Dreams about Horses – Interpretation and Meaning

Horses have been a symbol of power and strength for centuries. They are beautiful creatures, inside and outside, and their presence in literature and art has always been frequent.

But, what horses symbolize in our dreams? We will bring this subject closer to you and explain what dreams about horses actually mean.

Dream about a horse in general

This dream has a positive meaning. If you had a dream about a horse in distance or horse in general, you will have a lot of luck in the upcoming period.

This luck you are about to experience doesn’t have to be related to a certain project you are working on right now, it just means that luck will follow you in everything you do.

Dream about riding a white horse

This dream has also a positive meaning. You will be able to form meaningful relationships with people around you and they will sustain over a long period of time.

This might also be a good sign that you should maintain these relationships and that they will be very significant later on in your life.

If you haven’t been treating your friends the way you should have been, then this might be the sign to start doing so.

Dream about a dirty horse

If you had a dream where the horse was covered with filth and mud, then you will experience disappointment from your friends or someone else who is close to you. This person will make you feel very bad and also very hurt, because you won’t expect certain things from them.

Be very careful with people around you and don’t share your secrets to anyone, especially with people in which you already doubt.

Dream about a black horse

This dream has a negative meaning. This sign represents that you will soon realize that relationships that you are in are not what you expected of them to be. This might be related to business relationships or romantic relationships, that started great, but now they just feel overwhelming and pointless.

Think about your actions and your goals for the future and change things in the present that won’t lead you to fulfillment of these goals.

Dream about a brown horse

Brown horse will bring some trouble to your life. Your, currently, peaceful and enjoyable life might be shaken by an event that is coming your way. Be prepared to face troubles that are about to come, and expect them bravely.

Dream about a colorful horse

This dream has a positive meaning. You will be able to fight against problems in your life and you will definitely overcome them. Strength and resistance against tough life situations will mark this period of your life and you won’t back down from any problem.

This dream also means that you will be successful at whatever you are doing right now and that all of your projects and plans will be realized with a triumph.

Dream about a wild horse herd

If you had a dream about a horse in a wild herd, then you will hear some bad news. They could be related to your business projects or to your private life, but nevertheless they won’t be something you want to hear.

Your close relatives or family members, who have been suffering from diseases, might die or your business partner could suddenly back down his offer. Whatever happens, keep a cold head and try to adjust to the new situation.

Dream about crossing a river on a horse

This dream has a positive meaning. Even if it was just a small creek, this dream will bring you a lot of luck in the upcoming period. You will have a lot of financial success and profits will be pouring your way. Make sure to use this productive period in order to make a good base for all of your future projects.

Also, all of your projects will be successful and you will definitely achieve triumph with their realization.

Dream about an injured or a dead horse

This dream has a negative meaning. You will hear bad news from someone close to you about your relatives or family members. News might also be referring to your partner and some things he has done, that you had no idea about.

News could be tragic for your business too. Your projects might fail and your business partners might back down from the deal you had.

Dream about riding a wild horse

This dream represents obstacles that you will soon face in your life. They don’t have to be big, but they will temporarily sabotage your plans. To defeat them, maintain your patience and don’t give up.

Dream about being hurt by a horse

This dream has a negative meaning. You will face some troubles in your life and possibly misunderstandings with other people. You should expect problems in all areas of life, but they won’t be too serious.

You will be able to overcome them with success, if you try hard enough. However, if you give up too early all of your plans will end up in ruins.

Dream about horse races

This dream represents good luck that will follow you in the near future. You will finish all of your projects and plans successfully and everything will be going just the way you imagined. Everything you do will be blessed and communication with other people will be great.

Dream about shoeing a horse

This dream has a negative meaning. You will earn great profit but it won’t be legal. You might be a victim of a fraud or you might receive something that is highly valuable, but with a bad history tagged to it.

Be very careful around strangers and don’t give your trust to anyone. Be suspicious of any situation in the following period and avoid making business deals with people who seem suspicious to you.

Dream about riding a horse (for females)

This dream represents your indecisive nature and your inability to make up your mind about something. Perhaps you have been overthinking one of your recent decisions and now you don’t feel like you have made the right decision.

If this is the case, re-think your reasons for making this decision and ask for advice from others if you don’t quite know what to do.

Dream about brushing a horse

This dream represents troubles you are currently facing in your life. They might be financial, private or problems in other areas of your life, that are making you very worried. Brushing a horse represents that you will have a lot of work ahead of you in order to feel happy with your life. What you need to do is to stay persistent in your goals and don’t give up just yet.

Dream about riding a horse with a partner

This dream represents a lot of luck in the area of love. You will be noticed by many admirers and they will all simply run to you. This is a good time to find someone for you, and if you are in a relationship, then this dream will bring you a lot of luck and peace to your relationship. For those who are married, this dream also symbolizes good relationship communication and prosperity in every way.

Dream about being scared of the horse

If you had a dream where you were scared of riding on a horse, then you might be scared of some big problem in your life that is currently causing you difficulties. This might be related to your work or love life that is important for you and this is why you feel so overwhelmed by this situation.

If you were descending on a horse and feeling scared, then you might be afraid of changes that are coming your way. You might also be furthering yourself from goals and aspirations that you have set for yourself, and now you feel scared and fearful about the whole thing.

Dream about buying a horse

This dream is a warning sign that you might be tricked by someone or something. Be careful when you buy things and be careful around strangers, who are convincing you to do something you are not too certain about.

Dream about a horse pulling a cart

This dream represents admiration and respect you will receive from other people. They will thank you for your good work and dedication and you will be very happy that all of your patience has finally paid off.


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