Dreams About Flowers – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about flowers usually fall into the „positive dreams“ category, but sometimes, dreams about flowers can have a negative meaning.

To better understand your dreams, here are few examples of meaning of a flower in a dream.

Dream about white flowers

If you had a dream about white flowers, then this means you are going to hear some bad news.

They might be linked to your business or private life, and they will not be something you would like to hear.

This dream can also have a positive meaning for a young, unmarried woman.

If she dreams about white flowers, then this means she is going to get engaged or married very soon.

Dream about bright flowers

This dream has a positive meaning. It means you are going to be lucky in everything you do and this is the right period to start working on new projects and working on changes in your private life.

You should definitely use this fruitful period of your life to achieve goals you have set a long time ago.

Dream about dried flowers

If flowers in your dream were wilted, then this means you are going to have a lot of bad luck in your personal life.

Perhaps your friends are going to betray you or your partner could have an affair.

Whatever happens, you are going to be highly disappointed and hurt by those people.

The best thing you can do in that moment, is to forgive and let go of everyone who hurt you or made you feel bad in any way.

Dream about picking flowers

This dream has a neutral meaning. It represents your lust for knowledge and gathering stories wherever you go.

This is an important aspect of your personality and you feel like you need to continue doing so, in order to build yourself up in a complete person.

Dream about watering flowers

This dream represents good luck in your home and within your family.

Everything inside your household will be going according to plans and every problem you had is going to be defeated.

This is a good time to spend more moments with your family members, to re-connect and share love with each other.

Dream about flowers in your hair

This dream represents that you are going to have some minor troubles in life.

Flowers can also be on someone else’s hair, and this dream will have the same symbolism.

However, these problems are not going to be difficult and you are going to be able to solve them easily.

Dream about a butterfly on a flower

This dream represents that a good period of life is ahead of you.

You are going to have a lot of luck with your future projects and they will all turn out to be successful.

This dream can also be linked to moving, so perhaps you are going to move somewhere, and things are finally going to start going to your favor.

Dream about putting a flower in a vase

This dream is a positive sign. It represents that your life is currently calm and no major problems are going to happen to you in the future.

Everything is going just the way it should be and this kind of pattern will continue on for a while.

Make sure to use the best out of this period and finish everything you have started before, or simply relax and enjoy feeling like you are on top of the world.

Dream about growing flowers

This dream represents that you are going to hear some good news from someone close to you.

The news could be related to your business or private life, but in any way you are going to be extremely satisfied when you hear them.

Dream about standing in the field of flowers

This dream represents your love for the people close to you. If the flowers are seen as dense and there are many of them, then this represents the amount of love you have given to those people.

They produce warm and loving feelings within you and you loving showing them how much you love them.

This dream can also be linked to your partner. It can represent the amount of love and happiness you are currently feeling when you are with this person.


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