Personality Number 11 – Meaning in Numerology

Numbers are very strong signs in our lives, they can help us to understand the meaning of life, to understand and express our feelings and emotions, but they can also help us to admit our positive and negative characteristics.

You should not doubt in their power because they can help us not only to understand ourselves but also to understand the world around us.

Today we have decided to talk about the number 11, we will help you to understand it role, meaning, symbolism.

We need to mention that each number contain different characteristics, each one indicates on different characteristics, and each one tells you want should you do to improve them, or to avoid using some of them.

Numbers played a very important role in our past; our ancestors also believed that every number could help in advancing and improving our lives.

Today’s text as we have already mentioned will be devoted to the number 11 through this article, we will try to explain the influence of number 11.

In addition, we explain the significance this number has in numerology and what features it depicts on the people.

Personality Number 11 – Positive symbolism and Characteristics

Number 11 has a special impact when we talk about people’s characteristics so we can say that this number refers to people who are emotional, sensitive and positive.

These people carry only positive feelings; they are always happy and laughing. Even when they have problems they never give up and they do not feel lonely, but they continue their struggle and go to the very top.

They are also very sensitive and even at the slightest change, so they often cannot fit into changes in the environment or some important events in their lives.

People born in number 11 are often characterized by great dreamers, even from childhood, since then they have started to dream and live in their own world. This is of course a positive feature.

They have the distinctive feature of dreaming dreams but also of persistently working on the realization of their dreams and goals. These people believe in themselves, but sometimes they lack self-confidence.

We can also say that these people are great adventures, they love travelling and visiting new destinations, learning about other cultures and learning new languages.

Personality Number 11 – Negative symbolism and characteristics

As we have already mention, each number contain different energy, and each one will tell you something different about you, so it is obvious that each one has negative and positive characteristics.

In this chapter, we will tell you something more about negative characteristics that this number refers to.

People who are relative with this number have got a lot of fears, they are afraid of lot of things. Besides this, people with this number do not have confident, and that is the biggest obstacle for them.

These people need to have their goals and dreams in life; otherwise they would feel depressed and sad.

People who are born in this number, or who have strong relation with number 11 have talents for music and art, but because of their fears and low confidence often they cannot achieve their goals and dreams.

People with this number are very emotional; sometimes the smallest thing can hurt them. With them, you should be very careful and should always know that the most common situations can be harmed.

It should be known that people with this number often receive criticism from people, especially those who love them.

This number describes people who are lazy and who are very difficult to adapt to change. When it comes to a crossroads in this person’s life, they usually hardly accept the fact that they have to go further and have to come out of their comfort zone.

Though they are full of adventurous spirit, sometimes they can give up their dreams for fear.

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Important and interesting facts about Personality Number 11

It is believed that number 11 has a very strong meaning and has a special role when we are talking about numerology. Also, this number has a special place in spiritual energy and religion.

Many believe that number 11 contains many mysteries, and that this number can predict many events.

The famous accident that happened in New York when a terrorist plane crush in  two buildings known as ‘twin towers ‘, this accident occurred on 11 September, the plane that hit the building was called 11, the first aircraft that crush in this building had 65 passengers , we can notice that 6 and 5 give 11.

It should be noted that the total number of dead passengers was 254, when we sum 2, 5 and 4 we get number 11. There are many related facts with this number, so many believe this number has a special role when we talk about this accident.

This number has a great influence on spiritual energy; it is believed that it can help us to relieve from stress and to focus our thinking on positive things. People born in this number 11 are often exposed to stress, nervous and tense, so this number helps to focus ourselves to positive energy.

In many cultures throughout the ages, it was believed that number 11can call angels , so there was a belief that every 11 days in the month angels appeared to help us solve our problems and to give us useful advice.

Personality number 11 in love

Love is the most beautiful sphere in our lives and that is why many people want to know more about this issue. We are sure that this number can help you find the right person for you, but also to enjoy in love and peace.

This number is a source of faith in love and people around us; it is helping us to free the bad thoughts, to love and to be loved. Number 11 brings good news when it comes to love.

If you are in a relationship, or you are in marriage, this number is just a confirmation that you made the right decisions in your life and that you should enjoy in love.

When it comes to love, people who are born in number 11 often make mistakes, but they will never give up from their loved one and they will always be with them, they are the true friends and they will always give you advice, they will always listen to you, and the most important is that they will always be with you.

You can be sure that you can rely in this people and that you can be honest with them, because they will always stand by your side and they will always care about you.


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