or murder, of someone close to you or even yourself. This is the right time to stay away from suspicious situations and alert for everything that might happen in the upcoming period.


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