Dream of Coffin – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams are an amazing playground in which there are no limits, no boundaries, and everything that we could think of could be a part of this world – any object that we think of could be a part of our dream. And the versions of these objects are also endless, and we could dream them in all logical, but also in illogical, and even bizarre ways.

Some objects have a positive premise (like for example when you dream of the ladybug), and when our association with them is positive, then we believe that as a motive in a dream is still positive. But it does not have to be the case and you can find numerous surprising interpretations of dreams, that otherwise have positive associations.

In the case of the coffin, like a dream motive, there are numerous meanings, and some of them could be more or less positive, even if we know that the coffin is the symbol of death, at least the end in some physical sense.

Read all about this topic, and make your own projection of what this dream means to you.

Meaning of a Dream of Coffin

If you have seen the coffin in your dream, in some general way, it means that your guests will come and if you have it, your well-being is expected. It may mean that the guests that you are expecting may give you this happiness and well-being; you just have to invite them and make them feel welcome.

In any case, it is not the symbol of death, or ending; on the contrary, it could mean that something new will start.

If the coffin in your dream is full (there is someone or something in it) even if you cannot see who or what it is, and you do not even wonder, you simply know that there is something in it, then such a dream is connected to the secrets, to the matters of trust, honesty and friendships.

It may mean that worries would come your way and that your friend would tell you his secret, or that many worries and quarrels would come to the house. Some issues of the trust will be triggered, and the person who will suffer for it is going to be you.

If the coffin in your dream is an empty one, in that case, such a dream means that you will have some pleasure, and often it is connected to the material pleasure. Maybe, such a dream means that you are overly directed to the material aspects of the life, that does not complete you fully, but you did not come to the realization that such desires are not good.

In the case of the dream where you are carrying the coffin, alone or with other people, in that case, such a dream means that you should take some break from the stress and everyday obligations that you have in life, especially in your home life (you are probably under the major burden of the kids, and their lives, that you try to combine with your own). It may indicate that hard times are coming for you and your family, so you should reevaluate your life.

If in a dream about the coffin, you are trying to open it by force, such a dream means that you are not able to successfully finish your job, and if you have lost it, you will have trouble.

If you are selling or just giving the coffin to someone who wants it, such a dream is just one thing; it carries the meaning that you must get rid of the unnecessary burden.

It can be a thing that takes up space in your home or emotions that keep you from living the way you want. As you take care of the cleanliness of your living quarters, you also need to take care of your mental hygiene to help maintain your health.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Coffin

There is one interesting symbolical value that is connected to the dream about the coffin, and that is the version in which you see a dead body in it. Such a dream carries one sad symbolism since it signifies sorrow. It is possible that you almost attended a funeral or some sad event that shook you.

Although you try not to think about it, you subconsciously reassess and reassure yourself that you have done everything in your power.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is a dream where you see a coffin that once had a body in it, that is now missing; such a dream does not have a positive symbolism, and it implies that you will become angry with someone from your environment, and such anger will come as well deserved.

But, there is also one interesting version of this dream, and this is the one in which you are the person who is in the coffin, and despite your belief, this is the dream that symbolizes a long and wonderful life that is deprived of anything bad.

In fact, such a dream shows you as the person who likes to please yourself without thinking about things that you cannot control. You have seen many people destroy their own and others’ lives for stupidity and you have long promised yourself that you will not be one of them.

But this does not mean that things will always turn in this way, but the maters of your integrity are always relevant, and they should always be on the top of the list of your priorities.

If in a dream, you see that you are in the store that sells coffins, and you are want to buy one, for whatever the reason, such a dream does not carry good symbolism. It means that you may lose something that is truly dear to you and that you could never return such “thing”.

You will probably have sudden expenses after which you will be in big minus and debt. It will take you a long time to get back on your feet, and by then you will be able to manage and, if necessary, do more work at one time.

Do I have to be worried?

There are certainly some aspects of your life that deserved to be examined and changed, but there is a chance to do so; nothing is lost, and if you want to look at things from this perspective, even if the coffin is the symbol of the end, it could be a symbol of new beginning.

You may be annoyed by your surroundings, which is why you will say what you really think to each other. You have kept a lot of silence and allowed an obstacle that will be difficult to overcome.

In some cases, it ensures that you will be going to have a long life, like in the version of this dream where you are the person who is in the coffin.

In other cases, the dream of the coffin means that it is possible that loved ones do not understand you and do not support your plans. It bothers you that you have to persuade them to help you by listening to gossip and comments to waste energy on nonsense that will be of no use to you.

For example, in the case of the dream in which there is a situation where you are carrying the coffin, for example at the funeral, but it does not have to be, it could be some other event; in that case, it implies that you will have transient difficulties.

You are aware that both the good and the bad things in life will go by which you do not rejoice or grieve too much. You accept everything with a reserve and keep your health and nerves for the events you will really need, when the worry truly comes to you, not now.

What to do if I had this dream?

As you could see such a dream, where the central motive belongs to the coffin, it could be an indication that you are fighting against the bad feeling about certain things in your life.

In fact, such a dream could be a positive implies the one that speaks that you are one intuitive person who has often been able to sense what is waiting for her in her life. Try to be realistic and prepare yourself for some events that you know will not be pleasant in advance.

In the case where the dream of the coffin is empty, it could be a signal that you are about to enter a feud, and that you are not going to feel good about it. What is even worse, you may find yourself clashing with your partner about expenses that will increase over time. You will consider unnecessary things that that person gives money to, for which you will argue and distance yourself from one another.

But in the case, where the coffin from your dream is full, even if you are not able to see what is inside, you just guess what it could be, or you are not interested in what could be inside; such a dream is always connected to the secretes and the issues of confidence, and in this case, you must take a good care of them i your life.

Think very well about the trust you have or not have regarded the people from your environment. Such a dream indicates that someone will tell you a secret. It will probably be something that will make a big impression on you.

Although you are considered a discreet person, you will have a moral dilemma on how to act and wish you had never learned anything.

In some versions of this dream, if you just see the coffin, and you do not have any special feelings regarding the coffin (it is just there, present, and it does not give you good or bad feeling), in that case, it is the indication that you should make the next logical step in your life, you must make a move, and not stay too long in one place.

You may change your place of residence or work, and this is the aspect of the new life or the new beginning that we spoke of in the previous section.

You will think a long time before you take this step, but you will realize that it is not good for you to choose the plunge, sometimes it takes a bit more, to see if the change (the coffin in the dream) fits.

You will feel the need for challenges and progress that you will not achieve in this environment – and this is ok.

Whatever symbolism you take regarded the coffin, does not take it tragically, because it is not.


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