Dreams About Rattlesnakes – Meaning and Symbolism

Even if people love animals and feel comfortable around them (even if they are big, wild, or simply dangerous, it is not uncommon to have them as pets, but this is another topic), we cannot deny that there is a certain fear when we are close to some predators – usually, we are talking about the wild animals, even if we could be afraid of anything basically, or feel disgusted.

But we must say that the fear that we have from snakes succeeds all other fears – people are deadly scared of them, and some claim that this is all learned fear that comes from our evolution (during evolution, people developed fear from certain animals, so they could be protected from them, because they have learned that these animals could potentially harm them).

We are most frightened of these creatures because we have discovered that these species bite or spread infections and that they could harm us in many ways, so it is better to stay away from them.

The process of staying away, was given to the next generation, and bit by bit, we developed fear from some animals, and snakes are among them.

This may come from the fact that snakes are not “good looking” (we agree that for some they are the most beautiful creatures that ever existed, but still there is a bigger number of those who love horses or dogs) and they seem sinister and like they are going to harm us.

What also must be added here is the fact that sneaks have caused many death cases through history, so the fear is not without a base.

But the main question here is this – what does it mean when you see snakes in your dreams? When these beings appear as a motive in your dream; in that sense, one more specific case – what does it mean when you had a dream of Rattlesnakes?

Read all about this, and ask yourself do you have some of these primordial fears.

Meaning of Dreams about Rattlesnakes

First of all, we want to tell you that snakes as a motive in a dream are not very common, and in this sense, you should pay special attention when you have one these dreams, and they truly mean a lot. Their meaning varies from case to case, and other circumstance of a dream, but they are not good, to say it clearly.

But we must also say to you one more thing – dreams of snakes, or rattlesnakes for that matter, are never or almost never positive.

In some general connotation, seeing one or two snakes in a dream world most commonly means that you are in danger of an accident or bad period in your life, so you need to take care of yourself, and those who are close to you, something truly bad could happen.

But if the snakes in question are in fact, rattlesnakes, they also mean that many problems are ahead of you, but in a form that they are an indication that you will have problems with friends and close family, especially husband, or wife. But the difference that comes from the specific type of the snake, in this case, a rattlesnake, and this means that you are still going to be able to prevent such bad events.

It is said that if the rattlesnake in your dream is incredibly loud, in that case, such a dream could be interpreted as a warning to be careful because there is someone in your area who does not wish you well.

In the case of this dream when the rattlesnake is very quiet, and you are almost not sure to have you heard such a sound, then this dream means that you will have unforeseen costs. You need to take care of everything that is going on in your life, and for that matter, you must become a person who knows how to deal with everything that comes from the uncertainty of life.

If in your dream, there are too many rattlesnakes that are taking over the place you are at that moment, and you feel uncomfortable, such a dream alerts you to expect a little inconvenience. It often happens that you talk too much in front of people you don’t know or trust. It is possible that your words will turn against you, causing you trouble.

If in a dream you are “fighting” rattlesnakes, and they are too loud, screaming almost, such a dream could be a bad indicator. You may hear that someone has health problems, especially if the elderly person is concerned. But if the rattlesnakes are quite, and you feel that is overly weird, such a dream indicates that you have many enemies that are not stationary. They envy you and do not wish you well in life.

It is necessary to distance yourself from such persons because socializing with them only feeds their malice, which in no way can turn out to be good for you. You will find yourself unable to distinguish friends from those who are not.

If the rattlesnake in your dream has a red color, means that you could do something good for your environment, but if the rattlesnakes in your dream are white, this is not the good sign, it means that someone from your family will be sick, but the fortunate aspect here is that it is nothing too dangerous.

But if the rattlesnakes in your dream are green, this shows that you need to change your environment, because it is too toxic for you, and you should take care of the personal and mental hygiene.

The Symbolism of Dreams about Rattlesnakes

The color that is one of the most powerful symbols makes much difference when it comes to the symbolical value of snakes – if the rattlesnake has many colors on it, in that case, some you consider friends are not really you, and some you consider opponents are not.

If the rattlesnake in your dream is pitch black, in that case, you are about to experience death, but not someone who is close to you, but someone who is distant family or one of your friends’ relatives will die.

If in a dream, you see a rattlesnake and it caught you and bites you, such a dream symbolizes that you will be attacked from someone who hides from you. Although you don’t bother people, you always find someone you don’t like, and this is ok, but the enemy never sleeps, and you should follow the signs that speak that you could become a victim.

But if you succeed in your dream to kill a rattlesnake or more of them, such a dream symbolizes that you will be able to defeat your enemies, and this is going to be a victory that many will hear of.

If the rattlesnake in your dream is dead or is going to die, such a dream symbolizes that you are about to have some major celebration because of an overcoming crisis or an important event. It may also mean that you are overly concerned with some of the issues that are troubling you, but after you overcome these troubles, you will celebrate for sure.

And if the rattlesnakes appear on your home, on the doorstep, such a dream carries the symbolism that you are a believer in people, but you do not see their true “color”. You need to be careful about what family secrets you tell in front of acquaintances and friends. If you do not want to do this, you should be more cautious as there is an increased possibility of injury.

Do I have to be worried?

You probably are already worried since we have said that the dream of rattlesnakes is rarely positive, but of course, there are some exceptions to this rule.

Besides, we must say to one more important thing – there is one difference in this case, this is not just a snake, it is the rattlesnake, and even if the symbolism of this dream is not overly positive, the fact is that they are more the annunciation that something is going to happen, or that you can prevent something bad from happening.

There are many who are scared of snakes, and if you dreamed of them, it certainly made a big impression. If you dreamed of seeing a rattlesnake, such a dream does not have a good meaning because someone will lie about you. If you dreamed of being bitten by a snake, you would have problems to solve.

In some cases of this dream, such a dream denotes victory after a problematic time in your life, and it means that you can breathe a sigh of relief because you will finally emerge victorious in all fields. At work, you will demonstrate that you are better than your competition and that you deserve to thrive.

On a love plan, success awaits you. The person you like will see that you are her soul mate, and this comes from one of these dreams, so worry part is not a good idea, and there is no need to do it.

If the rattlesnake speaks to you in a dream (besides the sound it naturally creates), a friend will try to persuade you of something that will not work out well for you. You are aware of your friend’s duplicity, and maybe you are just giving him or her some time to make things right, just a bit.

Given this, his or her actions will not affect you and your life. You cannot recognize an enemy among friends, and this is your biggest problem, and the fact is that you cannot make that difference even if that friend (rattlesnake in your dream) is telling you and lying (the sounds it produces).

Here comes the worrying part of this dream, and you should pay extra attention if you want to be happy and among good friends. Try to negotiate with your family about your apprehensions about certain people and they will help you determine the attention in your head.

What to do if I had this dream?

Everyone tells you that you need to evaluate people better to protect yourself from unpleasant situations, and this is just confirmed in a dream that as the main motive have rattlesnakes.

We are not telling you that the life you were leading until this moment is bad, but still, you are not doing something good, and the rattle that comes from these snakes is telling you that.

But in some cases, this is the dream that speaks of the friendships and trust in your life, it speaks of your ability to judge and recognize dangers that are coming your way – when you like it at first glance, give it your full trust immediately, or maybe not.

You get angry at those who wish you the best, and sometimes they tell you roughly what they think. You don’t realize that it’s more honest than telling you all the best and making fun of you behind your back. You must learn to make this difference, and in this context, the rattle of the snakes is one symbolical value that connects you this issue.

The most important aspect here is this – thin if yourself, are you may be too generous, someone in the environment will abuse it and harm you. It will most likely be accidental, but you are aware that if you give in this time too, people will continue to take advantage of you. So, take care of your life and personal connections that are not always healthy.

Do not take care of whom you tell your intimate things. It may be possible to confide in close friends, but there is a danger that the secrets you are hiding from the public will be revealed – and it will be revealed INS such way that it will be represented in the worst possible way, so do everything you can to prevent this.


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