Dreams about Rats – Interpretation and Meaning

Rats are creatures that we don’t want to encounter. They have been known as disease carriers and people avoided these animals whenever they could. They were also linked to something dark and evil, so that was a reason more to dislike these pests.

But, when it comes to symbolic meaning of a rat, there is certainly a lot to talk about. Seeing rat in our dreams can have a lot of different explanations and we need to look a little bit more into it to understand our dreams better.

Dream about seeing a rat

This is probably the most common dream a person can have. Objects or living creatures in our dreams, come to us as flashes and we rarely dream about them doing something. To see a rat in your dream, represents that you will have an unpleasant meeting with someone you know.

This could be your business partner or perhaps an old friend or colleague. You are not really looking forward to seeing this person but you know that some things have to be done. This dream can also be related to physical or verbal confrontation you will experience with someone.

This encounter might be sudden and unplanned, and the person with whom you are going to get into a conflict, might just be a passenger or a stranger who didn’t sit with you well. Whatever happens, keep a cool head and don’t over react. Perhaps you have been experiencing some personal issues that caused a lot of stress, and now you are trying to release that stress in a completely wrong way.

Dream about catching a rat

This dream relates to other people. Certain people in your life have been making you feel uncomfortable and unease with yourself. They might be surrounding you on your workplace or maybe somewhere like in your friend group.

You feel like they are deceitful and not to be trusted, but you don’t know how to avoid them and get away from them, because they are always somewhere close. Perhaps they have befriended some of your close friends and you feel like your friends are in danger too.

You have a very bad feeling about these people and you know that they are not the ones to mess with.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that the best way to fight these people is to distance yourself from them. The less they know about you and the less they interact with you, is better. This way, you will be able to keep your private life hidden and avoid being hurt by those people.

Dream about killing a rat

This dream has a positive meaning. it represents that you are going to be successful at your future projects and that luck is going to be on your side. If you have just started something new and you don’t know whether it will be successful or not, this dream comes as a sign that your labor will definitely show fruits.

This dream could be linked to your private life as well, and you could finally meet someone new and exciting. This person will show you a completely new outlook on the world and change it for the better. If you are in a relationship, then this dream could represent, that you and your partner are going to overcome any issues and differences that you had recently.

Dream about a lot of rats

This dream has a negative meaning. It represents that your environment, and people around you, are not really on your side. Everything you do and say is being watched and not all of the people around you want to see you succeed.

This dream can also be linked to your business and living environment that is simply getting difficult to live and work in. there isn’t much support from the people around you and all of the people who love you and respect you are somewhere else.

This might be the right time to get away from this cold and stressful environment, and move somewhere where you will feel like you are home. When you get away from the rotten place you are currently in, everything will find its place and you will finally be able to breathe.

Dream about a white rat

Dream about a white rat can be considered to be a warning sign. You have associated with people who are not what they seem to be. They are deceiving you and in a sense, you can feel that something isn’t right, but you can’t be quite sure.

These people could be surrounding you at work or perhaps in your friend group. Make sure to keep your private life hidden and don’t give out too much information about your future plans, to those people who you suspect for being deceitful.

They will probably use everything in their power to stop you from progressing, so don’t let them come on top. Best way to do this is to avoid them, but to do that, first make sure that you have spotted the right ones.

Dream about people who look like rats

This dream has a negative meaning. if you had a dream about people who had rat tales or who looked like rats, then you might have more enemies than you think. They are everywhere around you and even though they are pretending to be your friends, they want to see you fail.

Keep your eyes open for these people and don’t let them outsmart you. Sometimes we just have to trust our guts and what it is telling us.

If you had a dream about a particular person, and that person looked like a rat, then you don’t trust this person and you suspected for a very long time about his or hers true intentions.

Dream about a rat attacking you

This dream has a negative meaning. It represents your friends and people who are close to you. For some reason, they are going to become your worst enemies and stab a knife in your back. The reason might be in something you have done or said, and now they want to seek revenge for this.

Be careful to whom you open up about your personal life and don’t let them use your good nature. Keep your eyes wide open, and try to spot the ones to avoid.

Dream about eating a rat

If you had a dream about eating a rat, then you will be able to overcome any issues and problems you have been facing for a long time. This dream has a positive meaning overall, and you should definitely use it in your advantage.

If you had, for example, a health issue that was worrying you, then you are going to overcome these issues and be able to continue living life normally. This is also a good period to start working on new projects, so don’t waste time and make the best of this opportunity that has been given to you.

Dream about rats running around you

This dream has a negative meaning. If rats were running around you in different directions, then this means you need to change your ways. This can be related to your business or your personal life. You are going to move from where you are now, and the move could be a bad or a good thing.

This, of course, depends whether you are happy where you currently are or not. If you are happy now, then this move might not be such a good outcome for you, but if you are feeling stuck and like you need a change, then this move will definitely bring positivity into your life.

Dream about a rat eating your food

This dream has a negative meaning. It is also a warning sign, that you should be more careful with handling things in your life. You have been going through life carelessly and now, some of your actions from the past are causing you problems.

Before starting something new or before saying something, think about the consequences that will cause later on. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies and we don’t even know it.

Dream about a rat biting you

If a rat bit you in your dream, then this means you will have a lot of success in your business projects. Even though, this dream seems like it is going to be bad, it is actually a positive sign and you should definitely use this period to progress in your business area of life.

If you had an idea about starting something new and exciting, then this is the right time to do it. Don’t hesitate to make action and don’t back down until all of your goals are met.

Dream about stepping onto a rat

This dream has a positive meaning. If you stepped of a rat in your dream, then this means you are going to get a prize or discover something really exciting. Perhaps you are going to win the lottery or get a raise at work. Whatever happens, it is going to increase your budget and make your day.


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